Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 25th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Sharda and Mamaji having breakfast and Preeti serving them.Preeti asks her aunt if she doesn’t mind ,she would like to ask her something that has been bothering her for the last so many days.When Sharda asks her what it is ,Preeti says very sweetly that Prem can never be Teja’s choice of life partner as they are poles apart in all aspects but even if it is true that Love doesn’t see all these things and just happens ,Sharda ,who would n’t even hear the name of Dharamsingh till a few days back ,consent to the marriage.An embarrassed Sharda keeps quiet but Mamaji gets angry at his daughter’s impertinence and tells her that she is too young to indulge in matters of love and marriage and advises her to concentrate on her studies.But Preeti does n’t back off and says that she is concerned about Teja as they are sisters and cheekily adds that Teja may actually compromise with her beliefs and go to the extent of marrying a tree,in accordance with the wishes of Prem’s mother as she is head over heels in love with Prem.Just then Teja comes there and declares that even for Prem ,she will not
marry a tree .Preeti,who is obviously in love with Prem thinks that if Teja sticks to her word,the marriage won’t happen.

The second scene shows a disturbed Prem thinking about ways to solve this complicated Manglik issue.He reminces about his mother ‘s blind religious beliefs and Teja’s non superstitious beliefs .He looks up into the skies and thinks that god could atleast have helped him in this regard but no,,,,,,,he himself should find an amicable solution quickly that is agreeable to both his mother and Teja as well.

Preeti,in her room keeps thinking about Teja and Sharda’s strange behaviour.She wonders why Tejaswani who loves Prem ,should tell a lie that she is a manglik when she is not and make a fake horoscope.She thinks that it is really confusing that Why ,Teja ,who seems to be very much in love with Prem and wants to marry him,is creating obstacles to stop or delay the marriage with Sharda and Mamaji supporting her every move

In Teja’s room Sharda tells her daughter to be careful and asks her why she is doing this manglik drama if her aim is to go to Dharamsingh ‘s house as his daughter-in-law and take her revenge.She questions her ,if she wants to marry Prem,Why is she bringing in all these impediments?Teja tells her mother that she knows Prem is madly in love with her and will never leave her side, come what may but she is doing all this drama for final confirmation that Prem will do anything ……..simply anything for her ,even marrying her with the Dosha against the wishes of his parents. She also says if Prem backs off at this stage ,it will be difficult to achieve her goal but she is confident that Prem won’t back off.Sharda asks Teja how she can be so sure of Prem ,,,Teja responds that she is confident of herself.

Next scene shows Dharamsingh in a very happy mood.He tells his wife that they should be thank ful to God that the priest has found a solution for this manglik problem as he himself couldn’t have found a better bride for Prem.A worried Sarla says that she is still apprehensive as Manglic dosha is a serious issue,but Dharsmsingh calms her down saying that the remedy is also there.
Prem gets the same dream,in the dream ,he sees his father begging someone with a knife not to kill him as his family will be orphaned.With a jolt Prem wakes up and wonders who can be that hazy figure that he keeps seeing in his dream.He rings up Teja to tell her that she need not worry about the marriage with a tree as it is a superstition and he will never allow his family to do that.He hangs up saying he loves her.

Prem’s mother enters and seeing Prem not ready to go to Teja’s house tells him to hurry up as they are getting late to the ritual.Prem tries to tell her that Teja is not ready for this,but in vain.She goes out after telling him that they the complete family is going to Teja’s house with instructions for prem to get ready and follow them in another car.She goes and joins other family members who are busy in packing up things required for the ceremony.Dharsmsingh says they are getting late and asks where prem is,Sarla says that since morning she has told him ten times to get ready .Prem comes down and tries to tell them but they are in no mood to listen and leave him alone.

The last scene shows Tejaswani trying to console her mother who becomes sad and emotional clutching her husband’s shirt.She tells her mother sternly not to shed anymore tears as she has seen her crying all alone many times.Sharda says that time heals almost any wound but her wounds are so deep ,that they will never heal.she reminces about the day when her husband got the phone call from Dharamsingh warning him to get ready to face the consequences of his interference.She tells Teja that her father ,on her inquiry ,told her that Dharamsingh was a dreaded Goonda and even the senior police officers were scared to take action against him and the very next day of the phone call,her father was shot dead by Dharamsingh in full public eye and She ,,his wife could do nothing .As Sharda recollects the events of that sad day ,Dharamsingh and Sarla get down from the car and enter Teja’s house.Tejaswani tells her mother that a policeofficer’s sincerity could n’t stand before the atrocities of the Goon on that fateful day….She reminds her mother that time is never keeps changing,that time she was alone ,…..and today her daughter Tejaswani is with her.Just she they hears her name from the doorway and sees Dharamsingh and Sarla standing there with Prem just behind.As they haven’t heard their full conversation and only the last words of Teja assuring her mother that she is with her ,they come inside to reassure that everyone is with her. Teja ,without them noticing ,replaces her father’s uniform in the box,and closes it. Later she politely takes them to the sitting room lest Dharamsingh sees her father’s portrait and recognises him.

Epi ends.

Update Credit to: Lakshmi

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