Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajveer’s Mysterious Secret

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem and Tejaswini travel in a car. Prem applies brakes suddenly. Tejaswini gets angry. He says it is not his mistake. She asks to open car door. He tries, but it is locked. Funny things happen. At home, Dharam tells Sarla that until Prem and Tejaswini are there, their family is safe. Photoframe falls down. Sarla gets afraid.

Tejswini and Prem reach home. He asks her to get down as he is going to find out Rajvir’s secret. She insists to accompany him, but he convinces her. Tejaswini walks in. Sarla apologizes Tejswini and cries for not trusting her. Tejaswini consoles her and says mother does not apologize. Their bonding continues. Preeti fumes seeing them uniting and her plans failing. Tejaswini asks Dharam if he has any enemity with Rajvir. Dharam says he does not even know Rajvir properly. Tejaswini informs that Rajvir challenged to destroy our family in 24 hours. Dharam says he will find out who Rajvir is. Tejawini says something is hidden that they are not seeing.

Prem reaches his office and hires detectives to find out Rajvir’s details. Dharam also calls his contacts and asks about Rajvir. They all say they don’t know him. Prem’s detective returns and informs that Rajvir’s detailsa re not found in his school and college records. Another detective spy outside Rajvir’s house and informs Prem that Rajvir switched off lights and slept. Prem says Rajvir is fooling us and wants us to think he is up to something, orders detective to return back. Rajvir laughs that Prem is a kid and does not know who I am, I play games in dark. Preeti calls him and asks what enemity he has with Dharam’s family. Rajvir asks her to wait for 20 hours and not use her empty brain. Preeti asks not to insult him and tell what she should do next. Rajvir asks her to continue what she does usually. Drama continues…..

Precap: Tejaswini opens Rajvir’s car door and sees a woman inside it. She video calls Rajvir and says she is taking lady to her home. Rajvir calls her my love and shows Prem captured by his men. Tejaswini gets worried for Prem.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Hello Naz I have received your mails and replied today evening,Sorry for being late but you know my medical constraints.Your intuition about Ralvir being the illegitimate child of Dharamsingh was spot on.Well! Whether legitimate or not,we will have to wait and see.But Rajvir would not be planning to defame Dharamsingh and family if he were born out of wedlock.Whatever it is ,let us see how they are going to defend and maintain the otherwise immaculate reputation of Dharamsingh .Thank god,Mandira was not seen today and Preeti had nothing much to do either ,better she joins her husband on that so called business trip and leave the show a bit early.

    1. I’ve got the mails Lakshmi… ?☺

  2. The best part of today’s episode were prem and teja’s it alot..the scene where they got locked in the car together was so lovely..and when they were arguing they sounded like an old married couple, so cute and sweet,,these are the scenes we want to see between prem and teja from now until the last episode….prem doin nic things for her an teja giving him attitude like old times..even though she’s angry with him she will always love him…i am not gonna waste my comment on the villains of this show cause we know the writers are obsessed with base on the precap rajvir’s secret will be revealed so i hope that they do away with these villains by the end of the week and focus on prejaswini for the rest of the episodes to come..

  3. And the drama continues

  4. You are so right ALLYBREW…. Logic is the missing ingredient in these serials. ARUSHI… Thanks for clearing that relationship between DSR and Rajveer mother. It’s so nonsensical to bring this illegitimacy thing at the nearing end, they could have just killed off the character, but no…writers must spoil the good character of DSR…because they know viewers love him to bits. Nimisha.. I shed a few tears when I read your previous comment. We all became friends while on this serial but I do think most of us here were together as a team on ETRETR…. It will be sad when we part at the end of Teja’s and Prem’s journey….im sure we’ll meet soon on another serial.. ??but for now, let’s see if writers will send Preeti, mandira and Rajveer, 6′ under!!

    1. Naz! well always have Grinning Shaurya hopefully without his shirt. 😉


    Unwanted drama to end show, and this will drag and drag till 1 feb or so.. and show will end on 2 feb… That means hush hush ending… Only 8 episodes left..

  6. I’m just speculating here but could Rajveer be wrong about who his father is, i don’t know but could it be Teja’s dad since he was the corrupted one, i do know that anything is possible with these stupid writers.

    1. No Topaz I don’t think that’s possible….That way Teja Rajvir will be half siblings, since they’ve already shown Rajvir already lusting for Teja , they won’t cross that line, after all its an indian soap, they can show a girl having hits for her bro in law, but they won’t show any wrongful alliance among siblings. Thats my thought and view. Rajvir is DSR’s child because his mom could recognize him and attacked him. I wonder where’s Prem in this scene, probably kidnapped once again. And what about Rajbir’s 4 year old son who was supposed to be in the storyline ??? The abrupt ending of ADDNK will leave many questions unanswered

  7. This series will not end well, i’m almost tempted not to watch anymore.

    1. You know what Cathy… I think the writers should allow the mellow moments with Mehak and family to soften this fake Shaurya so that he would spare them a bit. Have you noticed that the actual voice of this terrorist guy really sounds like Shaurya’s? He really was a good choice for the role. Cathy, I really don’t understand these writers na… Imagine…they love to portray evil deeds and then apologize for it, as in the case of Neev.. He’s a young child, the terrorist did a nut job on the child’s neck but he’s still alive, the only thing is that he can’t talk for months so you know what that means? We won’t know much things for months because Neev is thinking of his mother’s safety….so will have to keep this fake Shaurya secret till thy kingdom come..i hope it’s not for long though because I miss the cute moments between Shaurya and Mehek..and his killer smile….and you love the shirts off… Lol???

  8. Yes, Seema I also liked that scene where Prem &Teja locked in d car & also dat sweet argument btn them….beautifully picturized.In dis episode Prem again & again saying dat “Agar mujhe kuchh ho jay “is that any kind of indication dat they are going show Prem’s death …..don’t end dis serial on a sad note…Naz,Zee’s new show ….which comes at 10.30pm is also gud.

    1. Hey there Nimisha.. I’m watching this new serial.. Good so far.

    2. Nimisha i hope they dont show prem death, that will be so devastating and heartbreaking, i will definitely cry….i hope these writers have a little humanity and give us a happy ending between prem and teja…

  9. My god ,Nimisha ,even I thought of the same thing ,almost the same lines from ETRETR,There also Raaj brings ‘payal’ for Rani and says their tinkling will remind her of him when he is no longer in this world and the very next day ,he will be burnt to death by one of the villains,Ofcourse he will come back alive after a few days but as is the obsession of Zee writers with tragic ends,both the leads meet with an accident and die leaving their new born twins.In this episode I couldn’t help but notice the same pattern of events like Prem giving bangles to Taja and saying ‘if something happens to me’..Teja insists on accompanying him, but he refuses and for right reasons .But after seeing him off Teja ‘s intuition warns her of an impending danger and the family photo falling down…….I hope the writers aren’t harbouring the same malicious intentions of ending this serial on a disastrous note as they did with Raja and Rani.They should remember that Teja is pregnant and it will be ghastly of them if they are entertaining any such ideas.

    1. Oh dear… I hope writers don’t do this to Prem and Teja.. I cried for days when Raja and Rani died and I don’t want this couple to face the same fate. ??

  10. I really hope that this not going to end like ETRETR, (Lord knows that was traumatic enough), even though it is looking like it is, I’m still hoping that the writers surprise us and give us a happy ending.

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