Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini sees Vinay and Ajju showering fake rain and scolds Arjun that he planned this fake rain to touch her. Prem says she is misunderstanding him. She shouts he thinks he is always right and everyone is wrong. Ajju warns her not to misbehave with Prem, he planned fake rain as she likes it. Tejaswini says Prem ifhhe is so worried about her, he should leave her alone and walks away. Ajju and Vinay ask Prem why he is giving so much importance to Prem, if she became so important to him. Prem thinks if Tejaswini became so important to him. He travels home on bike reminiscing Tejaswini’s rain dance and then scolding him. He reaches home and thinks he made mistakes and will correct them.

Tejaswini reaches hostel. He friend serves her ginger tea and say Prem loves her, so he took so much effort for her. Tejaswini says Prem does always wrong and thinks he is right, she does not trust him. She thinks he will trouble her as assistant SG tomorrow, she will give him so much work and trouble him that he will run away.

Next morning while having breakfast, Prem gets engrasped into Tejaswini’s thoughts. Dharam says he is going out for a day and Prem should prepare his bag. Arjun signals Prem to wake up. Prem asks what happened. Sarla asks why he is not eating and asks to pack papa’s bag. Prem asks if papa is going somewhere. Priyal jokes he got memory loss at such an early age.

Tejaswini arranges blood donation camp at college. Prem reaches. Tejaswini gives him lots of work and he agrees happily. She thinks what happened to him. He fixes pamphlets and helps children donate blood and even drags Ajju and Vinay to donate blood. Anand happily informs family that Prem has organized blood donation camp and is also donating blood. Dharam says it is Tejaswini’s effect, she spread all good qualities before going.

Prem donates blood. Tejaswini’s turn comes next. Doc says she cannot donate as she has low hemoglobin. Nurse says they need AB negative blood more. Prem says his group is AB negatie and he will donate blood again. Tejaswini says he cannot. Nurse asks her to calm down, Prem can donate more blood. Prem donates blood and nurse says he saved someone’s life. Tejaswini thinks why he is doing all this. He thinks for her. He reaches home and feels dizzy, but thinks of Tejaswini and smiles.

Next morning, Tejaswini reaches college and her friend says Prem loves her, so he worked silently without any tantrum. Prem sends her a message about home ready to increase hemoglobin. They say pamphlets all around college and students discuss Tejaswini’s hemoglobin was low. Prem announces from principal office that people with low hemoglobin should rest. Tejaswini angrily tears pamphlets, calls Prem and asks him to come to corridor right now. He reaches corridor and asks what happened.

Precap: Lab blasts when Tejaswini is present there. Prem runs to rescue her, but himself collapses due to weakness.

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  1. Nyc episode

  2. WOW what an episode, nice going, Hi Laskhmi pls check the 14th date page i has replied u.

  3. Wow I loved prem and teja
    And prem same pinch I too have AB -ve blood group
    I just want their story to be full of tashan

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