Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mamaji waiting for bus with Sharda tells Sharda that she can go home and sleep peacefully. Arjun calls Prem and informs Prem that Dharam has gone to meet Tejaswini’s mother at bus stop. Prem rushes on his bike. Dharam with Anand and guard reaches bus stop and searches Sharda. Prem reaches on time and says he does not think Tejaswini’s mom will meet anyone, all this happened because of him and he will convince Tejasiwini’s mom that he is not a bad boy. Dharam agrees and leaves.

Principal calls Prem and asks where is he. Prem asks he cannot come where he is and asks if he needs anything. Prinicipal says he has decided to make him general secretary (GS) and will announce tomorrow. Prem says he has more important announcement to make tomorrow. Next morning, principal gathers all students and announces that Prem will be assistant GS and Tejaswini will continue as GS. Everyone clap. Tejaswini fumes. He friend praises her and says Prem must be feeling degraded now to work under her. Arjun and others ask Prem why did he become assistant, he can become GS. Prem says he knows what he is doing. Prem follows Tejaswini while Tejaswini’s friend walks with her praising her and degrading Prem. Tejaswini sees clouds and says it would be so nice if it rains, sitting outside and studying after rain is an unique feeling. Principal stops Prem and says he made him assistant GS as he wanted. Tejaswini hears that. Prem walks to her and asks to listen to him. She shouts they are just students and nothing else.

Tejaswini angrily walks away. Rains starts. She starts dancing in rain. Prem imagines going to her and she slipping on him and her dupatta falling down. Bheegi si bhagi si teri ansuonme samaye…song..plays in the background. Prem picks dupatta and wraps it on Tejaswini. Song continues. Prem gets out of imagination and walks to her. She slips and falls on him, then sees Ajju and Vineet showering water from pipe and gets angry. Prem gets sad that his plan failed and Tejaswini angrily looks at him.

Precap: Tejaswini thinks Prem will be behind her as assistant GS, but she will give him so much work that he will back off. She gives him work to fix blood donation banners and donate blood. He does same smiling. She is surprised that dhe did not complain at all.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I always miss Bittu and Munni. ..who teaches us dilosphy. ..I like all characters played in this explosive love story

  2. Nice going. But really; I am irritated with teja’s mom. Why does she not tell teja the truth. I know this would be hurdle in Preja love story but its extremely impractical.

    1. Hi Shruti. If Tejaswini’s mom had told her Tejaswini would have never gone to dharam’s house at first place. If she had told her when she was living in their house then she would have gone back to hostel. Prem who already wanted her to leave would have got an opprutunity. and we would have not seen their love story.

  3. I always miss Bittu and Munni who teaches us delosphy.i love all characters of this season

  4. Prem is in a beautiful dream and he is certainly in love with Teja and she looked beautiful in this episode particularly in that white salwar.But what is sad is that the attraction is not mutual.I feel that Prem , instead of following Tejaswani everywhere and staring at her from behind the pillars and trees,should do something to prove himself in academics to win over her and learn to be a bit sophisticated and dignified.As for human values ,Tejaswani has already realised that Prem is a good guy , Ofcourse with some weaknesses which everyone does possess.So the ball is now in Prem’s court to bring about that much needed change in himself before dreaming about this lovely girl.Both Prem and Teja made a lovely pair in this episode particularly in the rain sequence of Prem’s imagination.But Tejaswani falling flat on Prem was a bit crude.I feel romantic scenes should be delicate to get that classy touch.

    1. Hi Lakshmi, our villain in WAS is behind bars but only prematurely because Adi has offered her settlement in exchange for signing divorce papers. She out now but I think she’s going for one last hurrah…i don’t want her to die so I hope her plans flop and Aditya gets his divorce. How are you dear friend??? This weekend I will be attending a Hindu wedding, tonight is the maticoor night where saffron is applied to the respective partners in their homes and there’s much celebrations, tomorrow is the sangeet night ,usually there’s a live Indian musical entourage, more people attend this night than the actual wedding, don’t ask me why… Wedding is taking place under full Hindu rights at the nearby Shiv mandir, then followed by reception at same venue. I’ve known this family since I was 7 yrs old….believe it!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend Lakshmi and chat soon… ??


    Liked the episode..
    Can anyone tell me repeat tym in day as i always miss show at night tym

    1. If you are in the west like me, it’s at 6pm but I can’t say for anywhere else….

    2. 1:30 in the afternoon according to IST

  6. Friends, Prem will have to work extremely hard to win Teja over… She’s focused on her education but it will be interesting to see how she falls in love with Prem. I think he’s smitten with her but soon even he’s going to have to confront his feelings for Teja. I think it’s going to be a playful and lightheaded attempt to woo Teja, although I would like to see a more intense courtship. Ohh, well…writers know what they want. @Shruthi, I don’t think ,according to how writers think, that well be seeing Teja’s mom dropping that bombshell anytime soon, if that’s done, then we won’t have a love story, it will end before it even starts. This couple has to be head over heels in love with each other before that secret is out. This will make it hard to part from each other and then their love will be tested……

  7. The repeat telecast is at 1.30pm everyday except on Saturday.You can watch Friday’s7.30pm episode at 1.30 pm on Monday.

  8. Naz,dear ,I am happy that this evil woman’s days are over and at the counting phase now but I am really interested in the psychology of this character,I think she is worse than BRM in Etretr.There was a motive for BRM to behave like a witch,she was jealous of Rana Indravadan’s grandmother and wanted the throne for her own kin,but this Nisha,she has a handsome husband, two lovely kids and financially sound,What else was she expecting from life or does she have any frustrations or Psycological problems that are the reasons for her sinful deeds?I watched only a few episodes in the beginning ,that’s why I could gather only this much about this character,Friend ,if at all in the later parts of the serial,the writers have given any reasons for her atrocious behaviour pl,let me know.
    You are right Naz ,in Hindu weddings more people attend the sangeet ceremony rather
    than the actual wedding to enjoy the desi beats and dance to those irresistible tunes.So attend the wedding and have a nice time.As for me ,We are going out of town for a few days,not a long distance,just 6 hours journey from B’lore .Naz ,I love this place for its serenity and fresh environment ,it is a mountainous terrain with a beautiful river gorge ,,some nearby caves to explore,an ancient fort and an adjoining lovely hotel overlooking the gorge,Friend. It is such a remote area that mobile networks don’t work there,thankfully television is there and all the channels including Zee are available,I don’t want to miss SAREGA MA PA…….Enjoy the wedding and have a nice week end Friend.

    1. This is an update Lakshmi, Nisha has been caught and the one truth she saying now, no one believes her. Just to go back to the gist of her character….her marriage to Adi was arranged by Kakasa. She made it clear to Adi afterwards that she has sacrificed her figure to bring forth two children for him. She has used their daughters to toy with Adi’s emotions for years to bring him to the whimpering, lonely, helpless and moody man he became. He tried his best with her but ALL she said she wants is his wealth and societal status but without him, she wouldn’t get it so that’s why she stayed with him. It’s only when Jhanvi entered the familial space, that she started to lay claim to her husband, she looked at it as competition. She told him that she HATES his family. She threw them out the house but Adi brought them back after threatening to withdraw divorce petition. We all jokingly said that she is displaying psychotic tendencies but in today’s episode, she has taken one of her daughters at knife point and gone…. Is this a mother?? So this is where we are at present… Nisha is holding one of her daughters as hostage… Unbelievable!!!! …..Dear Lakshmi, enjoy your little trip, I’m jealous!! The description of where you are going, I can see it in my mind’s eye!! I was always good at scenery description at school and just reading your paragraph, it’s enticing. I love nature and I’ve hiked before and your trip looks like something I would definitely go on… ??? …Enjoy, till next week!!!!!


    Thanks to all for telling

    1. hi very happy to see u here

  10. Hello Ammu,no comments from you,hope everything is fine there.

    1. Hi lakshmi how you been these days, yeah i was just sick, am doing good now, thank you for call to mind.

  11. Hey guys can anyone write the ff in this forum

  12. nice episode

  13. i have got two reasons in my mind about dharam killing tejaswini’s father.
    first, both of them were friends, teja’s father made dharam see the goodness inside him, to be kind and to be a good guy. a person probably not liking this, decides to provoke dharam against teja’s father. dharam gets angry about this and kills tejaswini’s father. later on he gets to know that teja’s father was not wrong. he tries to find his family but sharda had gone sharda’s brother’s home in ankleshwar with tejaswini.
    second, tejaswini’s father did not like dharam’s don nature. he wanted dharam to repent his deeds and then live a peaceful life with his family.but dharam did not like this. one because of some reason he gets extremely furious and kills teja’s father. he hates tejaswini’s family thinking teja’s father wanted to kill him which is quite opposite.
    this could be or there might be anything else, but either they were friends or enemies.

    1. Nivika

      Sneha…i also think that 1st reason will be there…..

    2. Sneha, supposing that Teja’s father wasn’t a straight cop..??? You know that the police are depicted as corrupt in Indian serials??? For thought sake, maybe her father had two sides to him, and supposedly he was bribing the Don….but his family didn’t know he was a bit crooked… Just like the Don is loving towards his family and looks after their interests, maybe Teja’s dad had a bad side but was loving and kind to his family…who knows!!! Besides collateral damage, Dons don’t just kill people or cops, there’s always a motive, when you mess with them, they take you out, that’s their modus operandi…even in real life. So it’s going to be interesting to see Dharam Singh’s motive for killing Teja’s dad!!!

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