Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Tejaswini Punishes Preeti With Her Own Game

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini ties Preeti while she family stands around them. Mamaji asks what happened to his daughter. Tejaswini says she got a panic attack. She smirks thinking now Preeti will go through the same pain which Prem was going through after having her hypnotic pill in milk. They tie Preeti to a chair next. Mandira on the other side gets worried for Preeti and tells Rajvir that Preeti was about to show Prem and Tejaswini’s fight on CCTV camera when Preeti’s phone got switched off and she could hear Preeti shouting. Rajvir asks to forget Preeti as she is a liability for them. Mandira continues worried. Rajvir says he will go to Dharam’s house and check. Mandira says Prem will beat him, but he leaves.

Dharam’s psychiatrist friend comes to treat Preeti and says she has a mental disorder and should be given electric shock. Tejaswini thinks he is acting better than expect. Preeti shouts no no..When doctor is about to give electric shock when Rajvir enters and sees the whole drama. Preeti signals him to save her. Rajvir gives file to Dharam and asks what is happening. Dharam says Preeti got a panic attack. Rajvir thinks Tejaswini did not tell Dhaam about him, else Dharam would not have been so calm. He thinks Tejaswini is really intelligent. Doctor gives electric shock to Preeti and asks what medicine did they give to her. Priyal says Tejaswini gave medicine and says she will show it as she does not trust Tejaswini. Doc checks and says it is common pain killer. Tejaswini relaxes.

Rajvir walks out towards his car. Tejaswini stops him and says he must be thinking how their plan failed and Prem is so calm down. She reminisces Prem continuing to strangulate her after Preeti left. She calms Prem down and showing their pics says she is his Tejaswini and he is her Prem. She reminds their love for each other and trust. She says her child is his and he has to give her 24 hours to prove. Prem agrees and says he cannot live in pain and will die if she cannot prove herself. She calms him down and makes him sleep. Out of flashback, Tejaswini challenges Rajvir that she will get her child’s right and get him his family he deserves. Rajvir leaves.

Rajvir returns to Mandira and informs her what he saw and what Tejaswini told. Mandira says Tejaswini is very intelligent, she gave Preeti’s medicine to Preeti herself and is trying to defeat them, they have to be careful now..Drama continues….

Precap: Tejaswini confronts Prem that she is living wearing sindhoor and mangalsutra for him, but he is doubting her purity, now she will show what a wife is.

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  1. Not much to comment on…….Preeti deserves to be punished or rather tortured for her countless crimes and atrocities.
    It was a lovely touching scene between Teja and Prem.It is obvious they still love each other but are not allowed to live in peace by this cruel world.The way Prem begs Teja to prove her innocence within 24 hours for his peace of mind,else he will commit suicide moved me to tears.Naz I am n’t sure whether their quitting the show together is true or just a rumour but Pranav and Jyoti did speak about the gruelling work schedule and the inhuman treatment meted out to them by the production house.Let us see if the TV artists association will be able to sort out the matter so that we can have the pleasure of watching our favourite couple for as many episodes as possible. If they leave we don’t know when we will see them again because it is a very competitive industry. There is still no news about Sartaj. After Raja nd Rani,Prem and Tejaswani are our favourite couple and if they leave……hope the issue will be resolved soon because we want them to be happy first to work hard and entertain us.But if they are really serious about this,then they better wrap up the serial as well because we can not accept anyone else as Prem and Teja.

    1. Good grief i hope the work schedule isn’t that horrible, is there an Actors Union in India?…although i’m not as attached to the couple as you are i could see a replacement , however i don’t think the show warrants it, it has become so mixed up, i think if they had taken our initial comments about doing a short leap and had Prem and Teja serparate for awhile so Prem could establish his own buisness and Teja finish her education and not have had theWedding/ Pregnancy story so early, this would have been a much better show. Lakshmi you read my thoughts half way around the world, i was thinking about our Raja and Rani only yesterday and couldn’t find any news on them or any up coming projects, i hope they haven’t come to the end of their carreers at such an early age.


    Finally preeti got what she deserved… ????????? I hope everything get f9 soon…

  3. This is the first time i enjoyed watching a preeti scene. she deserved this treatment and i hope she continues to be punished and tortured like this..Lakshmi i agree with you about the scene between teja and prem, it was really touching and sad..
    I love both pranav and joyti, they are great actors and i really would like to continue seeing them..i am really hoping that this news about them quitting is a rumor as this is the only zee soap that i watch and i have been hooked and attached on addnk since the day i saw the promo.the last zee series i watched was chhoti bahu and have not watched any until addnk..i just hope everything is resolved and we continue to see pranav and jyoti.. cause without them there is no prem and teja….

  4. Well if even a little of this is true, shame on the shows producers and i don’t blame the actors on little bit for quitting.

  5. This news is every where that Pranav & Jyoti has quit this show together

  6. Cathy,the way you referred to Raja and Rani as ‘our’ shows how much we care about them and miss them as if they are real and we know them personally.We watch many serials on different channels for a diversion from our routine day today life but don’t even remember them once they are over.I stop watching many serials after a few episodes like I did with Mahek and Woh Apna Sa.Only a few characters catch our imagination and touch our hearts and I am so much attached to Raja and Rani that I can n’t help but talk about them on other forums as well and share my feelings with likeminded friends.May be unconsciously,I am trying to see Raja and Rani in Prem and Teja. I check Sartaj’s Facebook very often for any news about his new projects but nothing as of now.Had the writers of ETRETR not messed up with tbe story like marrying the leads just after 70
    episodes and bringing in that terrible Iqbal (the writers of ADDN have done the same and not learnt anythng) the show would have continued for some more time.In both these shows, rather than relying too much on ghosts ,witches,reincarnations and more importantly stupid villains who get on our nerves by taking more screen space,the writers should have slowed down the pace of the story so that there would have been more scope for more interesting and pleasant episodes.If all pleasant things in life like falling in love,college,romance and marriage are finished within 100 odd episodes,then what else is there to show except for family differences and conspiracies.As you said,the present story doesn’t have much scope for future tracks unless the writers come up with some out of the box ideas.

  7. Seema ,the production house,if they want to continue with the show ,must keep their leads happy.It will be real stupidity to replace both the leads after nearly 200 episodes.Yes,it is not impossible to get someone else but things won’t be the same.It is a different thing if the story takes a leap of some twenty years….we can not expect Prem and Teja to play middle aged,so it is o.k if they are replaced.But it is not so now and viewers like us,who can not imagine anyone else other than Pranav and Jyoti as Prem and Teja ,will flatly reject these new faces….it is too late for that.Moreover there is an association of cine and television artists that is bound to look into the actors’ grievances and I am sure they will sort out the producers.So don’t get disheartened ,my friend,the producers are no fools to allow their leads leave like this as no one will be ready to work with them with this sort of allegations.


    Is Aisi deewangi dekhi nahi kahin ending by 2 feb??? As new show kalire will start at 5 feb on 7.30 pm, i saw promo

  9. Yes , Shraddha u r right dis show is ending by 2nd feb.I felt so sad when i read dis news …as i got some wonderfull friends like Lakshmi,Naz,Seema Arushi ,Aditi ,cathy ,shraddha on dis forum .I’ll miss you all.For dis episode I enjoyed d way Teja torture PR….

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