Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode – 63

Episode 63

Sakshi at got ready to leave early to the hospital before her office. She had packed up everything but Khyati appeared before her.
Khyati: Can I come with you if you are going to the hospital?
Sakshi was hesitant to take her along.
Sakshi: but I will be going to the office immediately after meeting them.
Khyati: oh that’s not a problem. I’ll wait there. Or else come back home. I’ll ask the driver to come and pick me up.
Sakshi: Khyati I have work so I’m going. Who will help decorate the house?..
Khyati: Di, I will come back early for the preparations don’t worry!
Sakshi: but how are you planning to come back? Should I ask them to pick you when your done.
Khyati looked hesitant as she nodded in agreement. But then she suddenly stopped Sakshi.
Khyati: Di, actually Vishal and Shardha aunty are coming to meet Bhabhi so I thought I could come back with them.
Sakshi gave up, there were no more points to argue on. She smiled and gave her a nod of agreement.

Khyati jumped up in excitement screamed thanks and ran into her room. A broad smile appeared on Sakshi’s face seeing her excitement.

They soon left from home to the hospital.
Sakshi got down the car and so did Khyati. Sakshi immediately spotted Varun standing next to his car, as he locked his car.

Varun had a bouquet of Lilies with a small box of chocolates. Sakshi smiled seeing the care he had for people. She walked up towards him. He wasn’t able to see the path ahead of him; the bouquet covered his view.
She took the bouquet from his hands. And held it properly.

Sakshi: I will give it you when we reach the room.
Varun: but Sakshi it’s okay I’ll hold it. How can let you hold something huge and heavy?
Sakshi: oh come on you have that box to hold. And you can’t hold the bouquet properly. I’m sure you wouldn’t realise and may bang into the walls. It’s better that I hold it for you.
Khyati stood there watching them, tapping her feet impatiently. She wanted to meet Vishal.
Khyati: can we go meet bhabhi if you guys are done fighting?
Sakshi and Varun looked at each other and then nodded. All the three of them walked upstairs.

Naina was taken to the washroom, was cleaned and her wounds were dressed with the help of her nurse.
Karan was sleeping all through that time. Naina insisted to sit on the chair. The nurse agreed to allow her to sit on the wheelchair.
Nurse said she would return in sometime. Naina was sitting on the wheelchair right next to the additional bed, where Karan slept.
Naina kept her hand on his head as she called him. She caressed his hair. He felt more peaceful as he felt her touch.
A small smile appeared as he dug his head into the pillow, peacefully.
Naina smiled yet continued to call him. He was waking up slowly and going back to sleep again.
Suddenly they heard the door open slowly. Karan continued to sleep, guessing it to be the nurse. Naina’s hand was above his head.
Naina looked at the door and smiled as she saw a bouquet of lilies. She slowly moved her hand from Karan’s head.
Soon the bouquet moved and she saw Varun standing there.
The two ladies too followed in after him. They looked around confusedly and noticed Naina sitting on the wheelchair next to Karan. Varun walked up to her. And then walked up towards the side of the room where a table was placed.
Varun: why are you sitting here? Aren’t you supposed to be on the bed?
Naina nodded. He kept the bouquet and the box on the table.
Naina: it’s great to see you all here but Varun why did you bring all that? It wasn’t required.
Varun: oh shut up! We are good friends and I thought the flowers might spread positivity and also do check out the box! It’s a chocolate box! A mix of chocolates like Ferror Rocher.. and all. You’ll love them.

Karan felt annoyed as he heard his voice even in his sleep.
Varun walked up towards Naina.
Varun: Naina.. aren’t you supposed to be resting on the bed? I’m sure you may not be feeling comfortable. Chalo… I’ll help you. Come.
He was about hold Naina’s hand. She didn’t want him to help her at all. She didn’t prefer that even though they were friends.
Naina: But Varun its okay. I’ll sit here. Karan will wake up soon he will help me out. You don’t need to….
Varun: Karan is sleeping and I’m just helping you..
He was about to carry her from the wheelchair.
Varun’s hands stopped in mid way. It hadn’t touched Naina. Karan’s strong hands had held his hands.
Varun looked up at Karan. Karan sat up and stared at him. Varun looked confused as he thought he would genuinely help her.
Karan gave him an intensively angry look. Both the men stood up straight, looking into each other’s eyes. Karan bent forward to Varun’s ears and whispered in a very low voice so that even Naina couldn’t hear.
Karan: Bas soo raha… mara nahi tha! Marne ke badh bhi iske paas nahi aane doonga! So don’t you dare try to touch her without her permission. She said she was fine there.
(I was just sleeping… I’m not dead yet!! And even after I die I won’t let you go next to her)
Karan put up a fake smile on his face.
Karan: And you dare not try that again! I will rip your hands off your body!

He looked back into Varun’s eyes with anger.
Varun smiled awkwardly. He had no such intentions. He looked at Naina. Naina felt weird seeing Karan’s behaviour. She held the tip of his shirt and pulled it like how small children call their elders.
Karan immediately softened and looked down at her.
Karan : you want to go back on the bed.
Naina: After sometime…. it feels nice to sit like this!
Karan smiled gently.
He then turned towards his sisters.
Karan: Hey girls, what are you both doing here?
Sakshi: we came in to meet Naina.
Khyati: when will bhabhi get discharged?
Karan: probably by today afternoon. Don’t worry.
Sakshi: please come home soon yaar.. it’s very boring!
Sakshi said as she hugged Naina.
Karan murmured: Sakshi be careful while hugging her!
Sakshi: sorry…
she said as she released Naina.
Naina smiled: it’s okay… I’m fine!
Varun: Yeah sure we all can see that!
He replied sarcastically.
Naina smiled though she was a little embarrassed.
Karan felt annoyed about Varun’s presence so he engaged himself with something or the other.
Khyati: Bhabhi, Shardha aunty and Vishal ji are coming here to meet you. I’ll be going back home with them…
Sakshi, Naina and Karan looked at Khyati and then at each other in shock.
Sakshi: Did I just hear Khyati- “The Khyati Singh Chauhan” a true Modern girl… call Vishal JI?!? Or was I hallucinating?
Karan: yeah… how can all of us hallucinate together?
Naina giggled.
While Varun looked clueless.
Varun: Ummm… what’s going on guys?
Karan: it’s not necessary for you to know about everything!
He mumbled. The men stared at each other angrily. Karan didn’t like Varun while Varun simply felt hurt about his harsh words!
Sakshi: Karan… please…
Varun: I guess I must leave.. I’m getting late for office too. Bye, Naina. Get well really soon.
Naina: bye Varun!
She smiled. Her eyes apologised for Karan’s harsh words!
Sakshi watched him walk out and then spoke to Karan.
Sakshi: Karan.. I have no clue why you behave like that with him. Don’t you think everyone deserves a second chance in life? Give him that second chance. He will prove to you that he is a good person and you will be convinced too.
She then excused herself and left.
Khyati received a phone call and walked out of the room.
Naina looked at Karan. She knew that he had felt guilty about being rude but he still didn’t like him. She let him be.

She wanted to rest now. She felt tired sitting.
Karan turned around and saw her making faces which made it clear that she felt uncomfortable.
Karan: do you want to get back on the bed?
Naina nodded. And Karan walked up to her left.
He bent down, took her left hand and placed it over his shoulders. He placed his left hand around her waist and his right hand was under her knees. She held his shoulders as he lifted her up from the chair.
Both their hearts were beating fast and loud. Naina watched him as he carefully carried her towards the hospital bed. Karan slowly looked up at Naina. They looked into each other’s eyes. They could hear and feel each other’s breath. They had never been this close to eachother.
It felt special. And it felt longer for a minute to pass by yet they wanted to pause the time.
“Was this love?” Their heart asked them.

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    Oh my god!!!!!! Finally I get a chance to have a talk to you.I was always late in commenting….I read all the chapters.I am loving it.I enjoyed every bit of it.Karans jealousy to Naina jealousy or an insecure feeling.Karan acted really harsh with Varun I really didn’t like it.Moreover Nidhi is still their in his heart chota SA corner.Anyway post soon.Will be waiting.Loads of love.
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