Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode-57

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Recap: Sakshi tells Meghna about all that she had heard… Naina saves Karan and meets with an accident!


Episode: 57

Karan ran towards her and sat next to her. He pulled Naina up and held her head at the back. He pulled her up onto his chest and started calling out to her. Naina wasn’t responding. He scooped her up from the pool of blood. All four of them reached ran to the spot. Seeing this sight, Kunal told Meghna to take Karan’s car key from his pocket and take Sakshi and Khyati along with her.
Meghna took the keys and pulled Sakshi and Khyati along with her, who were standing still in the state of shock.
Kunal asked Karan to wait there.

Karan stood there with Naina in his hand, while all of them ran towards their cars.
Kunal brought his car towards Karan. And jumped out of the car.
He came out and opened the door for Karan and Naina. After they were seated, Kunal ran back to his place and started driving.
By then Meghna had managed to Start the car and had followed Kunal’s car.

All had tears overflowing their eyes.
Karan was completely broken.

He went closer to her face and he shook her face and called her name.
Karan: Naina? Naina? Naina? Naina? Wake up Naina please..
He said in a voice that suppressed his fear..expecting her to wake up. She didn’t respond.
Karan: Naina… please open your eyes Naina.. please? Please please please….
He started crying. He touched his forehead to her forehead. And continued crying. Kunal was finding it difficult to drive, his eyes were filling up with tears as soon he wiped it away.
Karan was getting angry now! It was pretty long since they had started from the place of incident, they hadn’t reached the hospital yet.
Karan: Mr. Kunal Singh Chauhan! Hospital tak chodne ka iraada hein ya pichli bar ki tarha, tum mauth ka kaaran banna chahte ho?

(Mr. Kunal Singh Chauhan are you even planning to drop us at the hospital or are you planning to be the reason for another death?)
Karan yelled at Kunal. Kunal started crying even more.
Karan: Agar Meri Naina ko kuch hua na.. toh Mein kisi ko bhi nahi chodunga!
(And if anything happens to My Naina them l’m not going to leave anyone alone)
He roared.
Kunal increased his speed and managed to reach the hospital before Karan could yell at him one again.
Kunal got out of the car and ran to the other side. He then opened the door for Karan to carry Naina out.
Few of the nurses come up with a stretcher and Karan places Naina on it and they all begin to push it up to the operation theatre.

Kunal and Karan were stopped from walking into the OT.
Karan was standing still standing there and pouring down his tears.
Kunal saw Karan and pulled him to one of the benches that were pushed against the walls. Kunal forced him to sit down. Karan looked completely lost. Kunal sat down next to his brother. Karan’s tears had no plans to stop. He couldn’t even think of losing Naina! He felt that even living on the Earth would be useless without her.
Kunal could see the pain his brother was going through, as he looked into his eyes that looked lost!

Kunal hugged his brother, tightly. Karan hugged his brother back. And started crying out a little louder than earlier sobs. Kunal just let his brother cry his heart out as he hid his tears from his brother. He was trying to support Karan, he cleared his throat and started pushing some positivity into his brother’s head, making sure that Karan didn’t know about the river that was flowing down Kunal’s eyes behind Karan’s head.

Kunal: Who cries like this? Karan stay strong! I know nothing will happen to Naina. Arey! Naina is my beautiful strong saali..You don’t know how strong she is… she is very strong! She will fight against all these small situations and come back and screw the bhabhi and devar Jodi!
He gave a laughter filled with pain. Karan had slowly lowered to sobs.
Kunal broke the hug and took out his phone to call Meghna. She hadn’t reached the hospital, she was following Kunal’s car. Suddenly, he hears foot steps and recognised that those footsteps were running. He looked up to the direction of the sound and saw Meghna, Sakshi and Khyati running towards the two brothers.

All of them were crying. Kunal stood up as they reached up closer to their bench. Meghna stopped right in front of him and threw a lot of questions at him.
Meghna: where is Naina? Is she checked by the doc? Did you meet the doctor? Did he say anything?
Kunal cupped Meghna’s face wiping away her tears.
Kunal: Meghna.. the doctor and nurses have just taken her into the OT. Please Relax… she will be fine.
He said looking straight into her eyes. Meghna hugged him immediately and started weeping.
Meghna: My Cheeku… why god? Why??

Kunal hugged her tightly and let her cry.
She pierced her face into his shoulder and cried.
Khyati walked towards Karan, wiping her tears and sat down next to him.
Khyati: Bhai? Bhabhi ko kuch nahi hoga na? (Nothing will happen to bhabhi right?
She asked innocently.
Tears rush down his eyes.
Kunal picks up his phone from his pocket while Meghna still continued to cry on his shoulder.
He calls home and informs Nirmala about it.

Her eyes had popped out in shock and fear. Tears filled up her eyes and smoothly passed down her cheeks. As the tear fell off her cheeks, the phone slips off from her hand and ear. Hearing the sound of the phone fall down onto the floor, NK reacts.
NK: Phone is used for communication and not for throwing it down on the floor.

They were seated in the living room.
Dadaji looked up at NK, annoyed. NK was busy going through his phone so Dadaji shifted his gaze at Nirmala. She was standing there trying to breathe and gulp down the information she just received through the phone. Seeing her tears flowing down her cheeks, Dadaji sensed something really wrong.
Dadaji: Nirmala Bahu? What happened to you? Is everything alright who was over the phone?
Nirmala: Bapuji, Naina… met with an accident.
Sandhya was walking down the stairs when she heard the news.

Sandhya: What?!?
She shouted. She tried sounding shocked while she secretly smirked and clapped for her plans internally.
She walked down the stairs as fast as she could.

On the other side..
Khyati couldn’t control her tears seeing her brother in such pain.
Sakshi was feeling guilty as she couldn’t tell it earlier. Only if she had been careful on her family’s safety. Only if she had told it earlier. Only if she was more careful about it.
She couldn’t bare to see the whole scene here. If she had been a little earlier and would have a little careful then probably all this wouldn’t have happened. She threw herself onto the floor and leant onto the wall. She mounted her knees, hugged them tightly and placed her face over it. She cried as loudly as she possibly could.

Karan stopped crying at a point of time and looked at his sister for a moment. She tried reading his expressions but she couldn’t. His face was expressionless. He placed his hand on Khyati’s shoulder.
Karan: Khyati, nothing will happen to your bhabhi… nothing will happen to Naina…. nothing..
Slowly his voice faded but he kept repeating it to himself. He was trying to support himself.
He blankly looks around and gets up from the bench.

Meghna releases Kunal from the hug hearing Sakshi cry. She walked towards her and knelt down next to her. She slowly ran her plam down Sakshi’s head.
Sakshi pulled her head up, feeling the touch of care. She broke down again as Meghna hugged her tightly.
Meghna knew this wasn’t the time for her to break down. This was the time for her to be strong. Sakshi pushed her face against Meghna’s stomach and cried.
Meghna had to stand up and support her family. Kunal walked towards the other end of the corridor with his phone. He called up to inform the Boondi family.

Meghna couldn’t stop blaming herself mentally, even now. If she had known this earlier then probably all this wouldn’t have happened. She would have taken care of all of them and her sister. A tear escaped her eye.

Karan was still standing blaming himself, mentally, for all this that happened. Only if he had crossed the road carefully. He wouldn’t have put himself in danger neither would she have been in danger. She wouldn’t have put herself in danger if he had crossed the road carefully. Why did she care for him so much? Who would anyone ever care for him, soo much? Why did she care?
Karan: Dosti Ke naam par koi Aise, kuch bhi Kar saktha hein kya? Ki apni jaan hi de dene ke liye teyar ho jaye! Kya yeh pyaar hein?

(In the name of friendship can someone do anything like this? That would they would be ready sacrifice their life! Is that love?)
He asked himself.
The nurse came out with a book in her hand.
Nurse: Anyone related to the patient?
Karan noticed the woman. And walked up towards her.
Karan: I am!
Nurse: yes.. who?

Karan: Her husband!
Nurse: okay… please fill this up.
She passed the book to him. And he filled it up and passed it back to her.
Then the nurse passed him a packet and left before he could tell her anything.
The packet had all those ornaments that she wore, including the Mangalsutra.(wedding chain, I guess you understand)
A tear rolled down his cheek. He walked back to the bench. And sat down with that packet, staring at it.


Precap: the rest of the Chauhan family reach there..


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