Aise kaise jaane doon! -Episode- 19

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NK had seen all this drama and also heard Nirmala talking about it(haldi scene)…. He had a terribly terrific plan to screw many lives! Especially Shardha’s happiness!

Soon everyone got ready for the marriage.
Meghna was looking gorgeous.. Kunal kept looking at her.. It was the best day of their
Kunal: Tum aaj bohot beautiful lag rahi ho!
Meghna smiled: Aur tum bhi!
Kunal: Beautiful?!
Meghna giggled..
Meghna: Nahi… I meant that you are looking cute!
Kunal: Cute?!? I hate that word! Ugh!!
Meghna: oh,Mr.! I actually wanted to say that you look really smart and handsome today!
Kunal: Thank you..thank you!
They smiled at each other.. Soon the were married!
NK walked out as soon as the marriage was completed! And signaled Shardha to come out!
NK: yeah doli khali jayegi!
Shardha was shocked as she heard him..she saw him pointing at the doli in which Meghna would sit!
Shardha: Aap yeh kya keh rahe hein! Dono ki shaadi ho chuki hein! Aise meri beti ko kaise chod ke jaa sakthe hein?
Tears started flowing out! Naina came out of the hall following her mom and heard this! Karan too walked out after the two ladies as he sensed something wrong!
Nirmala and Dada ji followed them out later..
NK: You can’t do anything! So forget it! No plans of taking your daughter with us!
Sandhya was watching all the drama and smirking!
Shardha: I’ll fall at your feet! Please don’t spoil my daughter’s life!
Naina immediately ran towards her mumma and pulled her up as she had already knelt down in front of him!
Naina too had tears!
Naina: Why are saying all this, uncle?
How can we undo the mistakes we have made? We have apologised for the mistakes that occurred while serving you… Is there anything we can do for you, we are ready to do so! But please don’t ruin my sister’s life!
She folded her hands in front of him!
NK: Definitely! YOU can! By getting yourself married to my younger son!
Naina didn’t have words to utter! She looked at NK, shocked!
Karan had heard it he walk towards his dad with a lot of anger filled in him! But Sandhya
stopped him.
Sandhya: Karan no! Don’t do this! He is your dad!
In a low voice she said.. she didn’t notice that the depressed Karan had gone away, who would nod at whatever she said and obey her orders!
Karan: No! Masima, you can’t stop me today!
He moved aside and continued walking.
Karan: How can you be so heartless… Mr. NK Chauhan!! You are spoiling many lives, their dreams, their aspirations by forcing them to dance on your tunes!
NK: is this the way you speak to your dad?
Nirmala walked in.. To stop Karan from saying anything further!
NK walked towards her and pointed at her..
NK: Oh.. so this is what you teach your son? To talk to me like that!
Dadaji: Nand kishore! Why do you want to spoil people’s lives? I don’t understand!
NK: it my final decision! Either the 2 sisters will come along or no one!
He walked back at Naina and Shardha
NK: I’ll give you just 5 minutes to think and tell me your answer!
Shardha pulled Naina to a room..
Shardha: I can’t let you get married to their younger son! You will stay here! I can’t force a decision on you and also I can’t let one daughter’s life to get ruined for the other!
She turned to leave!
Naina held her hand.. turned her around and cupped her face.
Naina: Mumma,if I don’t get married then di’s life will be ruined! But if I get married then her life will be filled with happiness! In fact we will be in the same house! So we will take care of each other!
Shardha turned her face away showing disapproval..
Naina held mumma’s hand in hers.. She ran out as she saw something!
NK was already walking out to call his guests out! Naina stood in front of him, stopping him!
Naina: Mein Karan se shaadi karungi!
NK: very good! Go dress up and come to the mandap!
Naina immediately left! Karan jumped in front of Dad!
Karan: Why the hell are you doing this? Why are you spoiling her life? This is not fair Mr. NK Chauhan!
NK: No one asked for your opinion!
NK walked away!
Karan ran back to Naina.
Karan: Naina.. no! Don’t do this! How can you force a marriage on yourself? Naina just say no and step back!
Naina didn’t turn back to look at him!
Naina: Karan, this is my decision! And this is for my sister! I don’t want her life to be ruined!
Naina sounded bold but he knew she couldn’t bare all this! He left from there.. and did what she wanted him to do! He wanted to talk to her..but he couldn’t!
They got ready and Karan sat in the Mandap! Meghna stood aside shocked and soon ran to the room, crying after knowing all this..Naina didn’t listen to her but forced Meghna to promise her that she wouldn’t do anything and neither tell anyone to stop this! Kunal tried speaking to NK but he was very firm with his decision! He felt helpless! Soon he saw Meghna and ran towards her! He felt even more broken as he saw Meghna who was totally lost! She was still in a shock! She didn’t have any expression on her face! Kunal shook her! Meghna looked up at him and..
Meghna: Kunal… Naina.. Karan…
these were the only words she could utter! They hugged each other and cried..
Kunal then slowly tried to make her see the positive side of the situation!

(we will go thru few Flash backs which I wouldn’t have written earlier..but was a part of Nairan’s life!) Karan stared at the path through which slowly Naina entered!
Fb 1:
Naina: Oh Mr.Chatewaale Akdu!
Karan: hello Miss. Naina Batameez!
Fb1 ends..
Karan and Naina smile at this fb in their minds!

Naina walked in and sat next to him..
Naina: friends?!?
Forwarding her hand.. to which Karan smiles and shakes hands with her!
Fb2 ends..

Karan assuring her decision..whispered..
Karan:Naina, Are you sure?
Naina just nodded faintly.
Karan and Naina were laughing at Naina’s mistakes!
Naina: Stop it Karan!
Pushing him playfully and laughing at the same time!
Fb3 ends..

Mamaji does kanyadaan!
They look at each other..
After talking about Karan’s past..
Naina hugging his hand and crying on his shoulder and he feeling releaved after speaking up!
Fb4 ends..

Naina’s eyes were filled with tears..
panditji: Mangalsoothra pehenayiye!
Karan picks it up and turns towards Naina. Naina was looking down to avoid eye contact. Karan was about to put the mangalsoothra but he stopped midway and brought his hand back! He was looking at Naina. He didn’t want her
dreams to shatter like this! Naina looked up at him.
Karan(in a very low voice): Your life, Naina!
Your dreams! I don’t want to be a wall!
Naina : I don’t want my sister’s life to be ruined!
She kept her hand on Karan’s hand assuring him to hook the Mangalsoothra over her neck!
Panditji: Sindoor!
He forwarded the small box..
Karan took and pinch of it and took his hand to her forehead. She pushed aside her maangtika( if I’m not wrong!) leaving space for
him to apply the pinch of sindoor on her forehead! He applied it on her forehead.. immediately he saw a tear escape Naina’s eyes as she shut them tight!

Fb4: (it’s a mix)
Karan smiling at her.. Naina smiling at him!
Doing assignments together.. sharing food..
walking with each other in the corridor.. playing pranks on others!… cycling together.. dancing..
Then the Mehendi and Haldi rasam..
Fb4 ends..
They had had their pre wedding ceremonies unknowingly.. they thought that it was probably
gods wish to make this happen!

Ghatbhandhan..( I don’t know the proper order!??? So forgive me if I’m wrong! I really
don’t know if I’m correct. If not then replace the
scenes ?!)
They get up for the phere! They couldn’t believe that they were going to become
married couples from best friends!!!! They made their own promises to themselves in their mind to try and adjust with each other and give
their new relationship a chance! They finished
the phere soon!

Soon the daughters bid bye and left!
They reached Chauhan Mansion,where they
did grah pravesh! After which they kept a pot in front of the wedded couple!
Meghnal sat down first and dipped there right
hand into the pot of milk in search of the ring!

The game changed the mood the family had a while ago! Laughter and fun was filled in the
Soon Meghna took her hand out with the ring! She then stuck her tongue out at Kunal in a playful manner! Kunal and all the others

Next was Karan and Naina’s turn they sat down! Karan rubbed his hands together! Naina gave a ” I’m gonna win” look! A look with pride!
They laughed at each other. Soon they insert their hands into the pot searching for the ring! Suddenly both of them stopped looked at each other and pulled the same ring up! When they
noticed that they holding on the ring together , they started fighting!
Karan pulls the ring towards his side and Naina pulls it to hers and it continued until Nirmala
stopped them!
Nirmala: (whispered) bacho ki tarha aise mat khelo!
They kept the ring in Nirmala’s hand and
giggled. While the rest of them burst out into laughter!
Dadaji: toh Kunal, Meghna will be dominant! And surprisingly ,Karan and Naina , no one is
dominant but both will rule equally!

Everyone went to sleep!
Meghna and Kunal slept in each other’s
embrace.. they were tired and a little upset!
Karan was already in his room.. He went in first to check if the room was clean!
Naina entered the room and was shock to find
a pillow on the sofa!
Naina: Karan..
Before she could say anything.
Karan: Don’t worry,Naina! I won’t force you for can do what you want to! You can sleep on the bed and I’ll sleep on the couch! So that you will feel comfortable! If there is anything you can approach me! And..
Naina, please.. I don’t want our friendship to get affected because of this marriage! I don’t mind if you can’t accept this marriage!
Naina: Karan..there is no doubt, we will be best
friends forever! But Karan I don’t want you to sleep on the sofa just because you want me to be comfortable! We can share the bed! Don’t
worry we will divide the bed equally with
pillows in between!Though my sister and I stayed in different rooms we always slept together! I don’t like sleeping alone!
Karan smiled at her innocence!
Naina smiled stupidly!
They divided the bed and lay down..
Naina: Karan?
Karan: Yeah,Naina?
Naina: Thank you Karan..
Karan: why?
Naina: just like that!
Soon they fell asleep!
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