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Arranged Marriage – Is it so??

A woman is seen turning on a decorated bed, murmuring something and still turning oops! She is going to fall down now. Yeah, she did.
That woman said, “Ouch, Where am I ?” Her vison was a bit blurry, after rubbing her eyes she came to know that she wasn’t in her own room. She was somewhere else. Where was she? Let’s see. That woman said, “Oh! Yes, I am not in my room. Let me fresh up.” After finishing her morning duties she dressed herself up in a new salwar kameez and stepped out of her room. She was welcomed by so many smiling faces, she passed all of them thowing smiles at them on her way. She walked towards a particular place remembering someone saying, “This is my favorite spot in my house.” She smiled to herself and walked towards a balcony adorned with plants a an awesome couch. She went straight ahead and stood holding the smooth grill of the balcony looking at the sunrise ahead.

Someone is coming from behind and holds her by her waist making her gasp for a second and blush the very next second remembering the touch. That guy said, “So, Pragya you do remember my favorite spot? Lovely spot right?.” Pragya replied, “Yes, Mr.Abhi I love this spot and don’t repeat this again I was scared you know?” Abhi replied, “Oh! Why? Don’t worry nobody will dare to touch you when I am around you. And why am I seeing blushy blushy Pragya here? Where is that bold and romantic one? Do you remember when our family first came to see you?”

Both thinking about those moments goes back to that moment…
1 and a half moths back…
A voice is heard saying, “Pragya, get ready soon they are on their way.” That person enters into a room and contiues, “Pragya, Still you are not ready yet? Wear that saree and these jewels and get ready they will reach soon.” She replies, “Ma, please! He is not going to see me in saree very often, then why should I drape it now? He will see me in saree like 4 to max 5 times in a year right? Other times I will be wearing salwar kameez only so let him see me like this ma please.” Ma replied, “Ok, nobody can change your mind, hope you won’t argue with your in- laws or him.”
Abhi is seen entering a beautiful house surrounded by garden. Small kids welcomed him inside along with his parents, Grandmother and his sister. Everyone were seated in the living room and Pragya was came out to the living room with her sister (Bulbul). All elders were discussing a lot of things while our beautiful boy and girl stole glances of each other. Finally time came for them to speak with each other.

They were sent to the terrace which is also covered with flower plants, Abhi being amazed said, “Wow! This is just amazing!! May I know who’s handiwork am I seeing here?” Pragya replied, “It’s mine I did all these beautiful right? Every morning I come here for exercising and see these beautiful flowers and feel energetic.” Abhi half laughed and asked, “Why do you need to exercise? I mean you are already a petite figure. Sorry I dint mean to hurt you.” Pragya replied, “It’s ok, Not just because some one is fat or obese they have to exercise everyone has to do it to get rid of the toxins in their body.” Abhi thought, ‘Wow, a girl like this! I dint expect to meet a girl like this, ok let’s bombard her with questions.’

Even before Abhi could open his mouth Pragya said, “If you have any questions feel free to ask now, because I have so many questions and we won’t have much time for that.” Abhi said, “I think yo should go ahead with your questions.” Pragya and Abhi asked so many random and personal questions to each other when finally Abhi asked a question, “Do you feel insecure of something?” Pragya sighed and said, “Yes, I do feel insecure to touch my own face. You know it was all soft and smooth later became infested with pimples and what not? Now all remains is scares and rough bumps I am not even able to touch my face. And I never let anyone touch my face at all. Above this my family memebers and friends taunted me a lot . I…

I just kind of lost my self confidence to face people . Now everything is fine except for the fact that I never let anyone touch my cheeks.” Abhi tried to touch her right cheek, she moved a step back and he said, “I will definitely do something for that todat before I leave, that’s a challenge.” Pragya replied, “Let’s see Mr.Abhi.”

They both spoke general topics again and decided to go meet their parents to tell them that they like each other and are ready to get married. All bid adieu and was about to leave when Abhi called Pragya and asked, “Can you tell me what is that over there? Is that a painting?” She turned her face half the way to only receive a kiss from Abhi on her right cheek. She was shocked yet happy and dint know how to react. She felt like all her insecurities fly away within that second. She turned towards Abhi and saw him standing far away from her and next to their entrance. She called him, he shook his head. Pragya said, “I won’t do anything you can come, I just forgot to say something about me.”

Abhi became a bit courageous and went near her. She said, “You know what? I have a peculiar character too. Before saying that, can you please bend so that I can see what’s on your shirt’s collar.” He lowered himself to her level a bit and tried to look at it himself that’s when she kissed him on his cheek and also bit slightly. Now he was shocked beyond belief. Everyone surrounding them laughed and said, “They are just made for each other.” Now Pragya shook Abhi from his dreamland and continued, “I just wanted to say that I have a habit of giving back whatever other people give to me.” And winked at him.
Abhi said, “Ok, I am waiting my dear Queen, let’s see after our marriage what all you are going to give back to me.” Pragya blushed hearing that.
After 1 and half month…

Their reception and sangeet were mingled together so everyone planned to either dance or sing. Let’s see what our Bride and Groom planned to surprise each other…
Show was hosted by Abhi and Pragya’s sister’s (Aaliya and Bulbul) each and every member either sang or danced for our groom and bride. Both were seated on a stage in decorated chairs. Suddenly our bride started counting from 5 till 1 showing her fingers according to the numbers from 5 to 1. When she said 1, Lights went off. After few seconds a woman was standing under a spot light singing,

Nithaa Nithaa Nithaanamaaga Yosithaalum Nillaa Nillaa Nillaamal Odi Yosithaalum Neethaan Manam Thedum Manavaalan Poovaai Enai Yaenthum Poobaalan En Madiyin Manavaalan Ena Thondruthe Sendhooraa Sernthe Selvom Sendhooraa Sengaanthal Poo Un Theraa Maaran Ambu Ainthum Vaithu Ondraai Kaattril Eithaayaa…
(While singing these lines spot light moved from her legs to her face, showing our beautiful bride clad in Red Lehenga, She held the mike in her left hand and sang with full attitude looking at Abhi)

Now a piano music replaces this song’s music playing, ‘Phir bhi tum ko chahungi tune”
Baahon mein teri aake lagaa
Mera safar toh yahin tak hai
Tumse shuru tumpe hi khatam
Meri kahaani tumhi tak hai
Dil ko jo de raahat si
Tujhme hai woh khamoshi
Sau baar talaash liya khudko
Kuch tere siva na mila mujhko
Saanson se rishta tod bhi loon
Tumse tod na paungi.. hmm..
Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi
Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi

Iss chaahat mein marr jaaungi (Abhi walks towards Pragya and stops her from singing that line)
Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi….
Now the piano music changes to “Tum hi ho” And Abhi starts to sing,
Hum Tere Bin Ab Reh Nahi Sakte Tere Bina Kya Wajood Mera Hum Tere Bin Ab Reh Nahi Sakte Tere Bina Kya Wajood Mera Tujhse Juda Gar Ho Jaayenge  Toh Khud Se Hi Ho Jaayenge Judaa
Kyunki Tum Hi Ho Ab Tum Hi Ho Zindagi Ab Tum Hi Ho Chain Bhi, Mera Dard Bhi Meri Aashiqui Ab Tum Hi Ho

Both dances together for this song while Abhi sings it using a microphone..
Piano music again changes to, ‘Phir bhi tum ko chahunga tune” and Abhi let Pragya stand he kneels down looking at her and sings…
Tum mere ho iss pal mere ho Kal shayad ye alam naa rahe Kuch aisa ho tum tum naa raho Kuch aisa ho hum hum naa rahe
Yeh raaste alag ho jaaye Chalte chalte hum kho jaaye

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga Main phir bhi tumko chahunga (x2)
Is chahat mein marr jaunga (Pragya again never lets him finish this line) Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Both were remenisincg their marriage that is when our naughty sisters enters and disturbs them from their dream land and Aaliya said, “I don’t think they both just met 1 and a half month before see how they are standing bhai is holding bhabhi by her waist.” Bulbul said, “Please guys we are kids don’t spoil us romance else were.”

Scene ends with Abhi chasing Bulbul and Aaliya while Pragya says, “Even I can’t believe this was an arranged marriage.”

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