Agnifera 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ragini Becomes Vikral’s Political Heir, DJ is Vishu

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Agnifera 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ragini walks in in her old don style holding gun and warns Vikral’s party members to return her babuji’s watch, else she will shoot them. They return. Ragini says they are chameleons who change color with situation, if tiger is injured, male cub will take over his place, but if male cub does not want to, female cub will and not let her babuji’s dignity in danger. She announce she is taking over party presentship and if anyone can dare oppose her. Party member says she took right decision. Ragini orders to go and inform her rivals that she is her babuji’s political heir. Anurag angrily leaves. Parag asks amma to bring sweet curd for Ragini. Ragini asks Vikral how was it, she could not roar liked him, but tried. Vikral sheds tears, amma wipes his tears.

Shristi pleads DK Shanky/Vishu’s secretary to let her check DJ’s room. Secretary agrees and says only for 15 min. She searches room. DJ walks in with his father. She dies behind curtains and imagines Vishu in DJ. DJ says he is going on London tour and will return after 6 months. Shristi walks out and says he cannot go away for so long from her, why don’t he remember he is Vishu and she is his wife. His father ask how did this psycho woman come here. DJ pushes her towards door. Baiu comes and holds her.

Ragini goes to Anurag and seeing him tensed thinks she knows how to console him. She wears veil and tries to cheer him up. He says he does not like her to be in politics and wants her to return home. Ragini says she will not leave her babuji’s side and he has to decide now.

Shristi continues trying to convince DJ that she is his wife. Baiju says DJ will believe soon and says his friend will come and tell truth. He reminisces meeting DJ’s driver and knowing all the info. He brings driver. DJ’s father gets tensed. Baiju asks to tell truth. Father says he found DJ unconscious on Mumbai-Jaipur highway and when woke up, he had lost memory, since his family died in an accident a few months ago, he gave Vishu his son Shanky Dhanraj’s identity. DJ is shocked. Shristi says she knew it is Vishuji. Baiju says earlier he thought it is coincidence, but seeing Shristi’s determination, he enquired and found truth. He asks DJ to relax, they will return after sometime and takes Shristi with him.

Ammaji prays in home temple. Shristi joins her and asks to pray that she takes babuji’s responsibilities well. Anruag walks in and says he wants to take Ragini home. Ragini says she wants to stay here. Ammaji says it is sin. Anurag says both houses are Ragini’s she can visit here anytime, he wants to take babuji to his home and take care of him. Ammaji says they don’t even drink daughter’s house’s water. Anurag says Babuji’s life is in danger here, he will take care of Babuji personally. Ammaji agrees and says Ragini is so lucky to get such a supporting husband.

Anurag takes Vikral home. Family is shocked, Vidhvan seeing Ragini in old attire asks why she is wearing this. Anurag says it was very important to bring Ragini from that house. Vishu asks Shristi how she and Baiju are related. Baiju says he will explain.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I knew it that dj is vishu

  2. vijayalakshmi

    yes yippee DJ is vishu only
    plz make srishti and vishu pair fast don’t drag
    who is with me dat who all want vishu only for srishti reply

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