Agnifera 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Dulari sees Shristi’s Tattoo

Agnifera 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baiju walks into Shristi’s room. Shristi reminisces Baiju warning her about Rocky and asking to accompany her to bring Divya. She thinks whether to forgive him or not. She throws pillows on him and shouts who is he, the one who threw her in brothel, tortured her, eyed on property or the one who got her out of brothel and burnt property papers, who is he, why did he come into her life, she will not forgive him. She repeatedly hits his chest. He stops her and says she can relax and start again, today he saved Divya as a brother and not to seek her forgives as he does not deserve forgiveness. Her goodness changed him and made him save Divya, but he is afraid of his loneliness. Shristi says a human should not be afraid of truth and will get a partner if he tries. He asks if she will and says they

are friends from today, shakes hands with her.

Shristi cooks in kitchen. Ragini walks in and says she is craving for jam and searches it. Dulari walks in with jam smeared on her lips, sees jam bottle empty, shouts Dulari stole her jaam. Dulari says she did not want to eat full, but could not control. Ragini scolds she is pregnant, but Dulari ate jam, she is hungry now. Shristi says she made special arrangements to fill her stomaach. Ragini asks what… Dulaari says Anurag stopped to tell her and asks to wait on dining table. Ragini excitedly leaves. Dulari sees tattoo on Shristi’s had and asks what is it. Shristi hides it.

Baiju and Shristi sit for lunch. Ragini sits with Anurag and eagerly checks food and gets disappointed seeing dalia/porridge, says this is not her favorite food. Anurag says it is in her diet chart and good for her baby. Revathi says Anurag used to love dalia and used to eat only dalia whole day. Anurag says she used to add lots of dry fruits, etc.., then stops reminiscing Revathi’s betrayal. Dulari says she saw Munni Bai tattooed on Shristi’s hand. Shristi asks where is it. Dulari insists. Shristi shows her hands and it is clean, she says Dulari reads spy novels and imagines things. She reminisces hiding tattoo with makeup. Dulari apologizes her.

Back to room, Ragini sees Anurag playing with doll and asks what is he doing. He says he is trying to practice making baby wear diaper. She asks to demonstrate. He tries but fails. Ragini asks to check in latpot and try. Anurag says it is laptop and even he is pronouncing latpot because of her. Vikral calls him and asks how is she, he wants to become grandfather soon. She asks why is he speaking so slowly. He says he is in hospital. She asks if amma and Parag are fine. Vikral says yes, he came to meet his friend and got his routine checkup, he found maternity room good here and booked it for her. She asks to send his reports and after disconnecting informs Anurag. Anurag says he does not want any favor from Vikral as he does not like his lifestyle, but if she wants he will budge for her sake. She asks to check maternity room once.

Shristi looks at her hand tattoo. Baiju feels guilty and says he wants to erase tattoo from her hand someone and wants to take her to Mumbai for laser treatment. Shristi reminisces Baiju betraying her and selling her in brothel and sits silently. Baiju pleads again to agree as he wants to clear his guilt. Shristi agrees and asks to book ticket, but what will they say family. Baiju says not to worry about that and walks away to book tickets.

Revathi sees Brij lifting heavy cylinder and dropping it on Anurag losing balance and saves Anurag on time. Shristi with Baiju reaches Mumbai hotel and requests for 2 rooms. Receptionist says they have only 1 room. They share single room. Ragini gets a call that Vikral met with an accident. She and Anurag rush to hospital, and doc says vikral suffered a paralysis.

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  1. Do you think ragini’s baby will make it?

    In my opinion, I don’t think so. She is probably going to have miscarriage eventually, it always happen in these kind of shows.

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