Agar Tum Na Hote 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhimanyu agrees to have the treatment

Agar Tum Na Hote 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saira comes to Niyati, trying to talk about Abhimanyu but Niyati replies she doesnot want to talk about him as she has promised her mother that she will stay away from him, Niyati rushes to the door but stops to recall how she promised her mother that she will stay away from him.

Dr Aanad coming to Manaroma explains it is impossible to go out using the window doors and he will only use the front gate to leave, as it is the only way, Abhimanyu has disguised himself in the ward boy attire, he hearing the alarm enters a room where a boy exclaims he just came to meet his sister, Abhimanyu says that he should stay inside as there is a mental person walking in the hospital premises, he sees the wheelchair so mentions he found the way.

Niyati is taking care of the patients but is constantly thinking about what Abhimanyu said to her that he has been tied in this room because of her while no one was able to catch him for the past six months, the patient asks Niyati why the alarm was going off asking if there has been a fire, Niyati assures that everything is fine.

Abhimanyu is taking the visitor on the wheelchair when Dr Anand sees him, he asks him to stop but Abhimanyu runs after pushing him away, he rushes down to see his uncle so wonders how would he leave as Dr Aanad is following him one side while his uncle on the other, he then rushes to the down hall and starts walking but turning down sees his mother standing behind him, he uses the emergency excite to walk down to the lower floor, but before can go any further he sees Niyati, he even tries to run away when she says he is a liar asking if he doesnot love his mother, he is not able to move when Manorama comes with her brother, she says if he loved her then would feel their pain and try to accept it, she says he said he is running away because he doesnot want anyone to feel his pain but while being away the feelings cannot end, he has a lot of strength and can even fight an entire hospital for a single women then why can he not have his treatment started, his mother has been running after him from one city to another for the past six months, so he should get the treatment.

She mentions she is not saying this to have him stay but only because of the friendship which was formed between them both, Niyati leaves while Abhimanyu takes off the mask, he sees his mother and stops crying, then walking towards her he picks her hands mentioning Niyati always tends to get him in the feeling of guilt as he was running for six months and no one was even able to catch him but she has the habit of making him believe he was wrong, he doesnot know how she came into his life, Manaroma realizes what she had seen about Niyati, Abhimanyu then holding his ear starts doing sit-ups apologizing to Manorama ,she recalls how he would do it when he was young, he even requests her to never listen to what Niyati said as he loves her the most, he even asks her if he should take off his shoes, she asks him to stop, he assures now everything would happen just as she desires, he would not run away anymore but is this necessary to get the treatment in this hospital as it feels that he is a patient and he doesnot want to think like that, can she take him away from this place, Manaroma starts thinking how she knows the father of Niyati, he asks if she is even listening to what he has been trying to explain, Manaroma assures she will take him away but he should just start taking the treatment, Abhimanyu asks if she forgot that he doesnot break any of his promise, Dr Aanad sees Abhimanyu with Manorama so asks the nurse to catch him, Manorama explains he has agreed to get the treatment, Abhimanyu replies they are holding him as if he is some sort of a criminal but he is the hero, Dr Aanad says he should not try to act three people got hurt because of him, Abhimanyu asks if he asked anyone to follow him and he says that they should also admit those people into the hospital, Abhimanyu exclaims he has not had anything to eat since the morning so can he have a cup of tea, however Dr Aanad says that he should be taken to room ten, then Abhimanyu exclaims he can walk by himself and goes to the room.

Dr Anand gets him tied to the bed when Abhimanyu questions what he is doing, Dr Anand says that he would decide what does Abhimanyu needs, he orders his worker to prepare for an ECG, Abhimanyu tries to explain he doesnot want any of the particular treatment because if he had any such serious illness then his old doctor would have given him the shock however Abhimanyu starts panicking calling his mother, Abhimanyu recalls how he slapped Dr Aanad so apologizes to him but he looks at him in anger, Niyati enters the room asking Dr Aanad if Abhimanyu really needs such an extensive treatment, Dr Sharma questions what is this as do they really have to take the advice of a nurse, Niyati tries to explain she just wants to know what is the need, Dr Sharma asks her to follow him, he goes to Manaroma explaining he has studied the case of Abhimanyu and along with Dr Aanad they have concluded he would be treated with the shock therapy as some other patients got healthy because of it, Dr Aanad explains they would have to trust them with this treatment and must fulfil some requirements for the treatment to start, Manaroma signs the papers, while Dr Anand looks at Niyati before leaving in anger, Niyati sees Manorama crying so leaves without saying anything.

Abhimanyu is constantly demanding them to leave him because he doesnot want the shock treatment, Dr Aanad walks into the room when he tries to request that he doesnot want this treatment, he even calls Niyati who is standing at the window of the room while thinking about the past months which she spent with him and how he cared for her, assuring they would meet once again.
Abhimanyu is being given the injections after which he gets unconscious and they start for the electric shocks, Niyati is in shock after seeing how Abhimanyu starts shivering after receiving the shocks, he after some time remains steady when Dr Sharma exclaims it is perfect, Dr Aanad looks for any movement in his eyes, the supply him with oxygen, while Manaroma is standing at the reception, Dr Anand sees Niyati standing in the window and gets angry with her.

Precap: Dr Aanad’s mother requests for the proposal of Niyati, her father sees Manaroma getting in a car so follows her to the hospital in a rush he is however not able to catch her as she gets on a lift, he opening the door what is she doing in the hospital of Niyati.

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  1. I wonder if abhi mother was niyati’s father bf…..orrrrr..abhi and niyati was a thing before…it’s getting interesting…..or is niyati manorama’s daughter and abhi is niyati’s father child …hmmmmm

    1. I think abhi and niyati knew each other earlier too. And so their parents.

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