agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Intro)

Hey people i m bitsy was a silent reader of many ff and thought to write one of my own about manya i.e mantu and amaya from tere sheher mein and kriyaansh i.e kriya and rey (reyansh) from d3 hope you would like it. Today I’ll write intro and my first fiction hope you like it and please do comment and share your views with me.

Kriya: sweet,cute,a dancer,and beautiful looking girl
Rey;handsome hunk, dancer, hardworking and cute
Mantu: caring loving and cool looking guy and a photographer
Amaya: bubbly cute and a simple girl and a boxer
Rest characters will be introduced in between
So lets begin
A railway station is shown named manglore central a girl down from a train and walks holding her luggage. The station is crowded as people are walking in and out. The girl bumps unto another.
Girl1: hey i m so sorry
Girl2: its ok dear. Are you okay? ?
Girl1: yeah yeah. You?
Girl2: yeah . You look worried? Everything alright?
Girl1: yeah actually i m new to tis place and i want to go to st.aloysius but this luggage and i don’t anyone here so was thinking what to do.
Girl2: ohh no problem you bumped on the right person come with me and i am also a student from st.aloysius. you can come with me
Girl1: but….
Girl2: don’t worry I m amaya .. u?

Amaya: don’t worry dear you can come with me, keep your luggage and i will take you to college also
kriya: ohh great thank you so much . But i think you were waiting here for someone
amaya: no no i came to drop someone and that work is done. We can go come I’ll help you
Kriya:ohhhk then let’s go.
Amaya: yeah come
They move out and reach amayas place a small cottage like bunglow beautiful with a small garden and another floor on top.
Amaya asks kriya to freshen up and after some time moves out with her to their college st. Aloysius. Kriya meets the principal and talks about her online admission and her hostel room . But to her suprise the principal tells her that there are no rooms available there. Kriya gets tensed and goes out of the office.
Amaya: what happened now .? Why are you tensed?
Kriya: actually there are no hostel rooms available for me and now where to look for one?
Amaya : don’t worry you can stay at my place
kriya ; thank you so much but how can i? First only you hepled me and now?
Amaya: nothing like that i stay alone Nd now that you are also alone you can use the top floor with this you will get place to stay
Kriya: but how can i? Thinks for a while and says ohhhk but you have to take rent from me

Amaya : ohhk then i dont have any problem
Kriya: ohh k fine lets leave then. They both leave
Its evening kriya and amaya has finished cleaning the top floor and are sitting peacefully till the bell rings.
Amaya: now who’s come? Let me check
Pizza guy to amayas suprise
pizza boy: ma’am your pizza
amaya : i did not order any. Thinks for a while mah be kriya has ordered . Wait let me ask.
Pizza boy: sure ma’am
Amaya: hey kriya did you order any pizza? ?
Kriya: no
Amaya to the guy : no its not our order
Guy: i m so sorry for the inconvinence and leaves
amaya to herself from when these pizza delivery boyz started speaking in english that to so good. Forget why should i bother.

Kriya: hey what happenex?
Amaya: nothing
Kriya: there’s still a month left for our college. Now this one month what to do?
Amaya: don’t worry. I’ll show you our manglore city and places.
Kriya: that’s nice.
Amaya: but for now let’s rest i m so damm tired with the day and i too hav a holiday today
Kriya: holiday?
Amaya: i work for a call centre in the night
Kriya: ohhhk . Bye good night.

so guys that’s it for today and yeah the boys entry will be very soon
The college story is divided into years as phases like the first phase will be of friendship and will go on and you will come to know as the story goes on .

So guys do share your views in comments and please do comment as though i should continue or not.
And thank you for reading

  1. it was awesome D3 with this nice

  2. wow bitsy..a good nice awsome episode..please go forward..i like your idea

  3. wow…i missed kriyansh…go ahead..awesome concept!!

  4. Thank u sam tina and tina for your comment and i will post the next 1 soon and may change the picture so guys don’t get confused

  5. Nice start bitsy.. I love ff staring Manyaaaa… Missing TSM and Manyaa lot.. Continue ur work..nd keep rocking

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