agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 6)

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Previously seen that the four going out at the fort. And stopped at chachas maggie point.
So lets begin.
Back to the maggie point.
Chacha gets their maggie while the four are chit- chating.
Chacha: here you go.
Mantu: thank you chacha. Was missing this from so many days.

Rey: yeah he’s right. Was missing this taste from many days.
Amaya: good that we planned to come here.
Kriya: yeah guys. Chacha this taste is amazing.
Rey: ohhk guyz have it fast we have to reach up to the fort.
Amaya: yeah
Mantu: then we should hurry.
Kriya: ohhk but the view from here is so amazing.
Amaya: yeah it is. And you know this is the only shop in this hillock.
Rey: yeah. You won’t find any other on the way.
Mantu: that’s why we love this place.
Kriya: yeah i can persevere that.
They finish eating. They pick some water bottles from there. manya take the water bottles to the car while rey is paying kriya is waiting for him.
Rey pays chacha extra money. Chacha denies to take it. While rey forces him.
Chacha takes it and blesses rey for doing so. Rey comes to kriya.
Rey: hey come let’s go.
Kriya: yeah. I wanted to adk you something.
Rey: yeah sure.
Kriya: why did you pay hin extra?
Rey: see this place is isolated. And here very rarely people come and still this chacha has maintained this shop so well. Thats why.

Kriya smiles at him and they move to the car where manya are already sitting in.
Mantu : let me drive now. You must be tired.
Rey: no i am not. While coming you can drive. Anyways only an hour left to reach.
Mantu: ohhk as you wish.
Amaya: now that you’ll have decided shall we proceed?
Rey: yeah.
This time rey and mantu are sitting infront. While the girls are behind.
Amaya’s phone rings. Its kezar.
Kezar: hey where have you gone?
Amaya: i am out with rey.
Kezar: rey? When did he come? And you went out without me.
Amaya: i forgot to inform you.
Kezar: and that rey. He did not even come to meet me.
Amaya: ohhk I’ll let him know about you.
Kezar: ohh k bye. Enjoy there and don’t be lost with your thoughts.
Amaya: yeah my chotu. She cuts the call.
Amaya: hey rey kezar wants to see you.

Rey: i forgot about him. And his game it there at home only.
Amaya: please meet him later.
Rey: yeah yeah.
The journey continues after their talk. There’s silence again ( peace lovers) .
Kriya and amaya admiring the beauty. While mantu clicking pictures of the view.
He captures everyones candid moments.
Finally they reach the base of the fort.
Kriya sees the steps going up. Rarely 10 people are there on the stairs. Mantu starts capturing the nature.
Amaya: hey mantu. What you are capturing nature when we people are here.
Mantu: so you want me to capture you.
Amaya smiles not only me but all of us.
Mantu clicks few pictures of amaya and kriya.
Mantu: guys where’s rey?
Amaya: he’s gone to park the car. But why?
Mantu: my tripod is in the bag. I’ll just go and get it.
Amaya: ohhk great carry on.
Kriya: this place is so cool.
Amaya: its the begining kriya. You are going to have a blast.
Kriya: i am so happy. Why are we waiting here? Let’s go na.
Amaya: boys are not back. We are waiting for them.
Kriya: in the excitement i forgot about them.
Amaya: hehehe.
Rey and mantu comes with bag .
Rey:so girls ready for the race?

The trio in unison : race??
Rey: let’s race to the top. And who ever looses will have to do what i say.
Amaya: rey. Still you are behaving like at junior.
Mantu: yeah. This thing in you has not changed till now.
Rey: come on people stop giving excuses.
Mantu : i want to capture some pictures of everyone when will i do that.
Rey: kriya is quite. That means she agrees to what i say
Kriya: i don’t mind.
Amaya: ohhk if she agrees then i am in
Rey: come on mantu you are left.
Mantu: ohhk great then. But after 500 steps i.e near that tree ( pointing out to a tall tree) we will take a break.
Rey: ohh k done.
Kriya: so lets beging?
Amaya: yeah.
Rey:1 and go.
All are running. Kriya is first followed by Rey and amaya. While mantu is last holding the weight of his bag.

Rey while running : hey mantu. Run fast man. The girls are running faster than you.
Amaya laughs out loud while kriya is quite ahead of them.
Mantu has noticed amaya laughing like this for the first time and is taken away by this. He again hears a scream :hey mantu run bro run.
Mantu: oii rey stop concentrating on me. Watch your step. And kriya. She is already a way from you.
Rey: ohh shit. She runs so fast. Mantu you also come or be ready to do as i say.
He runs followed by amaya.
Mantu is just few steps away from amaya. Suddenly she misses a step and was about to fall but is saved by mantu. She falls in his arms. They share an eyelock but is broken by reys scream: hey amaya are you fine.
Mantu: rey stop this. See its causing trouble .
Rey:but kriya has already gone. I’ll inform her. You guys come slowly. We will be waiting near the tree.
Mantu: yeah ok.
Mantu: are you alright amaya?
Amaya: yeah i am fine. Just missed a step.
Mantu: this rey and his childish behaviour.
Amaya: its fine i like it but. It reminds me of our hss days.
Mantu: yeah me too. Our school days were just awesome.
Amaya: i am thirsty actually i think we forgot water bottles in the car.

Mantu: stop making puppy faces. I did not forget. He passes a bottle from he’s bag. Here you go.
Amaya: great. I needed this badly. She opens it and drinks. Mantu captures her pictures.
Amaya: oii stop clicking my pics
Mantu: this is time photography. I mean before the water had gone in your mouth i photographed it. Here see . He shows her the photo.
Amaya: nice come lets go and see where this people have reached.
Kriya has already reached the point. Rey stops near her. She sits on one of the steps. Rey is sitting besides her. Rey(in an exhausting voice): you.. you.. run so fast. Were you state level runner?
Kriya: no . Actually i wanted to sit. Thats why i came running.
Rey: what? !!! You wanted to sit? Are you mad? I thought you wanted to win this race.
Kriya: hahaha i fooled you.
Something entres reys eyes. He starts rubbing it. Kriya: stop rubbing your eye.
Rey: but its itching. Kriya holds his face and starts blowing into he’s eye. Rey looks at her. She also notices this and they share an eyelock. Kriya comes in her senses. Are you alright? Rey: yeah yeah. Look amaya and mantu are here.
Amaya: hey here you go. Have some water.
Kriya: thanks i needed this.
Rey: give me also. Dont finish it by yourself.
Kriya: here you go.

Mantu : lets relax here for some time.
Amaya: yeah. They all sit there. Mantu removes tripod from he’s bag. He places it few steps below and places the camera on timer.
Mantu: hey guys sit quickly and smile.
They all sit. The picture is clicked. They all se e it. Its come very nice. They all praise mantu. Mantu: so lets continue.
Rey: yeah come .
They all come to the top.
Kriya: guys this place it awesome.
Rey: didn’t i tell you.
Amaya: yeah good its become evening. The sunset will be amazing view.
Mantu: yeah the city look very good. Whenever i come here i just fall in love with this place.
Rey: yeah. They sit on the wall. They take aselfie.
Mantu: wait for the caputre near sunset. He clicks their multiple pictures.
They finally see the sunset. They sit on the wall taking the cool breeze and lost in the beauty.
They all come back down. This time mantu drives the car with amays sitting besides him. While kriyyansh sleeping behind. They finally reach home mantu gets down of the car. Amaya is driving while kriyaabsh is fast a sleep. They reach amayas place. Amaya: kriya! Rey! Wake up we are @home.
Kriya: i am dammn tired.

Rey: ohh bye guys. Meet you’ll later.
Amaya: go properly don’t sleep on the way.
Rey: yeah actually i’ll go and meet kezar first.
Amaya: please tell him not to come as we are tired.
Rey: yeah ohjk bye
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Amaya: ohhk and please tell him not to come as we are rired

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