agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 5)

Hey guys back with my new episode. Hope you people liked the previous ones. Thanks for reading the previous ones. Special thanks to shree who has been commenting since the begining. And yeah to silent readers also (if any).

So enough of my thank you speech. Let’s begin.
Recap: begining of new friendship. Plans for outing.
Rey has been waiting for girls in the living room while playing games on his phone.
Amaya and kriya entre the living at same time. Amaya: hey guys come let’s go na.
Rey: finally you people are here so much time you take.
Kriya: we are back in 10 mins only.
Rey: ohh really? Its been 30 mins since you had gone in.
Amaya: stop arguing and wasting time. Come let’s go.
Rey: yeah let’s go. I want you to see someone special.
Amaya: special?
Rey: yeah come.
The trio move out. While kriya is led behind locking the door.
Rey: hold amayas eyes and brings her to the car.
Amaya: aree tell na.
Rey: patience amaya. Ohhk now open your eyes.

Amaya: wow new car. You were been waiting for it since 2 years.
Rey: yeah meet my blush. She’s so cute na.
Kriya comes : blush? I mean who keeps name for cars.
Rey: i keep. And yeah she’s also cute and that’s why her name is blush.
Amaya: you and your stupid philosophies. But blush is nice. Its cool.
Rey: ohh k now shall we go. Mantu must be waiting.
Amaya: yeah come come.
They sit.
Rey: actually blush met kriya yesterday itself.
Amaya: yeah.
Kriya: hmmm.
The song gazaab ka hai yeh din plays in the car.
Kriya: i love this song.
Rey: really? Good choice.

There is silence in the car but surronded by the music.
Kriya is having a look outside . The day is pleasant. An awesome day inshort. While kriya is admiring the beauty outside. Amaya is lost in her thoughts. And rey is concentrating in driving.
Suddenly the silence is broken by the sound of the brakes. Amaya comes back into her senses. Kriya also disturbed.
Amaya: what happened? Why did you stop?
Rey: you people forgot mantu?
Amaya: no i did not.
Rey: then here’s he .
Rey waving at him : hey come.
Mantu enters and greets everyone: hey guys.
Everyone greets back.
Kriya: so where are we heading guys?
Rey: shit. We did not decide only.
Manya: let’s go to the fort.
Kriyaansh who were sitting in front looks at them in shock which causes embaressment to Manya.
Rey: ohh k good idea.
Kriya: good so let’s go.

Rey: yeah sure.
They move. The fort is quite far from the city. So its a long drive.
Again amaya lost in thoughts.
Rey: hey amaya pass me the water bottle below your seat.
Amaya does not respond as she’s lost in thoughts.
Rey: amaya? Still no response.
Mantu: amaya. Touches her hand to bring her back in senses.
Amaya: huh? What happened?
Kriya: where were you lost? He’s been asking water for a long time.
Amaya: sorry. She passes the bottle.
Rey is driving while trying to open the bottle but due the rough road he can’t. Finally he opens the cap. But because of controlling the car he can’t drink it.
Kriya notices this. She grabs the bottle from him.
Rey: hey what are you doing? I need it.
Kriya puts the mouth of the bottle in his mouth without letting him speak further.
They share an eye lock. Their eye lock is broken by a shout.
Amaya: rey!!!! Concentrate on the road.

Rey looks on the road. He was about to hit a dog. But manages to save it.
Amaya: thank god you saved it.
Rey: yeah. What happened to mantu? No sound if him.
Amaya notices him leaning his head on the window and sleeping.
Amaya: he’s fast a sleep.
Kriya: may be tired.
Amaya: yeah actually he was working in the studio.
Rey: let him sleep. Afterall he’s gonna click our pictures there.
Amaya: what do you mean?
Kriya: yeah??
Rey: he’s a photographer. A very good one. You won’t find like him in the town.
Amaya: ohh great. Now quite we are disturbing his sleep.
Rey: yeah.
Rey: you know kriya?
Kriy: what?
Rey: this fort is the best fort. You know people get bored to come here.
Kriya: but why? I mean you say its the best fort.
Rey:that’s because you have to climb the steps . Approximately 18890.
Kriya: its on a hill top?
Rey: yeah . Thats why i love it. The view is awesome from there.
Kriya: great. That means it will remind me of my hometown.
Rey: you are from?
Kriya: dheradun.
Rey: awesome then. I have been there its a great place.
Kriya: you know its so calm in dheradun. I love the winters there.
Ret: yeah. But this place won’t remind you your dheradun because there is no snow fall here.
Kriya: yeah thats there.
Rey: now what happened to amaya? They turn to see her. But she’s fallen a sleep on mantu’s lap.
Kriya: she’s also sleeping.
Rey: we are almost there.

Kriya: how much time more?
Rey: approximately 1h 30 mins.
Kriya: ohhk.
She’s again indulge in looking the scenario outside. While manya is still asleep.
After sometime. Rey brakes the car.
Rey: hey kriya come out.
Kriya: but why?
Rey goes out and opens the door where kriya is sitting. Hey come out. You will disturb their sleep.
Kriya steps outside. She notices a small shop and two benches in opposite each other.
Rey: hey chacha how are you?
Man: beta you? I am fine come sit.
Rey: chacha give me a bowl of maggie and kriya?
Kriya: no thanks.
Man: i think your girl friend does not like small shops .
Kriyaansh: he’s not my bf/ she’s not my gf.
Man: ohhl beta.
Rey: you must try this maggie its awesome.
Kriya: hmmm.
rey: chacha 2 maggie.
Man: yeah sure. Beta wait for 5 mins I’ll get it.
Rey: take your own time.

Kriya: you come here reguraly i suppose.
Rey: not regurarly but yeah whenever pass by this road i come here.
Kriya: hmmm.
In the car.
Mantu wakes up and finds amayas head on his lap. He thinks: what should i do? If i try to remove her head her sleep will get disturbed. But where is rey and kriya?
Suddenly the phone in mantus pocket rings. Mantu: ohh god now she will wake up. She was looking so cute while sleeping.
Amaya opens her eyes and is dazed to see herself on mantu. She gets up quickly. She feels awkard.
Mantu takes the call and goes outside.
Amaya: what he must be feeling. That i am so lame. That i slept on him.
Mantu opens the door : hey come out rey and kriya are sitting outside.
Amaya: act… actually..actu..
Mantu: what happened? Don’t feel embaressed. Its ok. Come out.
Amaya: ohh k. But…. but..

Mantu:aree i said its okay. It happens. Don’t worry.
He goes.
Amaya to her self he’s so nice. Knows to respect girls. But a liar. She too goes out.
Rey: guys you here. Chacha get 2 more.
Mantu: why did not wake me?
Rey: you people were sleeping so i thought to show kriya our maggie point. And i needed a break after a long drive.
Amaya: hey chacha!

Man: you two are here. Usually i had seen only one of you with him.
Mantu: yeah but from now we four will come.
Amaya: he’s right.
Ohhhk guys the drive is not over. So stay tuned to reach the fort. I’ll try to upload the next 1 today itself.

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