agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 22)

Mantu is in the corridor. He walks towards the room but stopped by kriyaansh.
Rey: you came so soon? And what were you doing there?
Mantu: i had gone to keep the bowl. So i was coming back. What about you guys? Didn’t you guys go to the college?
Kriya: what if we ask you the same question?
He remains silent.
Rey: come on mantu. Amaya is our friend too. She’s not only your friend that we can’t come to meet her.
Mantu: ok fine. Go ahead. I’ll wait here.
Kriya: why? I mean you too can come.
Mantu: a..a. … that…. doctor said that only two people can go in at a time.
Rey: doctor is not here. You can come.
Mantu: if she won’t talk to me properly then what’s the use of going in?
Kriya: huh? What? Say it clearly.
Mantu: nothing. You go.
Rey: you also na. Come kriya let’s go.
Kriya: yeah ok.

Inside amaya is on the phone.
Rey: hey what’s up?
Amaya: hii guys
Kriya: so how are you feeling?
Amaya: good. Am i supposed to be discharged today?
Rey: yeah really he hugs kriya.
Kriya: get off me. She’s asking you not telling.
Amaya laughs.
Rey: ohh i m sorry. I don’t know. Who told you?
Amaya: ofcourse mantu.
Kriya: he didn’t tell us.
Amaya: you met him? Where’s he?
Rey: yeah. He’s sitting out there.
Amaya to herself: wow, just want a chance to avoid me. He could have come inside but no he’s ego is bigger than me.
Rey: where are you lost?
Amaya: nothing just like that.
Kriya: we can find out from the doctor Amaya: no let it be. He must have lied.
Rey: k by the way you remember who gave you that drink?
Amaya: i guess a waiter. Right na kriya?
Kriya: yeah. Who remembers the waiters face?
Rey: wait a minute even you had a drink?
Kriya: i took but then kept it on the table and forgot about it.
Rey: ahhk.
Amaya: but why are you asking this?
Rey: the principal wanted to know. Actually i had complained.
Amayaa: you also na. It was just a prank. Let it go.
Rey: yeah right because of the plan you landed here.
Amaya:hmmmm . By rhe way are you not going for college?
Rey: no how can we go? Leaving you alone?
Amaya: i am fine now. You guys can go. If i need something i will call you.
Amaya: no buts go now.
Rey: really you want us to go?
Amaya: yeah rey.
Kriya: but?
Amaya:kriyaaaa go . I m fine i said right i will call you.
Kriya: ok fine.
Rey: if you want us to go then fine.
Amaya: just send mantu inside before leaving.
Kriya: yeah ok. Bye
Amaya: bye guys.

Mantu: guys what happened?
Rey: amaya has asked us to go.
Mantu: but why?
Kriya: because she wants to spend some time with you.
There’s a glow on mantu’s face. Mantu: that’s not possible.
Rey: look at your face. Looks like you really wanted this to happen.
Mantu: anything you say . Wby are you going?
Rey: she has asked us to go for college that’s why.
Mantu: ok fine.
Kriya: by the way she has called you in.
Mantu; enough of your jokes.
Kriya: i am not joking. She really called you
Rey: yeah. She really called you.
Mantu: ohhk fine . Bye guys.
Kriyaansh: bye.

Mantu goes inside.
Amaya just looks at him but doesn’t say anything. Mantu clears his throat to show his presence.
Amaya: you may leave
mantu: huh? You called me in and asking me to leave.
Amaya: i mean you may go for college.
Mantu: ok. Bye .
Mantu to himself: stay alone here. I am leaving. I thought she called me here to sort out things but. Forget it. He opens the door and goes out closing it.
Amaya: huh? Just said bye and left. Akdu. Could have asked me to let him stay. Just walks away saying bye. I wanted to sort out things. But he wanted to go. Let him go.
At night.
Wandle comes to amaya’s room.
Wandle: hey do you have that bodyguard 24×7 with you?
Amaya: hey! What? Which bodyguard?
Wandle: that mantu. He’s there standing out.
Amaya is pleased to hear this: really? He had gone long back .
Wandle: he had not gone only.
Amaya: how you know?
Wandle: i heard a nurse speaking to him and asking him to go home. He’s been here since morning.
Amaya pov
he waited outside for me and i didn’t even come to know. Simply i was irritated with him. But i don’t know what’s his problem in telling me that he love.. she stops.
Wandle: i thought you guys are just friends.
Amaya: what do you mean? We are friends only.
Wandle: really? Whom are you hidding things from? Can’t i see a what?
Amaya: wandy there’s nothing like how you think.
Wandle: then why are your eyes saying what’s there in your heart?
Amaya: anything ok. We are good friends.


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