agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 2)

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Recap: kriya amaya n kezar on the beach. Amaya finds a guy strange and calls him liar . The guy losses his locket and amaya finds it.
Now let’s begin
Amaya still thinking what to do with the locket.
Kriya and kezar comes back.
Kezar: hey whats this?
Amaya: it fell from a guys bag.
Kriya: you should have returned it.
Amaya: i tried calling him but in vain.
Kriya: such a careless person.
Amaya: yeah careless and liar .

Amaya: yeah i heard him speaking on phone that he’s busy and doing urgent work but he’s enjoying here. blo*dy liar.
Kezar: may be it was necessary and why should you bother.
Kriya:he’s right why should you bother. Its his life why should we care .
Amaya: yeah but i think i have seen him some where. But don’t remember where.
Kriya: ohhk but where?
Amaya: i don’t remember .
Kezar: let it go. I am hungry let’s leave and i am tired also.
Amaya: you are all time hungry. Come let’s leave.
(The trio leave the beach. And enter a near by restaurant)

Kriya:looks like a nice place
Amaya: you know what here you get awesome food.
Kezar: she’s right. I love this place and its my favourite place too.
Amaya: now let’s order something.
Kezar: yeah i am very hungry. You girls are always late in everything.
Amaya: shut up chotu. Don’t you think these days you are talking too much.
Kezar: ohh k k. Keep calm and order something.
Kriya: ohh k guys chill I’ll order.
(She orders) ( after a while the food comes)

Amaya: nice choice kriya
Kezar: yeah but what ever you order here its good only. After all this restaurants owner knows amaya thats why he serves us the best food.
Kriya: owner and knowns amaya but how?
Amaya brodens her eyes in anger and gives a angry look at kezar.
Amaya: nothing like that. Just a regular costumer of his.
Kezar: i am done and looks like you people are also. So let’s leave.
( the trio leave and come back home)
Outside amayas house. A lady shown waiting.
Kezar :hey mom what’s up?
Mother: where were you for so long. I knew that always do like this.
Amaya: don’t worry he was with me.

Mother: i know. You are there that’s why i don’t have his tension. Only thing he should not lie to me. He told me that he’s going to your place for a day and go to see your house is closed.
Mother pulls kezars ear.
Amaya: please leave him. Next time this won’t happen and i am sorry from he’s side.
Mother : its ok amaya because of you i m tension free. You are there thats why i can go for work.
Amaya: aree stop it. You can take him now .
They leave to their respective houses.
Inside the house. Both amaya and kriya are damm tired.
Amaya: I’ll order something to eat.
Kriya: order pizza. It will come fast though.
Amaya: pizza guy.
Kriya: pizza guy?
Amaya: he’s that guy who’s locket i found.
Krita: ohhhk let’s order then. But how we will come to know who’s gonna come to deliver.
Amaya: we will order and if that person comes then well and good or i will search him tommorow in their shop.
Kriya: good idea. Now let’s order and freshen up.
Amaya: yeah.
She orders and goes to bath.
Both are sitting in the hall.

Kriya: you care a lot about kezar.
Amaya: yeah. Actually i met him in a ngo and the way he talks impressed me a lot and then at a time i came to know he did not want to go with some of his relatives just because of me.
Kriya: impressive and he’s very cute.
Amaya: yeah and one day i insisted him to go with our neighbour as they did not have kids. He just agreed because i stayed next to their house thats why he’s my best and spoilt brat. Few months ago he’s father left them and that’s why he’s most of the time at our place.
Kriya: he’s very cute but and with him time passes so fast. He’s very nice and he’s nature is also good.
Amaya: yeah. He’s very nice kid.

The door bell rings. Amaya hopes that he’s the same guy and opens the door. To her hope its the same person. She becomes happy seing him. She asks him to wait.
The guy thinks how strange. She did not even take the pizza and she is happy seing pizza or me? Strange. She is a bit mad i suppose. Amaya comes out with his locket.
Amaya: here you go. Your locket.
Guy: what? Ma’am we want money for pizza not lockets and chains. You please get cash.
Amaya: you fool its your locket. Look carefully.
The guys looks at it.
Guy: ohh yeah its mine. But where did you find it?

Amaya: malpe beach. You are so careless. You don’t know to care of your belongings.
Guy: i am so happy . Thank you so much for returning this. And yeah keep these pizzas for free.
Amaya: why free? I’ll pay. I got your cash. Here take it.
Guy: no no . You keep it. I’ll pay your money. This locket which you returned is more than important for me so because you returned this to me I’ll pay.
Amaya: no need it was my responsibility. And stop being careless.
Guy : if there is any work in which you need my help I’ll always be there. Thank you so much.
The guy leaves.
Kriya: what happened. Found your guy?
Amaya: my guy?
Kriya: i mean the pizza guy.
Amaya: yeah. Thank god met him.

Kriya: come now let’s have this.
Amaya: yeah i have leave then.
Kriya: where?
Amaya:: my work .. call centre
Kriya: yeah ohhk . Let’s have this then.
Amaya and kriya have the supper.
Kriya: i forgot to thank you. I had the best time with you people. Thank you do much for taking me out.
Amaya: its ok. I’ll take you next time to different places.
Kriya: ohh k great.
After some time amaya leave for her work.

Outside the house she’s waiting for her car to come but gets a call saying that the transport won’t come today and make your own arrangements.
Amaya to herself this is so freaking mad. This people are so ridicouless. Can’t they inform me before now what to do. I’ll wait for a auto now. She’s waiting.
The pizza guy passes. He sees amaya and stops.
Guy: hey what happened? Any problem?
Amaya: nothing waiting for an auto.
Guy: need to go some where? Shall i drop you?
Amaya:no thanks I’ll manage.
Guy: don’t worry i am a safe person. And you are also safe with me.
Amaya thinks for a while and complies.
On the way

Guy: by the way i am abhimanyu
Amaya: amaya
Guy: you can call me mantu
Amaya: mantu?
Mantu : manyu it there na. That you call me mantu. My friends call me mantu and you can also.
Amaya: ohh k mantu.
Mantu : where to drop you?
Amaya: aryan nagar call center.
Mantu: great i also stay there only.
Amaya: don’t you have more deliveries?
Mantu: no it was my last and i was going at home only.
Amaya : good.
Mantu: thank you so much. That locket was very important for me.
Amaya: its ok. You should be more carefull.
Mantu: yeah i will.
They reach the call centre.
Mantu: here you go.

Amaya: thank you so much for droping me.
Mantu: its ok. Anytime.
He leaves.
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  1. Mantu aa gayaaaa… Good going bitsy.. I think u need to introduce some more lead pairs of tv drama.. TSM has very less readers i guess.. Im the one who read updates of tsm ff regularly.. But for more comments nd suggestions ur ff need to be posted in others also… But do give importance for Manyaaa.. I love them as a pair.. Al d best dear.. Keep going..

    1. Thank you for reading and yeah I’ll write about kriyaansh soon

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