agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 18)

Kriya just walks in, in anger. While rey is thinking what she said.
Rey: what does she thinks of her self? No one has ever talked to me like that. Whatever it is she was right. I’ll see the matter later. I should be with them instead of going to police station.
He also walks in.

Kriya tries to console mantu who is blaming himself for her condition.
Mantu: it was my fault. I supported rey that’s why she got angry and you’ll went in.
Kriya: mantu stop it. It was no ones fault. Stop blaming yourself. Everything will be alright.
She hugs him. While rey sees them and gets jealous but ignores and goes and sits near mantu and consoles him.
Next morning everyone is sitting outside sadly.

Doctor comes and asks them to go home as they are sitting there from previous night. But they all denie.
They ask him about her reports.
Doctor: everything is fine now only…
Mantu: only??
Doctor: see we have removed the toxin but a little of it is remaining.
Rey: then why don’t you remove it?
Doctor: its not harmful but she is tend to get blackouts.
Kriya: she will get blackouts and you are saying its not harmful?
Doctor: i mean she will get it for few minutes but she will recover soon from this.
Mantu: for how many days it will go on.
Docto: only for few days she will recover soon.
Rey: thank god everything is fine.
Doctor: i will just do her check up and come.
All are happy that she is fine.
Mantu: but she has not gained concious.
Rey: she will soon get up see
Kriya: yeah our amaya will be back soon
Mantu: yeah i must also think positive
Rey: yeah positive thinking is necessary.
Doctor comes out.
Doctor: everything is fine she will gain concious soon. He leaves.
Everyone is relieved and happy too.

An hour later.
Amaya wakes up. She is suprised seeing herself in hospital. She looks around and tries to remember how she landed here.
Amaya: i was sitting outside the party …… mantu came….. then what happened? Why can’t i remember what happened after that? She gets blured images of standing on the car and their conversations. But we were going home how did i reach here?
Mantu opens the door and is happy seeing her awake.
Mantu: you don’t get up. Sit there.
Amaya: but how did i reach here?
Kriya: your anti-depressants.
Rey: yeah. You put all of us in tension.
Amaya eyes angrily at mantu.
Amaya to herself: this idiot told everything to kriya and mantu? I shared my past with him and this guy? He can’t keep secrets in his stomach?
Rey: hey what are you thinking?
Amaya: nothing because of me you all had to face problems.
Kriya: i think you don’t consider us your friendz.
Amaya: why are you saying this?
Kriya: if we are friends then we should be concerned about each other.
Rey: yeah she is right.
Amaya: ok fine guys. But look at yourselves.
Mantu: why what happened to us?
Amaya: you all have not slept the entire night. You all look so tired.
Rey: tired? And we? We are fine. Only person who was not well was mantu. Right na mantu?
Mantu looks at him confusingly.
Amaya: huh? What are you saying?
Rey: he got you here in your drunk state. On the way what he faced he only knows.
Amaya recollects how she irritated him on the way.
Kriya: yeah poor guy.
They all have a laugh.

Amaya is embaressed. She looks at mantu and he also looks at her. Dheere dheere play. They share an eyelock.
Kriya and rey look at each other and smile. They silently move towards the door.
Amaya: where are you guys going?
Rey: me…. i ….. i….
Amaya: say?
Rey: i … going to get the doctor.
Amaya: and kriya? Where are you heading?
Kriya: tea!!!
Kriya: we were here since night na.. so i thought everyone will be hungry and tired.
They move out before she could say something else.
Amaya: pagal.
Mantu: amaya… i am sorry.
Amaya: sorry?
Mantu: because of me you landed here.
Amaya: what did you do?
Mantu: if i didn’t support rey then you would have not gone in and drink that serving.
Amaya: no nothing like that. You should not be sorry .
Mantu: you know i was so worried for you.
Amaya: yeah so much so that you cried for me.
Mantu: cried? You must be mistaken.
Amaya: ohh really?
Mantu: yeah. I was concerned for you.
Amaya: yeah right that’s why you cried seeing me fainting.
Mantu just ignores her.
Amaya: if you don’t want to admit it then its ok. But i am still angry with you.
Mantu: angry? For what? What did i do?
Amaya: i won’t tell you the reason till you admit that you cried.
Mantu: then remain angry. I won’t admit.
Amaya: go.. i won’t talk to you.
Mantu: areee!! This is not fair. You are just impossible.
Amaya: yeah let’s see who wins .
Mantu: yeah yeah let’s see.

Outside the room.
Rey: what these guys started fighting?
Kriya: we left them inside so that they speak their heart out.
Rey: but these pagals have started again.
Kriya: yeah we should do something to do their patch up.
Rey: yeah.
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