agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 16)

Guys back with new update. Sorry for not posting them before as my nephew was playing with my phone and he locked it and then i had to reboot the phone in that my next few episodes were saved were washed away. Got my phone back now so sorry for late post.
Mantu is in tears while amaya is unconcious. He relloctees all their time spent together. Dheere dheere plays.

He asks amaya to wake up by holding her hand till then doctor enters and scolds him for doing so.
Doctor: what are you doing? She needa rest you don’t be here go out. I had informed you earlier also that you should not disturb her.
Mantu: i am sorry. But why she is not gaining concious? You said everything is alright but then?
Doctor asks him to come out. He follows.
Doctor: see its not some ordinary poison that she will gain concious soon. It has been internally damaging and it has mixed with those drinks and lead in blood. Thats why she was bleeding.
Mantu: but you said she is out of danger. Then?

Doctor: we tried our level best to extract it. And we have checked her blood reports also there is only few amount of it remaining that can be dangerous so we have to be careful.
Mantu: do whatever you want. But bring her back in concious.
Doctor: yeah of course. She should have been more careful as she knows that alcohol is very dangerous to her.

Mantu: she did not do it purposely. Her drink was spiked.
Doctor: what ever it is. You don’t disturb her.
Mantu: hmmmmk.
He sits on the bench and recollects their first meet , their trek, their fights and misunderstandings,amaya’s hangover face and her talks.
Mantu: i need you amaya! I need you. I am missing you that too alots.

On the other hand rey’s been searching for manya but no good luck. He calls kriya.
Rey: did they come?
Kriya: not yet. I have been trying to call but they are not picking up.
Rey: i searched almost everywhere they are not anywhere and i also tried calling them same thing with me.
Kriya: did you checked mantu’s house?
Rey: yeah his sis is saying that he did not come since the evening when he had gone for party.
Kriya: photo studio?

Rey: yeah i checked there also. Its closed. Not only there infact i checked in college also but watchman says that they left before the party could get over.
Kriya: where they can go?
Rey; no idea yaar. Did you call amaya’s call centre?
Kriya: yeah she’s not there also.
Rey: ohhk. I’ll check her boxing institute may be there.

Kriya: yeah ok . You also tame care.
Reh: yeah . Give me a call if they come back.
Kriya: yeah sure.

sorry guys for this much only. But i promise that I’ll post next 1 soon. I know its really small and very boring no scenes at all but please bare with me for today. Next time this won’t happen. Thanks for reading.

  1. Was waiting for ur updates..missed ur ff.. Even if it’s small happy to read ur ff after a couple of days.. Hope u will now update regularly with my Manyaaa romantic scenes..

    1. Yeahh sure dear just need few more hours to think. Thanks for reading and sorry for this horrible one.

  2. thanks bitsy glad to see you back

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