agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 10)

Amaya has been droped home. She is her room.She thinks hope mantu does not find my past. He is very curious to know or he is concerned about me so much that he even bared my frustration. I should appologize him. As even doctor said because of him i was saved.
Rey and mantu are sitting in a local shop.
Rey: so you dropped amaya?
Mantu: yeah, don’t know what’s her motive.
Rey: hmmmmm
Mantu: i think you know it. Am i right.
Rey: no i don’t know. Why you think so?
Mantu: because you are the who did not react at all to her situation.
Rey: everyone was concerned and i was too.
Mantu: you can’t lie rey. You are a bad liar.
Rey: but..
Mantu: see the first time we met at amaya’s house. That time also she had hand injury but you did not react. Are you hidding something from me?
Rey: no. Actually yes but i can’t tell you. I have promised amaya.
Mantu: ohhk. Let it be. Let’s go?
Rey: yeah sure.
Rey goes on his bike and mantu is about to go but his phone starts ringing. It amaya.
Mantu: are you okay amaya? You need something? Everythinv alright?
Amaya: calm down mantu. Let me talk at least.
Mantu: ohh sorry speak up.
Amaya: actually i wanted to appologize you for my rude behaviour towards you.
Mantu: its fine.
Amaya: no its not. You were the one who helped me so much. Thank you for being there otherwise i would have….. she stops.
Mantu: otherwise… what?
Amaya: nothing i would be lying in the park itself.
Mantu: its ok. You don’t want to tell then its ok.
Amaya: hmm. You understand me quite better.
Mantu: yeah some what. Amaya are you…
Amaya: what?
Mantu: nothing .. next time.
Amaya: you do this everytime.
Mantu: same with you.
Amaya remains silent. And?
Mantu:do you trust me?
Amaya: of course i do.
Mantu: i don’t think so. Bye. He cuts the call.
Amaya may be he is right. I don’t have more strenght to trust anyone one else. But i think i should tell him. So thst he does not interfere and understands me.
Kriya knocks the door. Amaya someone has come to meet you.
Amaya thinks who it could be. I have no one. She opens and the guy.
Guy: how are you feeling. Kezars mom told me you were hospitalized. What happened? And how it happened?
Amaya: jeh come down. I am fine. Meet my friend kriya. She stay in our house.
Jeh: i met her.

Amaya: kriya he’s jeh my bro.
They smile at each other.
Amaya: jeh. Sit here. Why you came. Leaving all the work.
Jeh: nothing is more important then my lil sis.
Amaya: you will go today itself. I don’t want you to miss your work.
Jeh: ohhk fine i will. Let me just freshen up atleast after that train journey.
Amaya: yeah go to your room then.
He moves in. Kriya: hey amaya i need to go to the college. Have some rehersals.
Amaya: yeah ohhk. Catch you later.
Kriya also goes.
Jeh: so till now you did not forget that incident.
Amaya: how could i? Did you?
Jeh: its our past amaya. Leave it.
Amaya: i cannot. May be you don’t know how it feels to loose someone infront of your eyes and you cannot do anything.
Jeh: she was my mom too. I also lost her.
Amaya: but i don’t think you are intrested in that man.
Jeh: forget it. I know you will win over this arguement. Let’s stop wasting our time.
Amaya: yeah.
Jeh: so ready?
Amaya: ready for what??
Jeh: suprise. He takes her out. There’s a car there.
Amaya: audiiiii. When did you get it? You had planned to come her first only?
Jeh: it was your 18 birthday gift. If you have forgotten its today. And i was not suppose to come but came because of you .
Amaya: your the best bro in the world . She hugs him. But birthday??
Jeh: come on now. Get ready for the drive.

Amaya rushes inside and gets ready. She comes out.
Jeh : here you go. Your keys.
Amaya: let’s go.
They sit in the car. You got this car today? I mean so fast? Formalities and all.
Jeh: i had booked it long time back. And don’t you forget your bro is a well known buisness man. Formalities were done. The car was supposed to come today but i thought i will drive it.
Amaya: yeah thank you so much for this. I love this car.
Jeh: i know. You craze behind audi
Amaya: thank you so much bro.
Jeh: drive to the beach.
Amaya: ohhk.
They reach the beach.
Jeh: you remember when we were in goa. Mom used to take us to the beach.
Amaya: of course i do.
Jeh: than you remeber that orange candy.
Amaya: yeah.
Jeh gets two orange candies.
Here you go. Amaya: my love for these will never change. She grabs the second one two.
Jeh: you will never change know?
Amaya: never ever.
Jeh: let’s go home now?
Amaya: yeah sure.
They go home. Amaya knocks the door. But no one opens. Amaya: aree kriya has gone college why am i knocking when i have the keys. She opens the door. The lights are off. She goes to the switch board on ons the light.
Everyone scres : suprise!!
The house was decorated.
Amaya: you all knew?
Rey: no jeh reminded me. And we all planned this.
Kriya: yeah.
Next episode will be posted today itself. So stay tuned for amayas past it will be revealed today.

  1. Thanks bitsy for such fast updates and for goung to reveal her past today itself.. Then i hope Amaya stop behaving so rude to mantu.. You work a lot for such regular updates i guess nd need to say hats off for ur dedication.. Keep doing ur great work.. Long way to gooo…

    1. Thannks shree. I havd posted the next 1 . I know you like swasan a lot so please have a look at my new ff

    2. Next episide is not yet updated bitsy.. Once read wil msg u.. Yeah i searched for swasan ff.. But a large nmbr of ffs being updated in Swaragini.. Its very difficult to find urs.. Thats y not read nd commented.. Now lemme check once more..

  2. Hey shree just type in the seach box – that attempt which changed my life. You will find it soon.

    1. Yes bitsy.. Now i had read ur swasan ff.. Gud one.. All ur ff are having some innovative ideas.. Not typical romantic ones.. Great work.. Now waiting for updates of both ff..

  3. too gud you are nice writer

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