After many years, we are once again brother and sister: Chapter Three

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the next day:


gauri was serving breakfast along with anika though the entire family told gauri not to work, gauri is stubborn and decided to work.

ranveer: arre gauri Bhabhi, how did you know that I liked Channa dal paratha ?

gauri: bass aisi.

ranveer: om bro, your wife has some magic power.

om: yes she does. when we first met, she knew that I liked kheer and I haven’t even told her that.

gauri: because I saw you eating kheer at a stall once.

om: oh! now I know.

everyone laughs.

as ranveer took a bite of the paratha, his eyes teared up.

ranveer in mind: it tastes like didi’s food. strange! only didi can make my favourite food delicious. how did gauri Bhabhi even knew my favourite food and make it taste like didi’s paratha?

gauri: what happened gudd….ranveer?

ranveer: kuch nahi. just really nice.

gauri smiles.

prinku: and when I make him his favourtie food, he complains like ‘Priyanka! I don’t like this!’

all laugh. just then gauri dropped the plate clutching her stomach.

gauri: AAH!

ranveer: what happened didi?

all became more shocked listening to ranvver call gauri ‘didi’. gauri’s eyes teared up.

gauri: bass bacha kicked really hard.

shivay: probably trying to tell her that ‘mummy, no more work. rest now’

all laugh.

anika: relax gauri, me, prinku and somu will pick up this. you sit.

gauri nods and sits next to om.

om: by the way ranveer, why did you call gauri ‘didi’?

ranveer: to be honest I don’t know why. it’s just when I was little, whenever my older sister was in pain, I would be really worried and when gauri Bhabhi screamed, I got scared and called her didi.

gauri: you can call me ‘didi’. I remember my little brother would be the first one worried for me when I was in pain. you have all rights to call me didi.

ranveer smiles.

sweety (shivika’s daughter): anyway let’s leave all that. so me and binkle came up with an idea to go on a train ride.

binkle (rikara’s daughter): and celebrate Raksha bandan in Hyderabad.

sweety: and dad already paid for it. me and binkle did all the packing!

binkle: so we leave at 1!

dadi: wow bhoot accha idea.

aastha: yes it will be so much fun.

prinku: and celebrating Raksha bandan there is perfect.

ranveer and gauri were shocked hearing this.

one train.

two Hyderabad.

but why were they shocked??

later that day:

rikara’s room:

gauri: I am not going.

om: and why is that?

gauri: because it involves a train and I don’t want to go to Hyderabad.

om: that’s not a good explanation. stop behaving like a two year old.

gauri: but I don’t want to go. OUCH! (she clutched her stomach) see even this child agrees with me!

om: hahaha very funny. it is disagreeing with you hence it kicked you.

gauri: please don’t make me go.

om: then we won’t see race 3.

gauri: fine i’ll go.

om: good chiraya.

he pinches her nose and kisses her baby bump.




priveer’s room:

ranveer coughing: prinku, I can’t go on the trip (cough cough) I am having such a bad cold.

prinku: just a minute ago, you were fine.

ranveer: but still, temperate check karo.

prinku keeps her hand on his forehead and says: ranveer, go to acting school and they will teach you proper acting!

ranveer: but…

prinku: no buts or ifs. you are going on that trip.

ranveer: prinku, I don’t like trains and I know that gauri didi won’t be going. so someone has to stay here to help look after her and her baby.

prinku: mera om bhaiya knows how to handle tera gauri didi. mark my words she will be coming.

ranveer: accha fine na but I don’t want to.

prinku: then you can clean shubh’s diaper for the next year!

ranveer: fine. I’ll go. it’s always my pain, your gain!

prinku: and that’s the way it will be forever patiji.




train station:

as ranveer and gauri entered the train, they felt weird. just then they heard the scream once again….

precap: what happened 18 years ago

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