Ae Mere Dil SS – Don’t Repeat The Mistake Again Part 10 (LAST)

Kavya’s words ring in Abishek’s ears. His heart years to get back to her. But his pain stops him. He remembers what Tanu did to him. Thats when he realises that Kavya is not Tanu. Despite him being with her Tanu cheated on him on the other hand despite running away from her Kavya is adamant on Abhishek. As this truth is realised his eyes drip with tears. Those tears are washed by thr rain drops which flow past his cheeks. Abhishek runs to Kavya and holds her closer

Their eyes lock with each other. Eyes speak a thousand words as his grip on her tightens.

Abishek: Kavya…Im so sorry. When my previous love broke I was true in it but now knowing that we love each other I was faking my feelings and was running away from you, but you  came all the way from Mumbai for me. Whenever I close my eyes I always see you and my heart wanted to see you even after opening the eyes but the foolish me was never ready to come out of my heartbreak and accept the reality that I really really love you.
Kavya’s eyes get wet. She hugs him

Abishek: When I came to Mumbai from Delhi I was in the darkness of heartbreak. Thats when you entered like moon in a dark sky and lit up my life. My heart started to heal and it gradually fell for you. But I never accepted it. The fear of losing you and getting hurt again stopped me from stepping closer to you. Knowingly I was hurting you. Im really sorry and I LOVE YOU KAVYA

Kavya looks up at him. There is no other sound other than the sound made my thunder and rain. Abishek and Kavya forget the entire world. His eyes lock with hers. His look dives into the ocean of her eyes as if seeking permission. Their faces get closer. His lips are just a millimetre away from hers
. Their heartbeats race up . As Kavya leans in Abishek’s lips brush against hers. Its a tender gentle kiss. He feels that the softness of her lips are soothing the remaining wounds in his heart  . The kiss grows deeper and fiercer as if they had been desperate for this. His hands hold her waist tighter. Kavya feels like being alive just now. He has made her realise her living. The two souls which were longing for each other have atlast united and this unison is sealed with the kiss of love.

Two days Later

Kavya and Abishek welcome Aryan and Priyanka

Aryan hugs Kavya

Aryan: I knew that you will win your love soon. Im so happy

Abishek: Sorry Aryan for troubling everyone
Priyanka: What are we for then?

Abishek: You guys are the reason for us to be together now

Kavya: One more person is the reason too..Vivaan

Just then her phone rings and it is Vivaan. Kavya connects it on speaker

Kavya: Vivaan,.100 years..just now I told Abishek about you

Vivaan: Abishek?

Kavya: My love which you helped

Abishek: Thank you Vivaan

Vivaan: RJ awesome pair..Kavya I need your help

Kavya: Anything for you

Vivaan tells Saumya’s past and

Vivaan: Kavya I just now married Saumya but her relatives are still hunting for us

Kavya: What you married her? How?


The previous night Vivaan and Saumya are spotted together by the men of her gaurdian. At  Saumya’s hometown they take her mom with them and rush to Kolkata. Earlier this morning they kidnap Saumya as she is alone on her way to office. Vivaan gets to know this and searches for Saumya. He finally spots her being taken to a temple. The men along with Saumya’s maa are there at the temple. Vivaan some how manages to save Saumya but her mom is still under captive

Saumya: They will kill maa…I have to get back to maa and get her..but..I have to marry that guy

Vivaan: You will not have to Saumya

Saumya: How?

He suddenly picks up the sindoor and fills her maang. Saumya is shocked

Saumya: Vivaan?

Vivaan: Saumya now you are my wife. Now one will be able to question us being together now. Lets now approach the police


Kavya: What happened then?

Vivaan: They asked us to register our marriage and we did it. Still no hope in finding maa

Abishek: Vivaan My friends are in Kolkata Ill ask them to take it to higher officials

Vivaan: Thank you so much

Sometime passes. Kavya’s mobile rings again. Its Vivaan

Vivaan: Kavya everything is alright. Higher officials were really helpful. We rescued maa and both of us are shifting to Mumbai

Kavya: Even we are going back to Mumbai

She says she smiles at Abishek who nods in confirmation

Vivaan: We could not invite you for our wedding sorry. We will meet up soon

Abishek : Very soon

The call disconnects. Aryan hugs Priyanka while Kavya hugs Abishek
Credits show Kavya and Abishek enjoying with each other in the beaches of Mumbai as a happy couple



  1. Jasminerahul

    abhishek apologizing n confessing his love to kavya was romantic. kiss was romantic. aryanka n abhivya scene was vivaan married saumya was very emotional.glad that the mother is rescued. abhivya aryanka hug was romantic. loved abhivya beach scene also.thanks for this lovely story.hope you will give happy endings to other sad music videos also.perfect pics.but I think vivaan saumya pic could have been a little sad one in that scene.fav scene is the union of abhivya in the last part.i liked all the characters.but kavya’s character deserves special appreciation for making abhi believe in love again.

  2. Shesha485

    Lovely episode and the ending. It was nice to see, Abhishek confessing his love to Kavya. Abhishek helping Vivaan to rescue his mother was nice. Abhishek Kavya romance was nice. My favorite moments are Kavya and Abhishek moments in Radio Station and their advices to the depressed people. My favorite character is Kavya as she didn’t give up till the end to win Abhishek

  3. Charms22

    I love this story a lot🥰🔥

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