adhuri kahani hamari (TEI,KB,SR,APHG) Episode 9

Hi! Friends. how r all of u ?
Here its my ff 9th episode is gonna start before that. I wanna thank u all. I know last time I get less comment but its ok as I’m not so good writer as u all. I’m just learning from all of u by reading ur ff. But at some days, I sure that I grab ur more comments. Thank u for reading my ff. sorry for updating late. actually I was bussy with my classes & preparation for exams. hope u understand

Recap;- pragya get scared by watching three shadow coming towards her

I want to already cleat ur doughts
Ra- Raj
R- Ragini

★★★★★ 9th Episode. ★★★★★

Pragya is really scared she continuously shouting for help but suddenly light went on. She is shocked by seeing three known faces & get relief.

P- Swara…..,Ragini…… & R…Raj u.
( yes guys The three shadow was Swara who is standing on right side ,Ragini on left side & Raj is in middle.

The all three r badly laughing & hardly controlled it

P- thank god its u three. U know wat when i see ur shadow i really get scared as i think that this three shadow was of ghost. But i get relief that that’s u all ………..wait y u all three r laughing at me & y i feel that its all ur plan.

Raj & Swar want to controlled there laugh but this time they couldn’t control themselves & burst out laughing. Pragya hold Raj’s & swara’s ear.

Ra-di. Di pls leave it. Its hurting me

S- ya di its paining pls leave us na. But this is unfair di. U only hold my & Raj’s year. Y not of Ragini.

P- don’t teach me. I know u both convence hr to do that I know how naughty r u both. Common tell me d whole story from starting.

R- ok baba I’ll tell u but 1st leave us.

Flash back starts

Raj enter outside d main gate ( he is looking hot as he wearing red v shirt, black jeans & black bleasure. ) d gate door was open. So he about to shout d word ‘ di ‘ but he stoped noticing pragya watching horror film. So he planed to surprise her. But suddenly light went off.

Ra – oh God! Now what happen to this light. Now how can I surprise her. ….. wait, idea! What if I surprise her in new style by scaring her. Yes great idea!

He was about to enter when he notice someone opening d gate

Ra- Swara di…Ragini di. They here when they return from Australia. Oh great but I’ve to stop them to go inside. He run towards them

R- oh. Y here is so dark. I think light has gone.

S- common lets see

They was about to enter when someone pull them & keep hand on their mouth. So they couldn’t able to shout.

Ra – di pls
don’t shout. I’m Raj. Ur cosine.

He remove his hand.

S- Raj uuuuuuu ……. u here. Oh God what a pleasent surprise

R- but y u stop us. Here

Ra- actually di. I made some plan to surprise pragya di.

S- which plan?

Ra- di wo……wo

R- hmmmm

Ra – by scaring hr

S- good idea

R- no Swara its bad. U know na how much she scared from darkness. If anything happen to her.

S- oh Ragini. D drama is only for few minutes. Chill yaar

R- no

Ra- pls di.

R- ok.) Fb ends.

P- so this is ur plan. Wait I will teach u how to scared anyone.
they all three started to running & pragya run behind them.

They all share brother & sisters moment.

P- now enough of this mastii. U all go & change & come down for dinner

R- no di actually I’m alredy have it with my friend. We met in airport & he insist me. So

P- its ok. But ya pls sleep soon as u’ve to wake early

Ra- early? ?

P- actually abhi is coming for dinner tomorrow wit his family. So we’ve to do many preparation.

Ra- oh wow di! Jiju is coming that means twinkle is also

Pragya cut him off

P- no. Actually she still in USA. This is her last year na.

Ra- so sad.

P- ok now go

Twinkle open her cupboard door & get surprise to see Kunj there. Kunj is in uncounsious state. Kunj fall on Twinkle. Twinkle get unbalance & twinj fall on bed.

Kunj is on twinkle is still in uncounsious state. She push him so that they turn their side & any how she manage him to let him lay on bed
She spread water on Kunj face but he is still in uncounsious state. Now twinkle is more scared & tears rolled down from her eyes

T- Kunj…. Kunj pleas open ur eye. Pls open na. What happen to him may be its because he is unable to breathe. Oh babaji what can I do ( crying )

T- I’m so helpless as I even not able to call any docter else they caught us. What can I do babaji?

T- ya only one options is left. Sorry babaji, sorry bhai.

She bend down near his face & give him mouth to mouth breath. But Kunj kiss her. Twinkle break d kiss. Slap him.

T- how dare u to play with my emotions. U know how I’m scared by thinking to loose u & if u continue this prank for more min, then I really get heart attack. I really hate u.

K- sorry but don’t say this. I love u

T – sorry my foot.

she starts beating him from pillow. Kunj prevent himself.

T- I don’t want to talk with u. Now go. Get lost

K- just chill syappa queen. I’m going
( by going) by d way 1st kiss was awesome.

T- uuuuuuuu……

Twinkle run after him & Kunj jump on window

T- Kunj sambhal ke

K- ok. But be ready tomorrow early itself. Ill come to pick u & ya pls be ready before 10 min. As tomorrow I don’t want to late.

T- what u mean haa. Go to hell !!!!!
And ya 1 thing u remember about kiss but not about first slap.

In Mehra mention,

Sanlak enter their & notice abhi. Who is sitting on d sofa. Whose one leg is on table having bandage & his nose is of red colour.

Sanlak start laughing.

L- bhai. What this is. Now please can u remove ur bandage. As drama is over now. So pls remove it.

A- I…..

Abhi was about to day something but Sanskar cut him off

San – bhai what happen to your nose y is it rossy red

A- actually I…..
Now Laksh cut him off

L- any way leave it. Just say my plan work na.

A- wo……

Laksh again cut him off
L- I know bhai its work. But y r u not saying anything

A- just stop it guys. If u give me any chance then only I can speak na.

San & L – oops sorry.

A- ya. Laksh u r asking about ur plan. U know what ur plan is just like u. Its really work

L- thanks bhai I know

A- first listen my whole sentence & then react. What I says ya. Ur plan work but exactly opposite. What u said me that ur bhabhi not scold me & cares for me. U know what this my legs bandage is not any prank but real.
When she get know that its only prank but not real. She hit my legs hard with her leg having high heels & for forgive I do total 12 situps. Only because of u.

Sanskar started laughing

San- bhai. Haha I know his plan would not work properly. U’ve to use my plan

A- oh really. For ur kind information I tell u. U seen by nose… .wait wat u said ya rossy red. Its only becouse ur rose bouquet. She throw this on my nose.

he start throwing pillow on both of them. They run from there. Abhi run behind them.

They share funny moment which each other.

PRECAP ;- no precap guys
sorry as I need some more time to think what to do next

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