adhuri kahani hamari (TEI,KB,SR,APHG) Episode 7

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I’m back with my 7th episode Sorry for not posting so many days.
1st of all I want to thank them all who give me there precious comments.
thank u. Panchi, Sanam,Twinj fan(tamanna), Tina, arti, piya, amu, shriti(die- hard fan of abhigya), Karan & sana. Thank u all.

Recap:- • abhi pretend as met with accident but afterwards pragya get to know d truth.
• Swasan cute fight for just a chocolate pastries
• Kunj want to meet twinkle 7later he decided to rich at twinkle room by climbing d later. But suddenly d knock on door & screen frizzes.

★★★★ EPISODE :- VII (7th) ★★★★


Twinj is lying on bed on each other sharing a cute eye-lock. Suddenly a knock on door. Twinj get consious. Twinj immediately compose each other

T- oh no Kunj! I think someone is on d door. Now what can we do. If they get to know that I’m with u then they call bhai. This time I don’t want to loose d trust of bhai.

Kunj cut off in middle.

K- syappa queen calm down. U go & open d door. I’ll hide myself

T- but Kunj

K- u trust me write. Twinkle node

K- Then go.

Twinkle open d door.

There were one lady & three to four women guard r standing

L- y u took so much time to open d door.

T- wo ….ummmm

L- wo. …ummm what tell us

Twinkle look here & there & notice she twill in bathdress

T- wo actually miss. I’m in bathroom taking bath.

L- ok but we listen one boy screem from this room

twinkle remember when she bite Kunj hand & he screem

T- (think ) oh God what I had did. Now I get it y Kunj called me syappa queen

L- where were u lost. We asked u question.

T- yes. I mean no. There is no one miss I think u get misunderdstanding

L- But we have to check

T- No. I …..I mean how can u check I told u na there is no one in room without me & its my room. So how can u check others room.

L- don’t teach what must I do & what don’t. Guard (women) check d room

They start to check it. While checking

T- (think) oh babaji pls help me. If they caught Kunj then bhai will not gonna leave us.

Security- Miss, there is no one in d room

T- what? How ….. ( she realise what she just said ) I….i mean what they r saying is true but u couldn’t trust me before.

They all went outside. She immediately rush & closed d door.

T- ahhhh! Thank u babaji. U saved me today but where is Kunj. I think he must gone. Ok then I’ll change & sleep

She go near her cupboard & open it & get surprissed

The screen shift to abhigya
pragya is walking on road while abhi follow her & ask for forgiveness

A- pragya listen to me na pls give me one chance

P- u always say these & always broke my heart

A- ok tell me my mistakes. I’ll did it again

While saying pragya sing a song

She pull him towards her
Jab tum chaaho paas aate ho

She then push him
Jab tum chaaho door jaate ho

Jab tum chaaho paas aate ho
Jab tum chaaho door jaate ho
Chalti humesha marzi tumhari
Kehte ho phir bhi pyaar karte ho!

Abhi came near her & sing by holding his ears
Maana maine galtiyan ki
Thodi thodi saktiyan ki
Ishq mein thodi si mastiyan ki

Pragya again hold his collar
Jab tum chaaho shiqve gile ho
Jab tum chaaho dil ye mile ho
Chalti humesha marzi tumhari
Jaao bade aaye pyaar karte ho

She start walking on road & sing
Dil ki baatein bolte nahin
Raaz apne tum kholte nahin
Apne mann ki tum karte ho sadaa
Mera mann tum tatolte nahin

He bends down open his arm
Sach hain teri ye sab shiqayatein
Tod dunga ye rivayatein
Bhool meri bhool jaana
Mujho aaya na rijhana
Magar chahta hoon ab manaana

Pragya turn
Jab tum chaaho hans ke bulaao
Jab tum chaaho ladte hi jaao
Chalti humesha marzi tumhari
Badi badi baatein, pyaar karte

Jab tum chaaho shaam saji ho
Jab tum chaaho raat dhali ho

Now abhi start situps
Ab tum chaaho jo bhi sazaa do.
Bas thoda sa hans ke dikha do

Pragya come to him
P- ok I forgive u but last time. Now stand up
Abhi hug her & say
A- ill never do this again
P- ok now I’ve to go. Raj will come to home at any time.
A- OK come. Ill drop u

Screen frizzes

• Swasan friendship
• pragya scared
• Raj entry

Hope u enjoy it. Pls guys comments me as it inspire me to write more & daily. I know I’m not good writer but I’ll try to learn from u by reading ur ffs.

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