Addicted to love (Part:27)

Hey frds iam back with another part sooo enjoy


After a two weeks everything was becoming fine slowly nikhil had went back to Kolkata as he had a work along with avni and aakash arjun was again back swara was trying to get back again and sanky and viren were trying their best to find wts all happening

It’s time to leave back to Kolkata but now problem arrises sanskar doesn’t want to leave swara in GM he doesn’t want to take risk so thought to talk with everyone


Swara Room:

Swara was sleeping peacefully on bed with a smile on her face she shifts to other side in sleep when her sleep gets disturb by sunrays she moves her hands to find something or someone but doesn’t find she opens her eyes irritatingly and pouts

Swara: Where is this sanku huh he always leaves me alone

She starts cursing him under breath while she feels someone hands on her waist

Cursing mee is bad manners wifey

Swara: Huh leaving me alone is also bad manners Mr.SM

Sanskar: Sooo I’ll will please my wifey in my own way

Swara looks at him raising her eyebrows

Suddenly sanskar pins swara to bed howering above her he leans on her face leaving his hot breath on her lips making her goo senseless

Sanskar rubs his legs with her while planting kisses on her mid throat to her visible cleavages his eyes are burning with desire

Swara was clutching sanskar t shirt and moaning his name making him goo wild sanskar hands get inside her top to her waist drawing patterns there swara breath hitches when his hand reach her assets she shouts in extreme pleasure as he was kissing her on her top making it goo all wet and transparent

Swara: Sanku….. Hmmm

Swara whispers when sanskar removes her top now she was in her short and inners

Sanskar goes mad listening her husky whispers he sucks all over her face and reach her lips she parts her lips for him sanskar kisses her swara responds with equal passion there tongues play with each other’s while his hands creases her thies making her mourn in his mouth

They breaks the kiss and breath heavily sanskar hands reach on her back making patterns there but suddenly they hears door knock sanskar shouts irritatedly

Sanskar… Comes swathi voice

Swara giggles seeing sanskar irritated while he smirks her and digs his face in her neck while his hands unclasps swara b** swara panics she tries to push him but he was fast to grab her hands and pin it

Swara: Sanku please leave naa

Sanskar: Hmmm noo babe ur soo yummy I wanna eat u

She turns red but controlling her blush swara says

Swara: Please sankuuu not now please

Sanskar: Fine

Says getting up from her swara wear her dress and sets it while sanskar sits on bed angrily or u can say fake anger making swara pout

Swara opens the door and looks at swathi

Swathi: Swara dadi is calling u and sanskar is he in

Swathi tries to peak inside while swara holds her hand and jerks it back

Swara: Don’t u keep ur bad sight on him di

Swathi was giving her a look when she remembers swara slapping and keeps her hand on her cheek

Swathi goes from there while sanskar was shocked seeing this side of his honey

Sanskar leaves the room pretending to be angry while swara pouts

After 30min

All were in hall swara was sitting with anjali and veerika sujatha swathi was sitting with shomi and arjun  ram aare sitting beside each other dadi was sitting alone sanskar comes down attending call shouting on someone

He glances at all and finished his talk he sits beside dadi

Dadi: Sanskar beta so when are we leaving

Sanskar: Dadi I booked for night tickets

Dadi: Ok so everyone get ready

Sanskar: And I wanna say something

Dadi: Ha beta

Sanskar: Swara will live with me in MM and we will marry after her studies

Dadi: Sanskar beta it’s not possible before marriage

Sanskar: Iam not asking permission dadi iam informing u

Dadi: Sanskar….

Sanskar: Dadi if u have any problem and then u can get back to London I don’t have issues

Dadi stays quite anjali tries to speak something but sanskar sighs noo

Shomi: Sanskar beta before marriage we can’t allow that our family prestige

Sanskar: I don’t care she is my fiance

Ram: Sanskar beta we all want swara happiness soo let’s ask her it self shona bol beta

Swara remembers something


After a week of shekhar death swara was roaming in terrace she was blank she tried every possible way to forget but that thoughts aren’t leaving her mind suddenly she feels hand on her shoulder she turns only to find shomi

Shomi hugs swara and speaks

Shomi: Shona beta iam sorry I know I hurted u many times but that was because of ur father

Swara: Maa wat r u saying

Shomi: Haa shona he loves ur maa soo much and also ur dadi and dada but they died accidentally when they r with u by that ur papa thought u r a curse and started hating u after our marriage ur papa always warned me to be strict with u and I love ur papa soo I did as he said and showed u I hate u

Swara: (tears roll in her eyes) Maa wt r u saying

Shomi: Haa baby I love you will u forgive ur maa

Swara hugs shomi tight while shomi creases swara hair

From then swara starred forgetting everything and enjoying mother love and pampering of her

Fb ends

Swara looks at shomi who is having tears

Swara: I’ll come to my own house with my maa bhai bua fufa and swathi di

Sanskar turns his head towards swara and looks at shomi smiling at her he punches the table before him making all scared and goes from there

Swara: Sanskar….

Anjali: Sanskar wt the hell

He turns back and gives her a look and says dangerously

Sanskar: No one should come back of me and viren u and jeevika are coming with us and yes all reach airport on time I’ll meet u there

Saying this he leaves from there leaving swara and anjali in tears swara hugs anjali and cries

Swara: Mom see na he is angry I wanted to stay with my maa so I said I’ll stay in GM but he became angry

Shomi goes near swara and creases her hair swara hugs her by waist and cries

Precap: I didn’t think

Sooo tada iam ending here only do comment and vote bye all

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  1. Don’t separate them expose shomi

  2. Hinata

    So many twists……I’m really thrilled…. Amazing chappy….eagerly waiting for the Nxt part…..if possible plz upload soon….

  3. Hinata

    N yes…..I had a doubt on Shomi….but nvr thought that she’ll stoop so low….N Swati uff …..always back of Sanskar…..n really Swara did a nyc work by scolding her….

  4. shomi killed shekar?
    nice update next part soon

  5. Hero must not give up

  6. Harshita

    Shomi……i wanna punch her face…..poor swasan……plz don’t separate them.

    One request from my side…..when you will expose shomi….swara should slap and beat her showing her anger and mine too…huh………

    Update next asap ?

  7. Gayathri.visu

    Areee yaar don’t separate Swasan! Shomi…..disgusting lady! So many suspenses… Waiting for next part dear.

  8. Independent

    poor swasan expose shomi soon so that our swasan can be together

  9. Vyshu10

    shomi is playing dirty games…break her legs

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