Actor Ravi Chhabra replaces Rohit Lamba in Choti Sarrdaarni; says, I was destined to play the role

The popular TV show Choti Sarrdaarni recently went in for a generation leap of 20 years. Actor Rohit Lamba who was roped in to essay the role of grown-up Yuvraj Dhillon (Yuvi) on the show is now replaced by Ravi Chhabra.

In an interview with BT, Ravi talks about finally bagging the role that he auditioned for and shares, “I had auditioned for the part almost a month ago and was confident about bagging the character. Yuvi is quite similar to me. I am also from Punjab. I was a tad disappointed when I got to know that another actor was finalized to play Yuvi. However, around the same time, I bagged a cameo in Bhagyalakshmi. Seven days ago, I received a call from the team of Choti Sarrdaarni for the very role and I am glad that I am finally playing Yuvi. I started shooting with them on July 28. I feel that I was destined to play Yuvi.”

Rohit Lamba, in an interview with BT revealed that he got to know about his replacement from a viewer and not from the production house. He said, “I wasn’t aware that I had been replaced and it came as a shock to me. I reported on the set on July 26 and shot with the team for just 30 minutes. On the following day, I got to know from a viewer of the show that I was replaced. I also learned that they had already started shooting with the new guy without even informing me about the replacement. They could have handled it professionally by informing me. The character was introduced briefly on the show on Friday and they have used the shots of my hand and back in the episode. They made me wait for two-and-a-half months and since they had finalized me, I couldn’t take up another show that was offered to me. I am looking for good offers now.”

  1. Radhika Purohit

    What a crappy unprofessional Production house!!!

    1. Cockcrow and Shaika.. Remember the name!!😂😂 Disgrace to the world of indian television..Its so shameful that an actor got to know about his replacement from a viewer!! How cheap!! Thank God Avi unfollowed this entire crap on his social media!!

    2. What did Avi say? Could you please tell? I don’t know.

    3. @CS he saud nothing dear..he just unfollowed the production house on his social media

  2. Very pathetic. They are playing with actors. It means they planned leap brfore two and half months ago. It i s very clear now. It means after Nimrith’s arrival they started to find new actors.

    1. Yeah @qer.. that’s why rumours came just after nimrit’s april end but some directors kept lying to fans saying that there is no such talk going on right now!!

  3. @Radhika Purohit @Pixelss should we use this space for all our discussions for now? Because comments have been closed on Dropofthought’s fan fiction. We could use this space until we get a new update from Dropofthought.

    What do you all say? @MD @Ayni

    1. Good idea @Bacii done!!👍

    2. Radhika Purohit

      Okay @Bacii done

    3. All right @Bacii done.

    4. Why does Idiot Yuvi has to be in their lives n continued what Kulwant Kaur has started – divide the brothers n rule their movements???
      N the new actor is so ugly looking too.

      Can they not find another villain?
      Does it have to be from that blo*dy KK family- again ????? :-(((

    5. Thats true.. I think Inko Pankaj motla Ko lena chahiye Iss show Mein. He is superb in acting and Looking so Handsome.. Like Sarabjeet Singh Gill.

    6. I think Iss Show Mein yuvi ke liye Pankaj Motla ko lena chahiye .he is superb in acting and looking so Handsome like Sarabjeet Singh Gill. Maine unka audition dekha hai YouTube pr Yuvi ke liye.. You think should about him.

  4. Btw there was nothing much to discuss in the last 2 days..People sharing post comparing sarab to new param and rajveer and when u just slip into that comments section..OMR!!filled with only one thing..”the show is boring now..get him(sarab) back” or “Sarab always♥️” nothing fans still have a belief that AV would make a comeback in CS but i doubt!!He has completely changed his look as for now.. Sometimes i wonder that the name Sarabjeet Singh Gill itself has so much of power!😮

  5. Hey guys i have question!! Have you seen the latest 2 posts of nimrit in which mahir’s posts are linked to nimrit..I think that feature of Instagram is for post paid promotion!! So when did CS or rather mahir nimrit became a partner in post paid promotion!!I am not getting that??🤔🤔

  6. Hey @Radhika @Bacii do u remember that in the interview of nimrit post leap she somewhere mentioned that earlier she was working with old actors and now would work with actors of her age so that is her biggest relief as she always had issues related to age diff!! Yeah now i can clearly understand what she meant to say..i always thought that after hitesh abhie and abhianshu were near nimrit’s age but no..she never did so fun with them what she is doing with the cast now..all young and just nimrit the senior.. a newbie left alone in a show without an experienced one around her..Tough!!both at present and in coming future!!like if a ph wants to rope in nimrit they must assure that the other cast must be around her age only!!🤔

  7. Hello friends. There is always a forum somewhere for mature discussions!
    Regarding this particular ‘news’, whilst it is unprofessional of the makers to change people without proper formalities, it makes no difference if any of the male actors are changed – nobody knows them yet well enough and they have yet to establish themselves in CS.
    The makers need to summon enough courage to see if the actress playing Seher (Nimrit) needs to be changed as well. NImrit, by some accounts, lacks credibility in playing Seher – she is too much associated as Meher, and more to the point as pointed out in many forums, as compared to the male actors currently with her, she look’s far too mature, more like 30 odd compared to the early 20’s of the young men. A young punjabi (needed because of the title) actress aged 21/22 should not be in short supply in India, surely. Nimrit is spending time on her Insta ‘showing her tongue’ – childish for such a mature woman like her. OK for a teenager though. Shows Nimrit is trying too hard to look and act at least 5 years younger.

  8. Last day i heard on twitter from someone saying that CS has become a joke..but i think that’s wrong coz i think CS isnt a joke but the actors acting in it as well as the lead actresses comment section is the biggest joke of the year!! OMG..i just cannot control my laughter.. nimrit’s latest post with her co stars and the comment section is filled with praises for them as siblings 😂😂😂..just go through everyone..its hilarious and a great stress buster for the day…
    In the section also check out the long comment by adoring_my_favs who supported nimrit,praised manav and rajveer and talked controversially about avi and even anita mam and that comment received nimrit’s like😲😲..I couldn’t believe that she had so much hate even for anita mam!!😓.Chameleon doesn’t changes colour so fast as nim does..But a wait a min..did someone just recently quoted that”social media pe log kya bolte hain usse ghanta fadak nhi padta” 🤔 @Radhika @MD do check out

    1. Radhika Purohit

      @pixelss.. this nimrit is one big headache for all of us!! Instagram should block her account!!!

    2. What more to say @Radhika..i think she signed this show for auditioning bfs for her that’s why so many male actors are working with her.. Sad part is that none satisfy her😂😂…like really no.of actress cs now has is “Nimrit” . End of list!!

    3. Like i understand that she doesn’t like avi and she doesn’t go along well with him but atleast spare anita mam..she is 1000 times much better human being than nimrit and in a professional field some shouldn’t have reacted to such comments in which the og leads are mentioned!!

    4. Radhika Purohit

      @pixelss.. expecting that this woman knows some manners decency and professional behavior is in itself a big mistake.. let her do what she wants..Time will definitely give her a befitting reply.. All this anger from fans wont leave her soon

    5. My goodness the unprofessionalism of this PH has no limit to how low they can stoop! So glad that this article came out to highlight just how awful they are and further proof of all of their dirty politics! It’s clear to me that Nimrith was thretened by her senior co-stars. I think she knew deep down that their acting is at a much higher calibre, which is so apparent! And why wouldn’t it be? They have been in this profession for much longer and bring in so much experience and variety. I think she wanted to be praised on her own and not be associated or compared to her fellow actors, hence this leap. But what I’m sure she didn’t expect was that her lack of experience is so much more apparent now with this new avatar, the lack of depth in storyline and writing and her current co-actors, who seem to have even less experience than her. You would think that would make her look even better, but it doesn’t. And I have to agree with many others on this forum that she looks so much older that her new avatar does not appear convincing. I haven’t seen the new leap and I am judging based on the promos alone and the recent review of the new episodes from @german_chotisardarni_fans. Also, in terms of hair, makeup, wardrobe, etc., I feel that too has gone downhill. The CS we adore with the original cast has so much more class in terms of writing, acting, everyone’s individual style, etc. If the makers wanted to give this show a fresh start and give the new cast a chance, it should have not been associated with CS at all. Such terrible and wreckless decision making!!

    6. Surprisingly @MD i have heard that Avi is about to surprise fans with his newest project super soon like within this month!! And on the other hand this poor little girl..Being in the comfort to act with actors of her own age..her weak points are surfacing..seems like she was always shadowed by powerful performance of avi,anita mam and kevi..She seems just an irritating girl and nothing more to me..What is was and what it is now is just as horrible as covid!!

    7. Radhika Purohit

      Well said @MD… This crappy PH their actress and everything currently associated with CS annoys me and gives me headache and anger outbursts.. I dont know what she wants to prove but she is really telling all of us why we didnt see her making reels with avinesh sir or anita maam or even the little munchkins of CS !!! BECAUSE she didn’t like any of them 😡😡 And I am really mad at this woman who cannot seem to get along even with 5 year olds!!!
      Yes @MD Even I read the review by @german_chotisarrdaarni_fans and I must say the review is so well written and the pictures proove what is written in the post.. Everyone on this forum who arent watching CS can read that review.. we will realize that we arent missing anything and infact watching the current episodes of CS was a torture according to the comment section on the post.. I actually feel guilty that when this page first started mentioning about glorification of nimrit and the possible generation leap I didnt believe it for a second.. because I thought why would any maker destroy a good show like that..And how wrong was I.. Had I believed the post by this page then, I wouldn’t have wasted my emotions on this show during the illogical tracks post nimrits return!!! But the makers really backstabbed all of us with their reckless biased decision 😭😭😭

    8. @Pixelss how do you know Avi is about to announce his latest project?? Did you read it somewhere and can you share the link?? I am so excited and happy that he landed something so quickly!!! I would support whatever project he embarks upon next!

    9. Radhika Purohit

      Yes @MD.. some news going on about him surprising fans.. I dont know how far its true.. One of my friends told me she saw it somewhere.. not sure.. But Avinesh sir did reshare a story today by someone associated with casting which had him driving his car and surprise written on it.. So lets hope for the best soon🥰🥰🥰 I so wish that Avinesh sir gets a project soon and by the time his show tops the trp charts the current CS goes offair due to low TRP and then I would comment on Nimrits post..KARMA!!!

    10. Yaa @Radhika..i also had the same ans for would be very exciting to see Avi’s new proj and his new avatar(hope ge again gets the avatar of a sardar as he looks the best in it) and outclasses CS..what a trp fight it would be..Nim and Avi at loggerheads..Just wish Avi’s new show also gets a time slot if 7:30 and then u go Bang⚡

    11. 😂🤣🙌👏 Yes @Radhika. The waiting period is the hardest, but soon we will be able to celebrate and welcome our dearest Avinesh with his project and say goodbye to whatever this show with Nimrith is. It doesn’t deserve the title of CS.

    12. Radhika Purohit

      Yes @MD… definitely the show doesnt deserve the title as CS..

  9. What have they done to our amazing serial! Its actually a joke!

    It looks fake and over the top.

    Counting down to Avineshs new serial and the closure of cs. Still heart breaking as the original was amazing and each member of the team
    Was too

    Here it’s over acting or no acting!

  10. Radhika Purohit

    Oh God!!! By mistake I opened the written update page while opening this one and was shocked to see snowflake and some other people asking people to give chance to sehraj too.. DISGUSTING

    1. Radhika Purohit

      And OMR!!I made such a big blunder while commenting there🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ now that snowflake will make a big fuss out of it even though I posted correction..!!!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    2. Just a go and checkout Snowflakes comment there..and a reply by pinaccle

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Saw now dear 🤣🤣

      Good one @pinnacle

    4. Oh no!! That’s okay…it happens!
      As for this Sehraj…I don’t know why the makers are trying to recreate Meher and Sarab in this leap. They will never be able to recreate that relationship or bond. It was sacred. It’s pathetic to even attempt that. I don’t know how much time others need to accept this show, but it sounds like a train wreck and there doesn’t seem to be any improvement over time. There is no originality or creativity. I honestly feel bad for the new actors that must have been so excited for this opportunity, and the writers and ph are unable to provide a good story. And unlike Avinesh, these new actor’s skills are not strong enough to carry a weak story forward.

    5. Radhika Purohit

      True @MD..The current cast will not be able to carry the show ahead without a strong story.. and sehraj can never even match even with the nails of mehrab.. And this is why I once said earlier too that even directors and producers dont try to remake classic movies of Indian television and even if any are remade into other languages they have never matched the original 🤷‍♀️
      But seems like the PH has very little understanding infact even less than us about the field that they are working in 🤦‍♀️

  11. @Radhika: Saw your (by mistake) comments in the daily written update. Nothing to worry about. Don’t worry, Snowflake never comments on such things. Her’s are usually a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ type comments.
    Avinesh: I was and remain of the view that playing SSG in CS was such a perfect and ‘made to measure’ role for him that, although he has a long and hopefully successful career ahead of him, I will be surprised if he again scales the same height’s. It is one of those things in life – after his legendary songs in ‘Bobby’, did Shailendra Singh ever even reach the same heights again? I don’t think so. Still, I look forward to Avinesh’s next project and will certain watch it.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      @AJ.. thank you

      I agree that the role of SSG was definitely a perfect one for Avinesh sir and that will always remain as one of the best by him… But I think he will reach greater heights.. Nimrit bagged the role in CS because of her luck whereas avinesh was chosen because of his hardwork and CS has only added more petals to his hardwork and reputation.. and we all feel that SSG was made for role for Avinesh sir because he really convinced us that he is SSG!!!… from what I read as a review about all his characters he was convincing as every character..From what I read about his previous project where he was the male lead ,it actually started as a afternoon show om starplus but owing to the popularity and good ratings it got evening time slot… So..I am sure his next project will be a success too.. But not all successful shows are remembered too..they can be forgotten.. BUT Sarabjeet Singh Gill will never be forgotten mainly because Avinesh sir portrayed it to perfection and the character in itself was a perfect one.. where would we find a man like SSG in real life would be every womans question and search 😊😊

    2. I think rather avinesh searching for projects.Production houses would be after him to get him a lead role in one of their upcoming shows as he has become that famous after CS..I am also excited for Kevina and Anita mam new projects. Sad thing is that Aekam(our param) just got a part in ghkkpm.. Just change is channel but same production.. He should have rejected seeing the unprofessionalism of the ph.

    3. Radhika Purohit

      @pixelss.. who knows maybe the role is given to him as a compensation for wasting his 6 months in the show.. aekam has played roles in movies too .. so this could be possible…

    4. Ya @Radhika. You may be correct ☺️

  12. @MD: The newbi actors in CS will always, unfortunately for them, be compared to the one’s before them, and will fall short by a distance. That is their fate.

  13. @Radhika do u remember the nimrit posted pictures yesterday on her IG and there i told u about a particular comment.Today when i scrolled down for some entertainment i found a comment by the person who is playing the grown up which Nim replied with the line “Oh just ShutUp Karan.” Don’t u see that its so cringe that once whom she a played a mother too is telling that same character this thing 😂😂 by becoming his sister 😂😂

  14. @pixelss: precisely. Nimrit is unable to get away from her longtime role as Meher. As for the ‘older brothers’, she sees them as nothing more than playthings. Same for the new lovers assigned to act with her.

    1. Yaa feels so boring to see all of them just in picture god knows how viewers get along with them on screen..Tough job even for the audience who decided to go with the leap..That playthings one which u mentioned is hilarious..Now she is the senior so she somewhat will try to bully them later on..who knows..and about the new lovers plz don’t talk..i mistakenly saw a glimpse of rajveer acting in todays episode and he has to show himself as Heartbroken and the expression he gave is😂😂 so i believe who gave him the idea to get into acting.. he’s really very bad at it..too bad!! cheaper than the newbies 😂

  15. In case any of you have been watching Udaariyaan, that actress playing the main protagonist Jasmin, I think would have been superb playing Seher. She is talented, young, pretty, lively – so much like the child Kevina Tak was. Nimrit is very unconvincing as Seher. As for the actors, well, poor, to be generous. Still, it is fun seeing Nimrit and the youngsters making fool’s of themselves on Insta. And everywhere else too.

    1. 😂😂@AJ isha malviya playing Seher not a bad idea but wait I don’t want Seher!! I just need mehrab and og cast in CS.. nothing more!!

    2. Even Tunisha Sharma

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Who is this ??? Name please

    4. Leave @Radhika.. Whosoever plays seher who cares..seher is not a choti sardarni for us.. BTW Can someone stop Miss Ahluwali from reposting stories… It’s enough now!! Everything has a limit to it.. How low will she go!! Cheap online promotions!! Why can’t she understands one thing that is it had to be successful it would happen without even promoting it(as in case of mehrab) and if it had to fail no promotions can prevent it!! It’s crystal clear that she still(even after a week)feels the insecurity of her own show.. The channel gave her the role, the duty… Justify it by acting not by playing with emotions of fans..!! Enough is enough..

    5. Radhika Purohit

      @pixelss.. let Nimrit kaur ahluwalia do whatever she wants.. mute her stories so that less headache for us… I would say let her do more than what she is doing now.. because as a result of whatever she is doing now even her fans are posting comments and posts against her!!! So the more she does the more she reveals who she is and the more no of people realize it.. So its a win for us

  16. Yaa @Radhika..muting her stories is a good option!!

  17. Radhika Purohit

    Now this disgusting PH uses the kids from old cast for promotion again🤢🤢

    1. Yaa @Radhika such a stupidity!! 3 small and cute kids are used for their shit promotion..such a disgrace and nimrit now needs a vacay😂😂 i don’t know what was she doing in those 1.5 months wasn’t that enough for her as a break..NO!! She tho wanted responsibility of whole CS,sge is being the centre now both in the faces of the channel and the show!!The show would die na if nimrit is not there!!Just making a fool of herself only!😂😂

    2. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!! I’m so irritated 😡 so the kids are back for the purpose of flashbacks? Is this going to be a reoccurring thing to boost their trp?! How dare they use the kids in this manner!! Just when the bar couldn’t get any lower, the ph and nimrith find a way to lower it even further 🤢🤮 I’ve never been this disgusted and repulsed before. Shame on all of them. I hope this cheap trick backfires and this show buns down to the ground!

    3. Radhika Purohit

      @MD.. its already burning.. the makers and nimrit calling the children are in itself a big proof that the show isn’t doing well.. and even if they show a million falshbacks it wont help.. because a falshback is a flashback.. no one will sit and watch an entire episode for flashbacks.. that too newly shot flashbacks which are not related to the past.. Even I want to see what the scene is.. not not on TV and not on vootselect its really not gonna help them long term. They threw all the TRP pullers out and now they are using the kids… just when we think that this disgusting PH cannot stoop any lower they fall down another level.. If only somehow someone could ban that woman from posting stuff on social media!!!!

  18. Yes no words to say. Kids are better than Rajveer.

  19. And u know what @Radhika.. bringing the kids to shoot a flash back even without Sarab and Meher wasn’t enough that Ninrit had to do a live with them!!🤦🤦

    1. Radhika Purohit

      OMR!!! Someone save the world from Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia… please.. what a shameless pathetic woman

    2. And when did kids became her fav!!Since last week??🤔

  20. Not only have the 3 kids been shown with Nimrit herself, they have also now been shown with the 3 grown up actors playing them. This must be the first hint of desperation from the CS makers. And for good reason too – the kid’s were way better actors than the grown up’s playing them. And far better loved by audiences too. As hint’s go, this might be just the first one.

    1. Yaa @AJ..they might be now invited several times for flashback..but one thing I noticed today that kevina was with nimrit today but she was missing Avi that’s why she uploaded such a cute pic of them together on her feed and not of nimrit!! That’s called love and affection and yes avinesh loved the kids the most along with anita mam than anyone else!!and for attention seeking nimrit comes live with them for which no one asked and said that they are her fav and she missed them a lot since last week.. Really??Are u kidding me??What a Fake Person she is!!

  21. @Pixelss: Yes, the longer it goes on, the more the post leap Nimrit lack’s credibility. In fact, the title ‘Choti Sardarni’ is now so inappropriate as apart from Nimrit, not a single other current actor is Punjabi/ Sikh – previously most of them were. No credibility.

    1. @AJ Nimrit never had that was just a matter of time where her weaknesses are visible enough! ya apart from few actors no one is punjabi and i heard that punjabi is also not being spoken that much in the episodes!!The actors are just so bad and more than them are the writers and makers. in an igtv vid by the channel,in between seher and kunal they bring in mehrab and she says that their love story was the greatest!!if it had been so why they were killed..A couple surviving bomb blast,various attacks,health problems and what not is killed by a small accident!! what a rubbish joke..The title itself is getting unjustified by each passing epi..and its like who cares now..Fights between fandoms frequently occurs and their friendships are completely broken just coz of a leap..Good the actors who left are in a healthy environment rather than being in a toxic and a spoiled one in which the present “bunch of kids” along with nimrit stay!!

  22. What about trp in these days ?

    1. post leap trp would come today

    2. Radhika Purohit

      @pixelss.. the real TRP will come after 2 or 3 weeks.. because there will be some amount of new audience in the initial weeks. Those who had left when show got boring may comeback hearing new beginning. The fans of the current actors etc. And most importantly for CS trp to fall and come to the correct value the trp of udaariyan should fall. I read comments saying they deliberately run udaariyan upto 7:40 so that that trp get added for CS as TRP Calculation starts exactly at 7:30
      Anyway all this never matters.. MEHRAB has given a TRP of 3.0+ and CS was the top show on ITV for weeks consecutively.. It was always the slot king since 2019 till april 2021.. It will never receive all these success again..

    3. True received a trp of 1.7 ..a increase after 5 months..The hefty promotion did the work..but i think it would happen atleast for a month but after that it would suffer just like the 1st leap then it would gradually go down and one day will surely vanish from the channel ASAP!!

    4. Radhika Purohit

      @pixelss.. and see the dirty trick working.. udaariyan and CS has same TRP.. udaariyan has definitely added to the trp of CS!!!

  23. Noticed that many shows had a rise this time from every channel..Now this nim will even start posting the trp in her stories!!

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Yes @pixelss.. its as though more people in India decided to watch television.. Anupama got a TRP of 4.0!!I think its the highest so far for the show.. Almost all shows has a increase in TRP and even the viewership rate of all channels has increased..

    2. Yaa @Radhika.. Every destruction will have a slow beginning.. The diet storyline would start affecting and then we all know all shows trp went down during ipl 2021 and as much as i know the second phase would start in September so that would also definitely affect.. And slowly it would go very low coz people will start understanding the diet tricks of channel..but seeing this trp i did feel a little bad..kind of an insult to the OG cast!!

    3. Radhika Purohit

      No @pixelss.. its not.. the oroginal cast had gained much better trp even when the show started.. here its a gain of only 0.2 not a big deal.. BB took a leap.. the first week trp increased by 0.2 or .3 and its constant ever since. As I said earlier the heights what the original CS reached will never ever be seen by this show again!! Infact if we check during the Kashmir track and untill nimrit took break the trp was 1.9 or 1.8 and the channel was saying its low trp.. so 🤷‍♀️ 1.7 is not really great inspite of all the hype
      Also The trp of pandya stores reached 2.1 from 1.8 at the same slot.. thats definitely a good sign of shift of audience!!!

  24. It is not the old cast who cause to bad trp of the cs . There are multiple reasons.
    Bad story
    No promos
    Only glorifying female lead
    Even female lead never tries to promote her own show.
    These are the clear reasons to low trp of cs before leap.
    But now actors very bad in their acting . But chanel and female lead do their best to promote the show.
    They plan to get this trp before the leap. They deliberately destroy their male lead and write very boring story line.Their main aim was just glorifies Sehar before leap.But now they try their best to attract the audience by their promotions not by showing true talents.Otherthing is fans blindly watch this show because of Nimrith. Present male lead’s acting is very weak. But it is ok to the makers and audience. Makers know that fans watch this show because of Nimrith.
    If Nimrith tries to promote cs before the leap and writers give a good story , then cs will reach its highest success with Avinish.
    But unfortunately they ended everything and killed such a lovely couple for their ratings.
    So I think audience should think these incidents wisely not blindly.

    (I am not Indian but I used to watch this show because of its uniqueness )

    1. Beautifully penned @Wial.. can’t agree more!!

  25. @Radhika remember i told u about that toxic fanpage of nimritians which nimrit followed..Now what happened that she unfollowed that fanpage after everyone was saying that she has followed the most toxic avinesh blocked that page for heavily promoting post leap content and spreading toxicity!!😂

  26. Why Avinesh sir is silent? I think he should talk to his fans. True fans are shocked due to Nimrith’s behaviour and producers. But he is silent.
    What may be the reason for his silence .??

    1. Professionalism. Class. Taking the high road and maintains his integrity and dignity. Avinesh does not need to comment. He is better thank that. Instead, he will continue to quietly move on and focus on where he can take his career next and likely enjoy the break after such a long time. Unlike his immature ex co-star, he does not need to make noise or draw attention to himself. The drop in ratings and fans will do all the talking and when the show goes off air, that will speak volumes. Choosing to be silent is a powerful move and wise one at that!

    2. Radhika Purohit

      Well said @MD.. every word 💯

    3. Perfect @MD👌👌.Avinesh doesn’t require toxicity.. He’s happy in making reels with kv and his daughter for laughter and a happy mood😉

  27. Yes you are correct. He is very smart human being. Silence is great solution. Day by day female lead shows her unprofessionalism.

  28. Radhika Purohit

    This is what we would call as talent wins over backstab!!!

    Avinesh sirs next project coming up soon 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 A casting agent has posted this 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    1. Hoping for an action movie😎

    2. It is music video or new show .

    3. Radhika Purohit

      That I am not sure @Cs.. The person who posted this is a casting agent and he has posted pictures of actors of shows as well as music video.. since what is coming up is not mentioned.. we wait for what it is..

    4. Yaa @Radhika..some said it would be a comeback in cs and some say it is a music vid with nimrit..??🙄

    5. OMR 😍😍🥳 thank you so much @Radhika for sharing the great news!! So truly happy for him!!

    6. Radhika Purohit

      @MD.. really this is the best today!!

    7. But @Radhika hope that if its a music vid it must not be with Nim

  29. Hey everyone i got to know that this trp included the epi which was aired on 24th and 26th july to 30th july!!So that means Mehrab was still there!!

    1. Radhika Purohit

      This is again one of their dirty tricks.. lets see how long it will last..

    2. I can smell their desperation all the way from Canada 🤣😂
      Perhaps they should spend more time on quality writing of their stories as opposed to these dirty cheap tricks 🤷‍♀️

    3. Absolutely true @MD, I am stunned the amount of time they’re spending for attention, why they don’t use it for better quality of stories.

    4. Not only on [email protected] but also casting and storywriting✌️

  30. Other ex CS star’s get on very well even now – I follow Dristi Garewal’s blogs for example. Dristi, Yuvleen, Simran and even Robby all meet up. They are great friends. I have this feeling that poor Nimrit may not have any friends from CS, either now, or in the future. She may well have been isolated.

    1. Wrong @AJ..she has her bestest friend from CS..Hitesh Bharadwaj!!Who can forget that guy🙄..No idea will the new cast be friends afterwards with nimrit when show ends but her only one would remain hitesh!!

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