Actor Hitesh Bharadwaj to QUIT Choti Sardarni??

Actor Hitesh Bharadwaj, who is currently seen playing Vikram Diwan in Choti Sardarni, is quitting the show. He has confirmed the news to TOI and said,“Unfortunately, it is true that my track in the show is going to end soon.” In the last couple of months, we have seen several shows ending abruptly and actors exiting shows suddenly. Asked about the reason behind his sudden exit from the hit show, he clarifies, “It’s not a sudden or abrupt ending of the character. It was part of the script and the show will continue as per the demands of the script. It’s just that my part is over.”

After many twists and turns, his character had turned negative in the show. He adds, “One needs to add something new and innovative to the character to keep the audience entertained. So, when I was asked to play a negative character, I was ok with it. I never felt that my fans or audience won’t accept me playing a baddie. It added new dimensions to me as an actor.”

Hitesh, who debuted with the TV show Agar Tum Saath Ho, says that he has learnt a lot while doing this project, “I played two different characters and both gave me immense scope to grow as an actor. It is sad that I won’t be there any longer but I have accepted this fact. I have some great memories that I will cherish.” Talking about the future, Hitesh says that he has a couple of things in mind and writing poetry is one of them. Hitesh, who loves writing poetry and has worked as an RJ, wants to pursue his passion for writing poetry.

  1. One thing that springs to mind is that the Manav of July 2019 was a young, carefree chap and madly in love at that. The Vikram from a year later is a much more mature young man. There is no doubt the actor Hitesh has greatly matured over this time and it is now difficult to think he could again play the young Manav. For that matter, there has been a growth and maturity in the acting of Meher (Nimrit) and also Sarab (Avinesh). Characters in serials like these can only last so long and Hitesh has done the two characters he played proud. Can see him moving to Bollywood in time but the serial acting is so different. Perhaps, the serial too has seen a full cycle and risks events repeating themselves. The most entertaining period seems to have been to March 2020, pre the lockdown. Wedding tracks etc added to the colour, since missing.

  2. I miss u manav I saw cs only for u…I hope u will come back with another new show…

  3. I also heard that Aditi together with Manav are going to exit the serial. It’s sad news but also exciting thinking that there will be no more custody case and Karan issues. Now Karan can be raised happily with his parents Meher and Sarab.

  4. Hitesh, you played both Manav and Vikram so convincingly. Will miss seeing you on CS and I hope that you will soon entertain us in another project of yours.

    1. I second that. He is a talented actor and no doubt will be seen in another serial or project soon. Just one thought – he got so fit and trim just to play Vikram ! Some dedication.

  5. He did a great job, good luck to him. Honestly speaking I started getting interested in the show from when they introduced karan real father, i wanted to see how makers handle the case as in other shows similar characters are immediately portrayed as negative or selfish for acting human. The show took a very illogical and destructive turn since karan custody. So i am happy characters are exiting rather than having unnecessary negativity. Beside this track had been dragged way too long, glad we are finally getting closure. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and opinion (still remembering the days there were around 180 comments 😆) .Thanks for making it entertaining. Happy new year and Good luck to all, bye😊

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