Absolute darkness (ch 9)

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Here comes the hot stepper

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Sheild ur hearts

Lets begain

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Absolute darkness
#by #durga


Swara changed to a night dress and down to club, Sanskar was standing with some man and woman and she hear hint from Sanskar.

Sanskar: don’t wry, job ll be done, I don’t need noting.

Swara: noting what sir?

Sanskar eyes widen.? She was stunning???

Man standing: and from what haven this angel escaped??

She wore red and golden white simple saree, loosen her hair, light make up, swara had always loved to wear indian outfits since raj never allow her to do, she did tat freely in pramoda bar. She was sooo simple yet soooooo stunning. Man reach his hand to touch her hairs, but she set them good before he could and that get Sanskar so angry

Man: who is she Mr. sanky?

Sanskar: my secertary,

Man: oh yea… if I had such secretary I would never leave office

Sanskar got hell angry by his words, and managed to control

Swara: Mr. … Mr. we r all professionals here, let’s keep it on work pls.??

She had her pen and small sketch, she noted what Sanskar tell her and soon took her from that little brat?

Swara: Mr. Sanky what u doing? ?

Sanskar: What the hell u do down here???

Swara: I’m a secertary, and rago gave me job of being ur assistant.

Sanskar: I don’t need u go upstairs to office

Swara: Mr.sanky please I’m doing my work, keep it that way. (Then she left him standing)

Men eyes where eating her whenever she goes, he hated that; he wanted to lock her far way. She was roaming following ragini instruction about working here. Guests, waitresses, cabins. Sanskar watched her all time but he not hold when one guest pin his hand on her waist calming a dance while she forcedly served. He just reach dance floor and took swara from man’s arms gently and catch swara hand and look at her.

Swara whisper: what the hell u doing Mr., sanky

Sanskar: Swara!… I’m

Swara: U what? Mr. Sanky let me pls to keep my job?

Sanskar: I can’t

Swara: U can’t what

Sanskar: I can’t hold watching u do those

Swara looked him with half shocked bubbly eyes

Sanskar: Can’t stand other men stare to u, I can’t hold that s*xy outfit u wears. I can’t stand him put his hand on ur waist (Sanskar crawls his hand around her bare waist slowly bringing her closer to him, while swara shut her eyes due to sensations that touch gave) can’t stand another man get ur smell but me.

Sanskar started to move with her slowly while song played, Sanskar pull her closer with each move till no gap at all.

Swara POV

Such sweet pain n my heart. A sweet dagger is stapes n my heart as he touched my waist, i never had such a feeling, all my years u felt disgust when man touches me, but now……. He caught my waist Getting me closer to him, I shiver like witty paper in face of wind, my heart beat so fast as it ll burst out. My forehead touches his face, his hot breath gave me more fever, and his colon was driving me crazy. He turned me slowly so he can face my back, and I just follow his rhythm.

Swara POV over

Sanskar POV

I didn’t know what the hell I’m doing, but for first time I follow my damn heart. I thought my heart died with my child love swara, but it seem to be back again by this swara. Her back nick was so attempting to print my lips on it, I whisper her (u look so beautiful, and sweet, hmmmm Ur scent so attempting). I could feel every shiver ran through her, I put my hand on her waist just little tightly, she whisper (Mr. sanky pls let….) I interrupt her (don’t blabla now) I reach her ear with my noise, I felt that her body fit for me perfectly, height weight and curvesss. Damn I crave to her a lot, I wanna pin her and make her mine once for all. I feel her breath getting heavier. I try stop but my heart has his own brain now. But would she accept what I’m on. Beast, monster, murder, would she accept the darkness n me.

Sanskar POV over

Song is over and rock one started, Sanskar would like to stay this way forever but his thoughts snapped him from this romance, swara turn around slowly when she felt his grip getting loose, she looked at him and saw pain and guilt, he left her in the dance floor and rushed to his office. Swara also couldn’t b the plastic swara who was roaming mints ago and hold men, she rushed to toilets.

Both were breathing heavily controlling that crave in their hearts. Swara told herself (I love him, I love him I love him. I always did and I ll always do. But what he did to deserve girl like me, a toy, and a slave who got sold in markets. Girl who’s back full of wounds due to sadistic sick man, a girl who is pure but stains heavy her heart)

Sanskar thoughts weren’t far (shonny swara!!! What should I do? Does u hate me now? U know I slept with many women but I knew u wouldn’t hate me coz I thought them u each time. But now, this swara, she is heaving my heart, she have Ur name. Is it sign my lovely child? Should I let Ur memory go? Do I have the right to live in the light that swara give me. Do I love her????? LOVE. I never tested that word. Only with u shonna, what u did to me was love. But what I’m in now? I’m lost.) That moment someone stepped into his office………..

Ragini and laksh watched swara and Sanskar all night, and when Sanskar pull swara to dance laksh wanted to stop that but ragini hold him (he deserve to be happy as us laksh, at any cost) laksh then convinced that swara might also have feelings for laksh. After dance ragini followed swara to toilets watching her just staring in the mirror

Ragini: Swara!!!

Swara: Ragini. I’m sorry, I got little dizzy, I ll b back to work in mints.

Ragini: Swara do u love Sanskar?

Swara kept silent

Ragini: Listen to me. I feel Sanskar have feelings for, maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think so. Sanskar had long past and he never loved any but my passed away sis.

Swara got shocked: Ur what?

Ragini: Haan I had sister before and for god plans she had Ur name, swara. We called her shonna, Sanskar prefer shonny swara. But she passed away, Sanskar shattered for that news coz he loved her even before know what love means and he never let any girl take her place. But with u it differs, past years he only cried swara (she get close to her and pat her shoulder) u try give him happy.

Swara: but ragini……



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Swara is dead to them??


Will swara say truth??

Guess and tell me

Till then

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