Absolute Darkness (ch 7)

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Last artical for today……..


Ragini POV

LAKSH, my first love and my last, they separated us, I couldn’t understand where were we? And what is happening.

All I know I’m dressed as maid in dress tat expose my skin more than covering it, I worked to put drinks for clients in hall or rooms. Some looked and some touched me, but they didn’t sell me till I knew why?.

Coz my price was higher, I was virgin, but young, they needed to wait, I was the wine of the place, calm and obedient, just waited to grow. Then I was moved to b one of the workers maid… just for serving, but he wasnt allowed to sleep with anyone coz his body wasn’t his.

First meeting I got stoned, he was so handsome, bronzy skin, deep eyes, wild hair, fit body shape, soft sweet smile…. How such angel can b in such place…. it was first time I see such man and my heart twinkle. I look down…..

Flash back

Guy: Ragini.

Ragini: ji sir.

Guy: ragini its me.

I looked at him confusing, then my eye fall on his arm, that tattoo I cant mistake ever” LAKSH!!!!!!

I run to him and hugged, I couldn’t belive that after all these prayes I did to god that he b safe it ll b listened. I looked at him he was stunning

Ragini: that is really u laksh…

Laksh: haan rago.. its me.. no more worry, u ll b fine here, no one ll….

But my mind was where else: r u the shinny boy?

Laksh hurt by my word: haan, the shinny lucky boy.

Ragini: but how? Why? Y u didn’t……

Laksh: fight? (putting saddest face ever)

i simply hugged him while someone enter the room, looks he was fighting barly legs can hold him and fall inside room

Laksh: Sanskar!!!


Let me see food. Good, just little more.

I ll never forgot the shock I was in knowing that this is Sanskar. Ripped cloth, burses and blood, what the hell he was in?. I helped laksh settle him n bed, laksh looked he is used to that, first aid box taking off the rest of his shirt treated his back that was full of wounds, either old or new ones.

Laksh said that Sanskar fighting since we came here, and tried to convince him b obedient but Sanskar swear on swara’s life that he ll never do.

Flash back

Ragini: SWARA!! Where is she???

Laksh: don’t know, that day in street police caught her and since then we know nothing.

Ragini: but if Sanskar fight then hw….

Laksh: They give him to people who like fighting, sadistic, plus while ago they r giving him drugs so he fight but not out of control….

Ragini: Drugs?????? He is…

Ragini: Addictive yea.

Flash back over

Aww I burn my finger, damn laksh ll get so angry. I sit and watch that burn, hw painful is it. We thought we ll never b out of that place, but we did in much worst way.

That day when some filthy dirty wealth men decided to make big night in the house of pain, ” destruction night” name itself send shivers in my bones till today………

Ragini POV over

Ragini called laksh snatching him from those memories and served the table, laksh went to Sanskar office when all heard swara scream……

Swara POV

I scream out loud. Its painfull… that was my limit of holding my cries..
Raj.. the posion i drink every night if i wanna keep living 60% proper life…
That party night…. i dnt like his looks to the triangle… i know those looks very well….. and now want them to work for them!!! I couldnt let it happen….
Flash back

Raj dragged me to bed will i just kept silence, this is hw i defeat him….
He force his body aganist mine,, i stuggle to move him and he tighten his grip…
Raj: ur fight ll only tire u and amuse me….. y dnt we do it My way baby??!

Swara with smile of confident: im not ur f**king baby… get off me

Raj got of me and riched his fav sharp thin stick

Raj: y dnt u try it just once…..

I shouted: hell never… u sick sadistic person… Tshoo on u

Raj got so angry: u stubborn b*t*h…. no b*t*h took all tat time to b tamed… y u differ??

Swara: coz im no filth as u….

At this point he couldnt bare it anymore… watching tat disgust smile on my face.. i hate him..

He end up ripping my dress back and watching my bare back which always make him crazy… he touched with his fingers which disgust me even more then he step back and give it new marks using his stick… i cried with no sound till he got tired and left…

next morning a maid there name Methaly.. she help me in my wonds thn i proceed my day wotking and at night raj come again for another round and this just keep on…

Flash back over

Three days this continiou just last day i couldnt hold my shouts… pain wasnt bareble… so i shout out from my throut…..

The door wide open and I saw ragini

Ragini: what happen swara? R u ok?

Laksh came in and also Sanskar. I was confused.

Swara: what u people do here? Aaahh my head! Raj ll come, aaa don’t hit, hell, aaaaah.

Ragini hugged me softly: sh sh sh swara. Its ok. ur in sanky house, remember? We took u from raj, I heal ur wound. Shshshshsh

Swara: oh goodness. I’m really sorry.

Sanskar asked: r u ok??? (I could feel concern in his voice while I simply look to him)

Swara: yes! Yes thank u. its just nightmare. Don’t worry. May I have mints alone pls??.

Laksh: r u sure?

I just nod yes, they left and Sanskar was last to leave. I took mints on bed then got up and wash my face, then back to room mirror. I keep look to myself. Should I tell them??? Should I cry? Should i smile? Would they b able to forgive me?

Even in the dark world slaves and pr*stitutes are the lowest. Does he even remember me? Does they care ………. What should I do?????????

I back to bed, it has strong sent of Sanskar, I hugged a pillow so tight, then tide bed tie my cloth in proper way and went down stairs.

I sneak their worry faces, put smile on my face,……………

Swara POVE over

Swara with wide smile: is that bryani I’m smelling?!!! (they look at her)

Sanskar: y u down? Go back please we ll bring…….

Swara: thank u Mr. sanky. I’m fine the way I’m. and I’m hungry.

Ragini: take a seat fast.

Four settle on dining table start eating with some shit chats, when swara suddenly say…..

Swara: ur eyes urge for answers, but am i or u ready to hear?


Such a sezzzzzling part naaaaa every one!!!!

So its guessing time??

What is destruction night?!
How it effect our triangle…..

Waiting for u at next epi?

Till then….???

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    amazing…. fantastic but really dark…. update soon….

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