Absolute darkness (ch 10)

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Hello everyyyyyyyyone

Here is a new one…..

Hope u all enjoy

For those who read seilent

Enjoy the epi


Swara: but ragini I am …………..?

Ragini: shshshs no talk now?. Think about Ur heart and follow.❤

Then ragini left swara in wind of thoughts???. Swara didn’t wait a lot and head directly to Sanskar office. She stepped in slowly, she had many things to tell him and smile in soft way ?but then her smile shaded away and her eyes just pumped out.?

Sanskar was pinning girl on wall kissing her lips violently? and crushing her in hard making out. Swara heart got shattered n mint,?? she was just stoned there. The girl with Sanskar pushed Sanskar a bit and looked at swara and he follows her eyes watching swara stone state. His eyes got widen, for first time he feel really ashamed of himself

Sanskar: swara listen……?

Swara: I came to tell u I’m leaving

Sanskar got pale: le…aving?

Swara: yea, I ll b here tomorrow 12 pm. Sorry for the interrupted. Excuse me.

Sanskar: swara wait! Pls….. ( he wanted to reach her but it was like he glued on floor)

Girl: what happen sir she is just secre….

Sanskar shout to her: get lost …. now

Girl ran away from fear and Sanskar start break his office angrily.

Down stairs ragini notice swara leaving fast she was about to follow but waiter give her paper from swara (I’m leaving to raj house. Deal is a deal. I ll b here tomorrow) ragini couldn’t get it, she up to Sanskar office and found him n a mess and sapping bottle of alcohol like water. She snapped it and throws away

Ragini: r u out of Ur f**king mind? Do u wanna die? What hell happens here?

Laksh reach place when he felt both missing: ragini what happen?

Ragini: ask him

Sanskar drunk: I’m buster, fool, f**ker, I … I couldn’t hold my crave…

Ragini: oh god, did u attack swara?

Sanskar shakes as no: the other girl, I……….I ………… I……….. And fall unconscious.

At raj mansion

Swara enter the villa so calmly in her red outfit, she saw Shivrani and raj cuddles on bar, she just pass them and up stair to her room

Raj: oh my swara is back… come here swany

Swara; I’m tired I’m going to room

Shivrani: oh was it too hard (raj and Shivrani laugh)

Swara smiled to tease them: harsh and bold is less what I can say

Raj got angry: SWARA…….. Did u

Swara: shut Ur filthy. I talk about work and bar. But only dirty minds like u two ll take it dirty. And in either ways I don’t give a damn care. (Then head strait to her room)

Raj would follow her but Shivrani stop him: nahi nahi baby, stay with me, hmmmm

Raj: this girl must b tamed.

Shivrani: u try that since the moment u buy her and still no affect. why don’t u just sell her.

Raj: had u gone crazy, what about my secrets?

Shivrani: then cut her tongue.

Raj: I think jealous had made out of mind

Shivrani: What f**king jealous?, and from such b*t*h like her!!!, never

Raj smile: she is younger hotter and more wild.

Shivrani: U know well what I can do

Raj: not since while ago. I taught u and ur getting weak.

Shivrani: What u…….???

Raj: Face it shivi. Ur getting old, I keep u for the long time we had together and that u still have ability to fire me on. But not like swara (close to shivi ear) tat swany hot me by look that what u couldn’t ever do.

Shivi was soooo angry now: well unfournatly ur not……… (she get hard slap)

Raj: Don’t tell a more word Shivrani.. get lost to ur room and wait for me.

Shivrani move in fear she should have controlled more, now she ll pay.

Swara just throw herself under shower water and cry in silent.

Swara POV

Hw this happen? And y? I don’t understand. And Sanskar, just mint ago he was…. And then he was with that girl …… does he looking for pleasure only, but ragini said…. Ragini. I don’t get anything anymore. Goodness what should I do????????

Swara POV over

Swara changed and step out of wash room, she can hear screams of Shivrani but she can’t interfere so she put music in her ears and sleep remembering her first true dance.

Sanskar cabin

Laksh was putting him on bed, while ragini came in with cold water and pure on his face which wake him so badly

Sanskar: what the f……… ragooooo

Ragini: shut up Sanskar. Now tell clear what happen or I swear I wont spare u today.

Laksh: ragi….

Raigini: laksh you shsh

Sanskar was hell dizzy, his memories start come back and he looked so down

Ragini: I’m waiting. Tell clear after swara head to u what happen?

Sanskar; she saw me make out with girl.

Ragini: whaaat? U was…..

Sanskar: I know all u ll say. But I was so damn on. Swara made me lose control. Whn this girl came I didn’t care, I just started.

Ragini: nahi Sanskar, I wont stand by u this time. And I know that what happen to us wasn’t easy, what was with u was worst, but tat effected tat u became animal

Laksh: RAGINI!!!!!?

Ragini teared looking at laksh?: years past, he least drug but didn’t leave it, he cant sleep without it or else having b*t*h on his bed, is tat human attitude? Is it even close? I lived with u both each step of ur life but that………. I cant hold anymore, swara remind me of shonna. I feel she has shonna spirit, and I sent her to u to give u happy, but u………….. u disappointed me Sanskar, and more I’m sure that shonny is even more disappointed.

Each word ragini said broke Sanskar more and more, he knew she was right but he didn’t want to hear it

Ragini turn to left laksh wanted to hold her: don’t laksh….. just imagine Sanskar u want to move on shonny and no shame or blame in that, but hw swara should accept ur animal. What will make u differ from raj but only the way.

Last word killed Sanskar indeed and made him shade tears in silent, did he really became one of the monsters who created him???. What to do or say. None of them knew.

After while he moved from bed taking his silver gun with him……


Oh my godnesss????

Even my cry while write…

What u think sanskar ll do????!

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