Abhigya – Obsessive love Episode 40-41

Hey guys ..So sorry for the late update.I was waiting for going to school for special classes . But here complete special classes has been cancelled this month fully and now 2 months leave school reopens on June ..??? Anyways let’s quickly jump onto the next episode .

The episode starts with Pragya packing all the things and worried for staying far from Abhi.
Pragya thinks – Why this is happening to our life ? He can’t do anything and i can’t say anything . If i say something that Ranvir will kill my Abhishek !..No no ..I will not let that happen Pragya gets tears from her eyes ..
Abhi suddenly comes to Pragya and calls – Pragya !..
Abhi sees her tears and Pragya wipes it .
Abhi – You were crying ?
Pragya laughs – What ?..Why would i cry ?
Abhi drags closer to her – Pragya i know you were hiding something . Whenever i come close why are you going far from me ?
Pragya – What are you saying ? ..There is nothing that i am hiding from you ..Leave me ..
Abhi – Till you doesn’t give me answer i will not leave your hand .

Pragya gets Ranvir’s call but doesn’t shows it to Abhi .
Pragya shouts – Abhishek leave my hand !!…
Abhi leaves..
Pragya cries and leaves from there ..

She attends Ranvir’s call

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Pragya cries – What do you want ?
Ranvir – You !
Pragya is shocked..
Ranvir – Hello !..Pragya ?..He shouts PRAGYA !!
Pragya comes to senses – Hh..hello..Why are you doing like this ?..Because of you i am hurting him ..
Ranvir – I love you Pragya ..And you hurted me by marrying him infront of me ..
Pragya is stunned..
Ranvir – Comparing to that this is nothing ..
Pragya – Shut up !..Today after reaching India i am going to tell everything to him . And you can never stop me .
Ranvir – Don’t ever try to do that mistake Pragya !
Pragya looks on ..

Ranvir – If you don’t follow my words and go close to Abhi..Then you will write his name in the ‘Book of Death”
Pragya gets shocked..
Ranvir – Pragya..What happened ?…Where that sound went ?
Pragya – Please don’t do anything to him..I ..I will..I will never provoke your words..
Ranvir – That’s my darling !..Good..See you at the airport ..
Ranvir kisses in phone..

Pragya took the phone away from her and cries…

At the airport

Ishveer ,

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Raina ,

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and Rabul

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They all reaches first ..
Ishani – Pragya and bhaiya is not here ?
Purab – Even Ranvir is not here ..
Rv – Hey i am here only na ?
Raghav – Hey he was saying about Ranvir Raichand .
They all laughs..
Ranvir comes there – Hey guys what talks going on ?
Aditya – Nothing they all smiles

Abhigya walks

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..Pragya sees Ranvir standing and maintains distance from Abhi and walks far from Abhi sees Pragya walking far from him and pulls her hand and drags her towards him .
Ranvir sees that and gets angry

Pragya sees him – Abhishek leave my hand !..
Abhi – Why i should not hold your hand ?..I am your husband na ?..
Pragya looks on ..

Naina – Ok guys i think now it’s boarding time come on let’s move……
All moves for boarding ..

Ranvir takes Pragya aside – Ranvir !!..Please leave me if someone sees that’s all..
Ranvir – I said na if you go close then he..
Pragya – No no ..I didn’t but he..
Ranvir – You can stop him right..
Pragya looks on..
Ranvir – Because of this mistake..He is going to suffer ..Just wait and watch..

Image result for haasil serial ranvi

Abhi comes there and sees them and gets shocked…

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Pragya makes an excuse – Ranvir ji when will we reach India ?
Ranvir – Ji tomorrow morning 10 ‘o clock we will be there in India ..
Abhi comes there – Pragya where do you went ?..
Pragya – No i was asking reaching time from Ranvir ji ..
Abhi – Ok now come let’s move..
Abhi thinks Something is wrong ..I have to do something to know the truth from Pragya.

Flight takes off ..The next morning in Mehra Mansion ..

Ram Priya blesses all of them..

Image result for bade acche lagte hai serial ram and priya

Ranvir – Hi uncle ! Hi aunty !
Ram – Hi beta !..
He gets blessings from them..

Priya – How was your presentation ?
Bulbul – Mom actually..
She narrates that happened everything ..
Priya gets happy and hugs Pragya ..
Abhi – Mom how can she leave me in a tough situation ..She is my wife ..She can never leave me ..
Pragya sees Abhi with a teary eye ..Abhi too sees her ..Mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga plays ..
Ranvir gets angry ..

Ranvir – Uncle , Aunty !
Abhigya comes to senses ..
Ranvir – I am leaving ..Abhi you only have to sign some papers ..I will go first you come behind ..
Abhi nods..
Pragya is little suspicious ..

Ranvir leaves ..Abhi goes behind ..

Pragya – Mom i am feeling little tired …Can i go and rest a little bit ?
Ram – Beta that is travelling tired..Go go..Go and take rest..
Priya – Ya beta ..Yo go ..
Pragya leaves..

Pragya in her room thinks – God please nothing should happen to him ..Please help him ..
Pragya gets a calls..She sees and it is Ranvir ..

Ranvir – Hello sweetheart !..Don’t pray too much to God and waste your time ..It’s all useless..
Pragya – What do you mean ..
Ranvir – I said na that if you don’t obey my words then Abhi will pay for it ..
Pragya looks on with a teary eye..
Ranvir – Now your Abhi is in the parking lot sitting in his car fixed with bomb and going to take it out..
Pragya is scared..
Ranvir says 5,4,3,2,1..BOOM !!..
Pragya gets shocked – NO !!..

Pragya realises nothing has happened ..
Ranvir laughs – What sweetheart ?..Got scared ..Oh it’s ok..I wanted to see this fear and scare you ..
Pragya looks on..
Ranvir – In love there is forgiveness for 1 mistake ..So i forgave you . Don’t repeat it again..Who knows it may become true in future ?!.
Pragya gets shocked..She cuts the phone call .

Pragya rushes to Abhi in the parking lot..
Abhi sees Pragya coming..
Pragya comes to Abhi and cups his face – You are fine !!..Nothing happened to you na ?!..
Abhi – I am fine ..What happened ?..
Pragya tightly hugs Abhi .. Abhi too hugs her..Allah Waariyan plays…

Image result for abhi and pragya hug gif
Precap : Pragya comes to Abhi .. Abhi says where do you went ? Pragya says I need a divorce from you..Abhi is stunned and looks on ..All gets shocked ..

  1. Priyu

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