Aatma Bandhan 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Aarti disturbed by Guru ji’s presence in the house

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Guru ji arrives at Krishanprasad house. The family awaits Guru ji. Kriparker sends Bhavani to complete the preparations of Pooja. Everyone goes to prepare for his welcome.

Chaitra was about to pull off the amulet when Vayda comes there. Chaitra wears back the amulet. Vayda tells them to leave the room, as Guru ji is already here. Chaitra holds Aarti’s hand but Aarti pulls her hand off and leaves the room. Vayda takes Chaitra.

Guru ji’s feet was washed before he entered the house. He could hear the sobs of Cheeru. Guru ji spots the burnt basil plant. He was about to step inside the house when all at once his foot shivers. Everyone was worried. Guru ji thinks he is unable to enter the house proves the power of evil powers in the house. He takes a pot from his disciple and sprinkles water from it on the doorway. He then performs meditation and steps inside the house.

Aarti’s room trembled, as the chair rocks and the curtains flew.

Guru ji looks around the house. Aarti comes downstairs and welcomes Guru ji. Vayda brings Chaitra downstairs. Guru ji angrily says they were instructed to solve the problem when it began, but they prolonged the remedy. The power of evil has grown immensely. Indraprasad says they already told Guru ji the reason for not performing the Shraddh. Guru ji questions if they have done what he told them to. Kriparker says they have done the Visarjan of Cheeru’s astiya (ashes). Guru ji closes his eyes and could see the astiya still in the cupboard.

Guru ji demands a glass of water, a lemon and salt. Bhavani goes inside to bring them all. Aarti comes to Bhavani in the kitchen and asks what Guru ji is about to do here. Bhavani says Guru ji will do Pooja in the house. Aarti says she can not see any problem in the house. Bhavani asks Aarti if she has lost, can’t she see all the problems. Bhavani says Guru ji could have told them otherwise and would not have come here. Guru ji believes that Cheeru’s ghost is still in the house. It must get peace. She says that even Chaitra has mentioned that Cheeru disturbs him. Guru ji will dig deep into the matter and tell them about the remedy.

Aarti silently thinks she is sorry that she can not stop Guru ji. Guru ji sprinkles salt and lemon in water. Cheeru could be heard crying. The disciple of Guru ji tells Jaisima that the color of water will turn red if there is any devil in the house. Aarti thinks Guru ji must know about Astiya till now. Her son must be in pain. He must be thinking of her and need his mother right now.

Instantly, the color of water in the glass turns deep red. Everyone in the house was shocked and terrified. Guru ji announces that the problem is complicated. Indraprasad requests Guru ji to save his family. Guru ji now demands coconut. Maatangi spots Aarti leave the hall and goes behind her.

Outside, Aarti asks Maatangi what Guru ji intends to do. Maatangi says he is trying to figure out the direction of evil powers. Aarti was worried that Guru ji will reach Cheeru’s astiya. They need to stop this. Maatangi says Guru ji is not a servant who will accept every fair or unfair demand. Aarti can not go against her family, or Guru ji. Aarti was determined to stop this Shraddh. Maatangi forbids Aarti not to even try. Guru ji might tell everyone that Aarti does not want the Shraddh.

Guru ji confirms if everyone from the house is here. They notice Aarti and Maatangi are missing. Guru ji instructs everyone not to leave the line he has drawn. Kriparker goes out to bring them. Outside, Kriparker sends Ragini the message that Ashok can not come to office or three days as Cheeru’s peace Shraddh started in the house. He comes to take Aarti inside and says Guru ji instructed them not to leave the circle drawn by him.

In the room, Cheeru cries that he has to live here and does not want to leave the house. Guru ji prepares the coconut. A mandala in front of him was marked with arrows. He places the coconut in the centre and starts is prayer. He now drops Kumkum over the coconut. It begins to toss like a top and points in a direction. Guru ji asks what it is in this direction, downstairs and upstairs. Ashok says its his room upstairs. Guru ji goes upstairs. Everyone else follows. Aarti was tensed and discusses with Ashok that Cheeru is up there. Ashok tells Aarti that it is his Astiya. Ashok tells Aarti they have to take care of everyone’s happiness. Aarti cries and prays for a way out.

Guru ji comes upstairs and opens the door of Ashok’s room. It was locked. Rani whispers that even Guru ji confirmed that evil power is of Aarti. Bhavani wonders if Cheeru’s ghost is in the room. Guru ji forces the door to open it and instructs everyone to stay outside. The chair in front of Guru ji rocks. Cheeru could be heard crying and requesting Aarti for help.

Aarti and Ashok come upstairs. Aarti wanted to go inside, but Ashok stops her. Aarti prays her child should not be in pain because of Guru ji. He is not an evil power. Guru ji moves towards the cupboard. The door flung open and Astiya was not there. Guru ji thinks inspite of all indications, Astiya bowl is not here and this is not a good omen.

PRECAP: Guru ji sprinkles a powder in the air. Red foot prints on the floor lead them outside. Ashok and Aarti wonders where the Astiya have gone. There, Rani asks a man at a desserted place, how to control a dead being?

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