Aatma Bandhan 29th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ashok bears the brunt for Aarti’s injury

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The episode starts with Ashok terrified of the mannequin behind him. It vanishes. He was relieved.

At home, Indra asks Kriparker where Ashok had gone. Kriparker thinks he must be asleep at Ragini’s place. He increases their tension by telling them about factory incident and that he saved Ashok. Bhavani was tensed at once and wonders why Ashok got in all troubles. Rani blames Aarti for all this, he does not find peace either at home or at office. Aarti must be asleep in her room. Maatangi says Aarti felt dizzy and is taking some rest. Rani taunts that Maatangi always find some way to defend Aarti. Indra says even Aarti is mentally weak because of over thinking. Rani says they should send Aarti to mental asylum then. Indra stops Rani from saying a single word. Aarti has been responsible for their happiness and peace of mind, and now they are disoriented because Aarti is tensed. He shouts at Rani to leave. Vayda tries to silence Rani but Indra shouts at her to get lost. Kriparker tries to defend Rani. Indra says Rani must have broken their family, had they left her unrestricted. She always ruins the matters. Rani tries to speak again, but Indra shouts at Rani again to go inside, can’t she understand. She has so much negativity that she cannot even bear grass under her feet. Rani goes upstairs. Maatangi was tensed for Ashok’s safety.

Ashok hears his phone bell ringing. He wonders if it is an illusion. He wonders how his phone got here now; it was not here earlier. The battery of the phone was dead.

In the room, Rani was burning in jealousy. She thinks everyone from the family has always insulted for twenty five years. Now she will not spare Aarti. She will turn her into a maid.

Ashok reaches home. Bhavani was tensed. Ashok thinks everyone is tensed here and wonders where Aarti is. Ashok says his car was punctured, and phone’s battery dead. Bhavani was worried. Ashok goes upstairs.

In the hall upstairs, Rani stops Ashok and asks where he had been. She says his wife is sleeping peacefully while they were tensed and called his friends. No matter what, Aarti belongs to middle class. She only values status and house. Firstly, she had problems with Cheeru, and now Chaitra; soon she will have problems with Ashok as well.

Ashok silently thinks that he must first find out about the mannequin. In the room he clears his throat to wake Aarti up. He taunts that she could never worry for him, she was peacefully asleep. She tells him she had a little headache. Ashok asks Aarti if she gifted the doll to Chaitra. Aarti does not reply. Ashok asks Aarti what she will do with the doll, where is it. The doll lights up. Ashok says at least she does something behind him, her actions are suspicious. Ashok clutches Aarti’s arms. She tries to get away from him and says she is doing everything for the family. Ashok removes his grip, and Aarti falls on the floor. Ashok was staring at Aarti. Maatangi and Vayda run into the room. Ashok thinks he did not realize how it happened. Maatangi thinks if the ill omen was intended for Aarti.

Aarti screams as she tries to get up. Rani says it seems she has pain in her foot. Ashok stood in a state of shock. The mannequin lightened up.

In the hospital, doctor examines the Xray of Aarti’s foot. He says Aarti’s ligament is pulled. They must operate on her, otherwise she might go on wheelchair for lifetime. He says they have arranged for the surgery in the morning. Everyone wonders how Ashok got all the fury. Vayda suggests someone else is surely between them.

Rani prepared the milk for Cheeru. The door of the room was flung open. Rani tells Cheeru to have milk. Cheeru was not in a mood. He says he feels so bad, Aarti is in the hospital and is injured. He is furious. Rani says she realizes Ashok did his best to take Aarti away from Cheeru. Cheeru moves objects of the room. Rani tells him not to terrify her. She says Ashok always fights from Aarti, but Cheeru cannot do anything. Cheeru was irked and says he will teach a good lesson to Ashok now. He cannot take his mother away from him.

In the hospital, Bhavani at once opens her eyes. She strangely get up the chair and leave.

Ashok was in Aarti’s room. He says she always loved and cared for him, but she is not the same anymore. She loved Cheeru a lot, but since he left Aarti has gone away from Ashok as well. Atleast once Aarti should keep herself in his place. Bhavani opens the door and furiously questions why Ashok came here. Ashok asks why Bhavani is so angry. Bhavani throws Ashok out of the room and tells him to get away. Ashok does not understand the reason for her strange behavior. All at once, Bhavani gets in consciousness and wonders how she reached here.

Indra meets Ashok in the corridor and asks why he is going. Ashok replies he is going home. Indra reminds Ashok that Aarti is his wife. Ashok was furious that they hold him a culprit. Bhavani and Vayda join. Ashok says no one considers his point of view, and everyone thinks Aarti is right. Indra calms him down and takes him inside. Ashok asks Bhavani is he bad enough to be thrown out from collar. Bhavani does not remember anything. Bhavani did not recall any such thing. Ashok was suspicious.

Aarti’s room slams open. The nurse come inside but was shocked at the sight and close the door. She screams and faints. Indra, Ashok, Bhavani and Vayda all gather to wake her up. A doctor comes to her help. The nurse opens her eyes and tells the doctor someone was there with Aarti. Ashok asks if she recognizes him. The nurse suspiciously points towards the door and was terrified. Indra asks the nurse about the whole matter.

Ashok was asleep on a chair in the waiting area. A rope ties around his feet pulls him down the seats. He falls unconscious. He was dragged across the corridor.

In the room, Vayda and Bhavani feed Aarti. Aarti was concerned of Ashok. Bhavani asks if she still cares for Ashok even when he hurt her. Aarti assures she will take care of everything in a few days. Bhavani wish they always remain happy together is the most important thing.

The cleaner finds Ashok’s body in the corridor. He runs out of fear and informs Vayda and Bhavani about Ashok. Aarti was restless and cries for Ashok. Vayda and Bhavani leave together.

In the corridor, everyone gathers around with Ashok. The doctor says it seems he is dehydrated. He must drink water well and go home. Ashok wakes up and wonders how he reached here. Indra asks if he does not remember. Ashok recalls he was in front of Aarti’s ward. He falls down and was injured. Indra wonders what is going on around them. He tells Ashok to go home and take rest.

Aarti struggles to get off the bed. She was extremely tensed for Ashok. Bhavani says he is fine, got slipped and has now gone home.
Jaisima drinks Cheeru’s milk in the kitchen. He likes the flavor.

The next morning, Rani wakes up and was startled to see Jaisima in her room. She asks why he is sitting here. Rani denies as she was asleep. Jaisima says Rani called him here. Rani wonders what is wrong with him. She tells Jaisima to go away. She was worried why he behaves so strangely. Jaisima turns to Rani on the door and says he likes to abide by her. Rani tells Jaisima to go and trim the plants and water them. Jaisima heads outside in obedience. Rani curses Jaisima as her son in law.

Ashok was in the bathroom, shaving when he spots mannequin in the mirror. He turns around but mannequin was not there. It reappears in the mirror and vanishes again. Ashok was now terrified as the mannequin no more appeared in the mirror.

Jaisima was taking care of the garden. He spots a strange bag on one of the trees. The bag contained Nandi idol.

Ashok was taking a bath. The soap gets in his eyes. He felt strange energy around him, looks around cautiously and bathes hurriedly. The shower at once throws blood in place of water. The washroom floor was filled with blood. Ashok cries in fear as he falls on the floor. The water of the shower was clear now.

In the room, Ashok was drying his hair. He turns around to find the mannequin on the rocking chair. He wonders who brought it here. The chair starts rocking. Ashok was terrified and wonders if it is real, or his illusion. He decides to find out if this is real or not. He tries to film the movement, but the chair now ceases to move. All at once, Aarti place a hand over Ashok’s shoulder to take his attention. The mannequin vanishes. Ashok was unable to comprehend what was happening around. He asks who is there? Who is playing with him? He must come in front if he dares. Ashok think anyone would consider him as mental, he should control himself. He sits on the bed.

Jaisima holds the Nandi in his hand. He was delighted to get it and thinks he must place it in the temple. Everyone will appreciate him.
Ashok jumps over the bed as the mannequin reappears on the rocking chair. He throws a pillow towards the chair, but it does not reach there. The chair moves closer as he tries to touch it. The chair now faces towards Ashok who backs off, screaming in fear.
Jaisima steps into the house with Nandi idol. The glass of window in Ashok’s room break. Rani asks Jaisima what he is hiding behind in the bag. Jaisima excitedly tells Rani that some idiot, stupid person kept it in the garden. He shows the Nandi to Rani who was shocked to see it in the house. Jaisima says it must be placed in the temple of the house. Rani shouts at Jaisima if he is crazy, they must first perform pooja. He must go and leave it outside. Jaisima takes the Nandi out with a heavy heart. Rani thinks he is stupid.

Ashok runs downstairs. Maatangi asks Ashok why he feels troubled. Ashok thinks no one will believe him. Ashok says he couldn’t eat something at night and is extremely hungry. He thanks Maatangi for bringing the breakfast. Maatangi asks Ashok about Aarti. Maatangi asks him not to think wrong, but this is time he should spend most of time with her. Aarti holds him precious than her own life. Ashok laughs that what if Aarti wish to go away. Ashok asks Maatangi honest advice, what Aarti is hiding from him. Maatangi replies no, she does not. Ashok restlessly sits in the lounge. Maatangi thinks Ashok feels tensed because of Aarti. Ashok was startled to see his food vanish from the plate.

Aghori Baba throws Rani in a lake to punish her. Ashok punishes the mannequin, and resultantly it haunts Ashok in the graveyard.

Update Credit to: Sona

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