Aatma Bandhan 26th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aarti brings Cheeru to their new accomodation

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Aarti wakes up recalling the Aghori Baba’s advice to visarjit Cheeru’s astiya. Aarti thinks it is early morning, and such dreams usually come true. She was confused what to do, as Cheeru is all alone in their old house. She was divided between two opinions. She was unable to decide if she must leave Chaitra and Ashok for Cheeru, but then concludes with the thought of bringing Cheeru back.
Aarti reaches the old house, just like she had gone to the temple in village all alone. She drives her car inside and spots the Astiya hanging on the tree. She apologizes to Cheeru for leaving him here all alone. She cannot let him wander as a ghost. She will take care of him and be there to take care of him. But she cannot take him inside the house, and he will not be able to hurt anyone there. Aarti holds the pot of Astiya. There was a disturbance in the house, a beam of light fly with Aarti.

Rani smiles when she spots Aarti hide the Astiya in the garden. A man carries the luggage. She finds a beautiful bag (of astiya) and takes it there.

Bhavani comes to Vayda and Chaitra. She says her school van missed again and takes Chaitra for school. Chaitra was not willing to go. Vayda wonders why she was reluctant.

The labor carries the bag inside the house. Suddenly the electric bulbs flash at once. Everyone was worried.

Halfway through, Bhavani stops the scooty and speaks in Cheeru’s voice. She tells Chaitra to get off.

In the room, the light beam enters Ashok’s body. Aarti goes out to check the reason of light flash. She comes to the room. Ashok sat in the bed, dressed as Cheeru wearing a school bag. Aarti was taken aback when he even speaks as Cheeru.

There, Bhavani tells Chaitra to run, and never come close to him (as Cheeru) again.

Vayda was shocked to see Ashok in the room. He insists on going to school. Vayda tries to convince Ashok to normalize. He pushes her away, Vayda faints. Ashok speaks to Aarti as Mummy and requests her to take him school. Aarti questions how he reached here in this house. He says she brought him here.

Chaitra was running on the street when she hits Kriparker’s car. Bhavani explains to Kriparker that Chaitra left for school by foot, so she decided to follow her. Chaitra runs into the car. Bhavani stares at her.

Aarti brings Kumkum and then knife to force Cheeru leave Ashok’s body. Vayda also wakes up. Cheeru tells her he will return.

Outside, Rani tells Kriparker it seems Cheeru’s Astiya are already inside the house. She went to take them but they were not there. They had a plan.

Vayda finds a drawing of Chaitra. She wonders what she has drawn, it can be Ashok. This means a woman has killed Ashok and is also threatening Chaitra. It seems Chaitra knows everything. Since she can’t speak, she is drawing. She decides to take the matter seriously.

Rani wanders around the house seeing through the bangle. She calls Cheeru. at once, the door of her dressing flung open and someone draped in white cloth came inside. Rani was terrified. The body leaves the drape. Aarti comes inside and asks what it is about. Rani was afraid that there is surely something. She came to look for Ashok. Aarti says Ashok lives in the room alone. Rani looks again and Ashok was in the bed. She says Ashok was earlier not here. Rani says even in this house there is something wrong. Ashok can go into comma anytime. It is all Aarti’s responsibility that Ashok recovers.

Vayda confirms Chaitra is it is her papa in this drawing. Chaitra tells Vayda everything about Bhavani being possessed and also about morning event. Vayda asks Chaitra why she is behaving like this. Chaitra says she behave differently when in front of everyone.

Rani tells Kriparker Cheeru is in the house. She saw Cheeru but he terrified him instead. Kriparker advices her to kill Ashok once for all and throw Aarti out of this house. Rani says she intends to revenge this family of her sister’s death. Krishanprasad needed her sister in tough times, but then betrayed her when he got wealthy. She will finish the whole family of Krishanprasad. Cheeru is dead. Chaitra is the living heir, but first she will kill Ashok.

Vayda tells Aarti about Bhavani. Aarti asks Vayda not to share this with anyone, they will be upset. But they need to find a way out. Vayda promises not to tell anyone until Bhavani is caught red handed.

Rani speaks to Cheeru in the room. The milk glass was broken in her room. Rani decides to meet Jaijamba as soon as possible. Jaijamba says he is getting away from the whole world in his mother’s lap. Jaijamba warns Rani that she is playing with fire. Rani was determined to do anything. Jaijamba teaches Rani a tantra which she can do on Ashok. There are three days to Amavas, she should do what she is taught.

Vayda looks through the door. Bhavani was hitting a doll with the knife. Vayda thinks something is wrong with her.

Rani spots Aarti wearing an eye cover. She says she will remove it now. Rani makes a video, thinking this mother-son is playing hide and seek. Vayda saves Aarti from falling. Aarti explains she was reading a book and wanted to experience the life of blind people. Vayda takes Aarti to see something but Bhavani was asleep.

Aarti asks Vayda what is wrong. Vayda says Bhavani was hitting a doll with knife. Aarti thinks Cheeru is behind all this. Vayda wonders how she can be without any tension.

Ashok sat in the bed. Aarti scolds Cheeru for possessing Bhavani as well and hurting Chaitra. She was angry and curses herself for bringing him here. He is a liar, heartless being who can never be her son. Ashok throws a box on Aarti. Rani was making a video and turns to leave. Aarti curses herself for bringing him here and goes unconscious. Ashok as Cheeru runs to Aarti and holds her outside. It was late at night. Indra answers the knock at his door. He finds Aarti on the floor, bleeding. He calls the family. Ashok was hiding behind a wall and crying. They decide to take Aarti home.

Indra was doubtful of Rani. They fight with each other. Kriparker calms Indra. Aarti was conscious. Rani asks Aarti what happened to her, as everyone here blame her. Rani goes to get her cell phone and play the video of Aarti playing hide and seek with Cheeru and then scolding Cheeru inside Ashok. Rani says Aarti was shouting at Ashok, she was afraid and left. She does not know how she got hurt. Everyone demands an answer from Aarti. Aarti leaves the hall. Rani says Aarti might kill Ashok if left free.

Aarti was sleeping in the room. Ashok holds her neck. Aarti wakes up and angrily questions if Cheeru wants to kill her. He hit her and left her outside Indra’s room. Everyone from the family now calls her mad. She brought him here and must be punished. She asks him to kill her. Rani and others come into the room. Rani asks Aarti what she is up to now, Ashok is really weak. Cheeru flees from Ashok’s body. Kriparker help him in the bed. Aarti tries to explain but Indra scolds Aarti for behaving like this with Ashok. He says it seems she is creating a problem herself. Rani takes Aarti along and says now Aarti will live in this room, till Ashok and Aarti recover. Aarti requests them all to let her go there.

Outside, Rani discusses with Indra and Kriparker that Aarti needs treatment. They shall only unlock her when Ashok as recovered. Aarti requests them to open the door.

Rani mix poison in the milk. She laughs that Cheeru drank it earlier but now Ashok will have it.

Aarti speaks to Maatangi through the door and accepts her mistake of bringing Cheeru in this house. She had decided to keep him out of this house, but he betrayed her. Maatangi blames Aarti for not listening to her. Aarti says she, Ashok and Chaitra are all in Cheeru’s brunt. He possessed Ashok’s body, and also Bhavani’s body to kill Chaitra. She requests Maatangi to find the Asthiya and take them out of the house. Maatangi was sure God will show them a way out.

Rani brings milk for Ashok. She helps hi sit and compels him to drink the milk. The Aghori Baba appears right in front of them, his stick interfering between Ashok and Rani.

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