Aatma Bandhan 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheeru warns against his Peace Prayer

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Aarti asks Maatangi why she behaves so strange. Everyone is dubious of her weird behavior. Maatangi says she wants better for this family. Aarti tells Maatangi no one must know about Cheeru, she has to be cautious. Maatangi says she has to be cautious. She tells Aarti that the Aghori Baba who came to warn them before accident came today. Aarti says she saw him outside the temple as well. Maatangi says this was the reason she returned home safely. Maatangi says he cautioned her not to leave home on the day of accident. He had given Cheeru a beads string as well, for his protection. Aarti asks why he came today, Cheeru will never harm anyone here. Maatangi says Baba said something again. May be a danger can be foreseen.

Ashok returns home. The main door opens on its own before he knocked or pushed. Ashok was astonished. Aarti comes downstairs. Bhavani asks Ashok why he is not taking Papa’s call. She tells Ashok that Papa is doing some pooja in Kaashi someone suggested. Guru ji said Cheeru’s soul must get peace within 21 days. They will have to work for it. Maatangi serves tea to Kriparker and Ashok. Ashok agrees, as everyone already says Cheeru’s ghost has come to the house. Aarti thinks her son has returned home for his mother, she can’t let him go. She objects that there is no pooja for minors. She offers to speak to someone else. Bhavani questions whom she will ask. Ashok says this is good to keep a peace pooja. Aarti was irked that she does not want to take any false decision, she needs to speak to Baba. She runs upstairs. Maatangi wonders why Aarti wants the ghost to stay in the house.

Upstairs, Aarti thinks her son has returned for her love now. She does not want any peace pooja for his ghost. She comes to the room, locks the door, and calls Cheeru. She needs to speak to Cheeru. The cupboard door opens at once. The chair behind Aarti begins to rock. Aarti cries in front of the chair and says Dada ji and her Papa insist on doing the Shrap (peace pooja). Cheeru asks if they want to send him away. Aarti cries that she does not want so, her family will not be compelled by any of her excuse. She wonders what she must do. Cheeru laughs aloud. Aarti was afraid of the laughter, and asks why he laughs. Cheeru asks if Aarti does not want a peace pooja for him? Aarti says she does not want to go away from him. Cheeru tells her to do something so that this task is never accomplished. If anyone tries to do this, he won’t leave anyone.

In the office, Kriparker appreciates Ragini for accomplishing their plan. Ragini says their plan will be completed soon. Jaisima hears their conversation. Kriparker spots him, changes his tone and scolds Janki.

Aarti walks downstairs and felt dizzy on the stairs. Ashok watches her there and comes to support her. Aarti was unconscious, her eyes wide open. Everyone tries to wake her up. Ashok looks towards her family. Maatangi stares towards the stairs, thinking this Cheeru is threatening his mother even when his mother is ready to do anything for him. In the room, Aarti wakes up from the threatening of Cheeru. Everyone asks how she slipped. Aarti was clueless. Ashok asks Aarti where she has been lost for the past days. Aarti denies any such thing. He questions Aarti what it is that she is hiding, Chaitra’s condition is already worsening thinking about Cheeru. Vayda asks Ashok not to be angry, she will speak to Aarti. Ashok says they will face the trouble if Aarti hides something from them today. Bhavani and Vayda tells Aarti to stay in the room, they will get food for her.

Aashok sat in the lounge, angry over Aarti. He gets a call from Ragini but angrily cuts it. Ragini calls again. Ashok asks why she irritates him when he is rejecting the call. Ragini says Aashu Baby seems to be angry today. Ashok scolds her not to calls him Aashu Baby. Ragini says it was office task. Ashok shouts at her not to disturb him at home. Vayda comes to Ashok and asks him not to be tensed. He is never angry. How he will take care of them if he himself is upset.

Vayda sends Ashok to his room with food tray. She asks him to feed Aarti. This might ease tension between them. In the room, Ashok was unable to find Aarti.

Maatangi was watering the plants in the garden. Aarti saw this from the window. Maatangi comes inside behind Aarti. Aarti tells Maatangi she has been in great trouble. On one side, the family wish to conduct the Shrap. On the other hand, Cheeru is angry and threatened to kill everyone if Shrap takes place.

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