Aatma Bandhan 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Maatangi digs the ghost matter

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Aarti screams out of fear. Bhavani and Vayda come there and asks Aarti why she screamed if the plant were burnt. They will plant another Basil. Bhavani thinks she watered Tulsi a few days ago, it was fine. That day when she went to the roof, it seemed someone pushed her. She was confused about the unusual happenings. After everyone had gone, Aarti asks Cheeru why he does this. Cheeru says he only wants Aarti to sing for him, not for these Gods.

In the hall, Rani scolds Aarti for causing this ill omen. She tells Aarti to stay in the house, she and Vayda are going to her friend’s daughter’s wedding and Bhavani must be busy.

Maatangi stood in front of the Aghori Baba. She tells him that Aarti opened the door of temple. The ghost is inside the house. It does not let her tell anyone in the family about it. The Baba says something in Sanskrit. Maatangi understands, its birth and death, rebirth and death again. Before Maatangi could understand Baba leaves in rushed steps.

Aarti was in the room. The curtains move and she hears a creak of door. She turns around and the movement vanishes. She turns to read the book again, and the movement starts over once again. She goes towards the window. Suddenly, the chair behind her rocks. Aarti sits to read once again but could not concentrate. Aarti comes to the dressing table. A stool comes right behind her forcing her to sit. The armchair moves closer and begins to rock. Aarti tries to touch it and stops the rocking of chair. She was emotional. She loosens her grip and the chair rocks again. She places her hand over the arm of chair again. Aarti speaks to Cheeru that she knows he is here. She wants to see his face once only; she wants to know what he wants.

Maatangi comes to the temple and takes the Holy book from there. She reads the meaning of the words Baba chanted. It reads, sleep in mother’s womb. She wonders if Cheeru will be reborn. She was tensed at the thought. Something stalked Maatangi.

Aarti notices Cheeru had left the chair. He selects a book and brings it to Aarti. It was a story book. Aarti understands he wanted her to read it. The chair rocks again. Aarti cries that when earlier she wanted to read him books, he used to hide in wardrobe or over the bed. Now, he wants her to read these poems. She begins to read, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Cheeru begins to cry loud. Aarti asks if he is crying because she is weepy. Aarti wipes her tears and tells him not to cry as well. She says his return shows they cannot be separated from each other. She will sing him lullabies, poems, and stories. She now reads, Jack and Jill…

Maatangi wonders what if she understood it falsely. She must inquire about the hidden matter and then tell Aarti. The Aghori Baba stood right behind Maatangi. He closes the book in Maatangi’s house and says something else in Sanskrit. Maatangi does not understand the meaning. Baba turns to leave. Maatangi hurriedly follows behind and collects the beads of Rudraksh. She decides not to repeat the mistake they did earlier. She owes a lot to Aarti. Maybe it is her chance to pay back. She will help Aarti in anyway. She will counter the evil powers with this Rudraksh.

Maatangi held the Rudraksh at the main door, hopeful that it will help the house. Bhavani and Kriparker reach home. They ask Maatangi if someone came here. Maatangi says it was the same Baba, the Aghori who took Cheeru with him. Bhavani says last time when he came, Cheeru died in the accident. Kriparker decides to call the police. Maatangi says it is not like this, may be he came for begging. Kriparker notices she was hiding something in his hand. She was reluctant to open it. Aarti came to see all this. Maatangi finally opens the hand and was herself shocked to see stones in it. Aarti comes to her defence that she sent Maatangi for these stones. Chaitra was bored and she decided to teach her old games. Kriparker warns Aarti to stay away from this Maatangi. Something moves behind them to frighten everyone.

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