Aatma Bandhan 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Chaitra goes missing

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Cheeru’s shadow appears on the wall in front of Chaitra. Chaitra thanks Cheeru for appearing and listening to her. She requests Cheeru not to harm anyone in the house. Cheeru demands Chaitra to leave the house, otherwise mummy will continue to love her only. It is because of Chaitra that their mummy left him drowning in the river. Now, he will live with mummy and Chaitra must go. Chaitra cries that where she will go, she asks Cheeru to go away. Cheeru hits Chaitra and teases her by ticking of the pen. He says he always wanted mummy to only love him, she must go away.

The next morning in hospital, Aarti and Ashok go outside to fetch the reports. Vayda leaves Chaitra in the waiting area. The boy sat there and asks Chaitra why she looks upset. The boy asks Chaitra why a small boy on the chair stares at her. Chaitra asks why he terrifies her. The boy turns towards a vacant side and asks his mother who is he. The boy says he is her brother Cheeru who hates her. Aarti and Ashok take Chaitra to the doctor.

In the cabin, doctor asks Chaitra why Cheeru would hate her if she loves him. Chaitra blames Aarti for all this. Cheeru always tortures her because Aarti loves her and he dislikes this. He always demands her to leave the house. Aarti asks when did Cheeru say so. Chaitra replies last night, he says Aarti will not love him if she stays around. The doctor tells Chaitra she must ignore Cheeru. Chaitra says Cheeru has reached the hospital behind her and is outside in waiting area. The doctors send Vayda and Chaitra outside.

In the hall, Chaitra requests Vayda to believe her, she is not lying. Vayda leaves Chaitra in the waiting area to bring her juice. The boy there behaved strangely. Chaitra asks if her brother is still there. The boy asks Chaitra to accompany her, he needs to take her somewhere. He stares towards Chaitra, then holds her hand and leaves the hospital. On the streets outside, he leaves Chaitra walking ahead and himself returns to hospital. He walked like Cheeru. In the waiting area, when a nurse comes to take him to his father, the boy walks normally.

Vayda returns with juice for Chaitra and was worried when she was not there. Ashok consoles Aarti for crying. Aarti cried that Chaitra blames her for Cheeru’s behavior. She is a failed mother. Vayda comes behind asking where Chaitra is. Vayda says she had gone to bring juice and Chaitra has gone missing. They all set to look for Chaitra in the hospital. Vayda says from the CCTV footage they can find out where Chaitra has gone. In the CCTV footage, they could only see Chaitra leaving hospital alone. The boy leading her was not there. The three now go on the streets to look for Chaitra. Aarti cries that Chaitra left because of Cheeru.

At night, Cheeru celebrates with laughter, and by tossing Chaitra’s toys. He says he would now see whom mummy loves. In the room, Aarti was sitting with Chaitra’s photo. She hears Chaitra’s voice and comes to find her in her room. She cries wondering what wrong she has done. She thinks Cheeru asked Chaitra to leave the house. What if Cheeru…?? A chair in front of Aarti moves at once. Aarti was shocked, then speaks to Cheeru. The rocking chairs rolls on its own. Aarti speaks to Cheeru if it is you? If he sent Chaitra away from home as well? Aarti hears ringing of a bell around. Soon, a writing appears on the mirror in front of Aarti. Aarti cries and asks Cheeru why he is doing all this and teases Chaitra. She loves Cheeru as well, why he does not understand this. She asks where Chaitra is, she wants her back. Cheeru warns that if anyone knows about this, Chaitra will never return. Aarti screams and cries. Ashok comes to the room. Aarti says Cheeru is here. Ashok was angry at Aarti. Aarti thinks about Cheeru’s warning. Then says she was only afraid what if they lose Chaitra like they lost their Cheeru as well.

Later, Aarti called Cheeru and looked for him around the room. Cheeru rocks the chair again. Aarti throws a white sheet on the chair and can see the reflection of Cheeru. Cheeru says she loves Chaitra only and he hates her for this. He has sent her away from this place, and she will never return to this home again. He laughs aloud while Aarti requests him to bring her back.
Chaitra stood at the edge of a cliff, with a strange determination to jump off.

Precap: Aarti cries in front of Cheeru that if Chaitra also dies, they might not be able to live. Cheeru asks if he didn’t die; now he will teach Chaitra a lesson as well.

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