Aatma Bandhan 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Chaitra under the brunt of Cheeru

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The episode starts with Chaitra tembling on the floor. Paints covered her face. Dadi and Maatangi come there. Maatangi smells it and recognizes it is blood. She was worried as trouble prevails the house. Chaitra cries that it is burning like fire. Dadi asks Maatangi to call Ashok. Aarti and Ashok come home and take her to hospital.
In the hospital, Chaitra asks Aarti if someone is around. She then carefully tells Aarti that Cheeru has returned. He is at home. She drew a cat in book, he drew horns over it. He writes ‘I hate Chaitra’ all over her books. Aarti tells Chaitra that it is because she loved Cheeru and miss him. She has been overthinking.

It was Chaitra’s turn. She sits on the chair to read distant letters on screen, as doctors check her eyesight. Suddenly, Cheeru’s picture flash on screen and Chaitra was terrified. She runs to Aarti that Cheeru is there. The doctor asks who Cheeru is, Ashok says his son died a few days ago. The doctor prescribes a drop to use for a week.

On their way back, Chaitra was sleeping in Aarti’s lap. Ashok asks Aarti what she is thinking. Aarti says Chaitra says weird things these days. She said when she drew cat on the drawing book, horns appeared on the book. She says Cheeru drew it. Ashok tells Aarti to explain Chaitra that this is just her doubt and suspicion. Aarti says her tone did not show it was doubt. Bhavani suggests they will see her drawing book, it will be proven if this is her imagination or real.

At home, Ashok takes Chaitra upstairs. Aarti and Bhavani come to Chaitra’s room to check her book. Bhavani goes towards the book but was afraid as well. She looks towards Aarti for reassurance. The cat had no horns. They claim it as Chaitra’s illusion. Ashok asks Aarti not to speak of ghosts, or horror stories. Ashok and Bhavani leave. The drawing book opens itself and writing from blood appears on it. Aarti was terrified.

The next morning, Krishanprasad and mother had decided to go on Kaashi Yatra for peace of the house. Aarti and Ashok request them to stay at home, it brings them support. Bhavani says she is already taunted in their presence. Her mother tells her not to fight on petty matters. Krishanprasad advices Indraprasad to be a father figure in his absence. He then speaks to Rani that he understands everything going on in the house, above all is the fact that Rani wants to reside with her husband in a different house. Indraprasad will never be happy if away from his family. Like Rani believes this house is his, he believes the house belongs to Rani, he rests the responsibility of house over Rani’s shoulder. Rani smirks that Krishanprasad eased her task. She will change the map of this house, and her first prey is Bhavani.

In the school, Chaitra’s friend asks why she is sitting all alone in the classroom. Chaitra does not move. The teacher asks Chaitra where her homework is. Chaitra stands up that she did not bring it. She apologizes the teacher, but teacher punishes Chaitra to get out of her classroom. Chaitra runs straight to Cheeru’s classroom. She speaks to Cheeru’s empty chair that he did all this, it is because of him that she was punished. She loves him, and he troubles her.

In the school, Aarti and Ashok speak to principal that Chaitra loved her brother. The teacher says Chaitra always used to go to Cheeru’s classroom for lunch and waited outside the gate at off timings. The principal says Cheeru’s death has adversely affected Chaitra’s mind, they must consult a psychiatrist. Aarti says everyone calls her daughter mad. She is being negatively affected. Aarti walks outside. In the garden, Chaitra sat on a swing. All at once it starts moving and the other swing also moves. Aarti hears her cries, Ashok also comes there. They spot the other swing moving on its own.

At home, Vayda tells Bhavani and Ashok that such cases occur in their hospital. It is specially in case of twin children, but she will speak to a senior doctor about Chaitra. Chaitra will need special counselling.

In the temple, Aarti prays God for protection and to teach Cheeru that she loves him and Chaitra equally.

Maatangi overhears the conversation of Ashok, Bhavani and Vayda. She thinks there is surely some trouble. She was about to speak but her voice chokes. The glass of milk fills with blood and it breaks as soon as Ashok and Bhavani come outside. Vayda tells Maatangi to go and wash her hand, she will clean the broken glass. In the mirror, Maatangi could see her own image with black lens haunting her.

PRECAP: Ragini was with Ashok in office, Aarti hears this. Maatangi tries to speak to Aarti but was attacked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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