Aatma Bandhan 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Chaitra hurt by Cheeru

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Maatangi comes to the hall and was shocked to see Cheeru’s fake leg climbing up the stairs. She wonders if this is just a suspicion, or real. This means… She takes a few steps up. Cheeru’s leg fell on the floor. Maatangi thinks this is what she feared. A ghost has entered the house. It will now bring trouble.

The next morning, the teacher gives Chaitra a drawing book and notebook of Cheeru. Cheeru was intelligent, his drawings were different. His thinking was distinct, they miss him. Chaitra takes Cheeru’s notebook to a garden. She sees an elephant with horns, dog with leg disability like Cheeru. She turns the page to see the script, I hate Chaitra. She cries wondering why he hated her, she loves him a lot though. She cuts the hate and instead writes, I love Chaitra.

Ashok was in the office. A lady takes his permission to come in and place a file. He opens it to read, I love you and a rose. Ragini stood in front of him with a smile. Ashok was shocked to see her. She says her certificates reads her name as Janki, he can call her Janu. Ashok asks how she reached here. Ragini says he is always irritated when she calls him. She wanted to love him in the office as well, so not to get her bored. She went to his father, cried in front of Aarti and she recommended her for the job. Ashok says this is wrong. She must leave here. Ragini holds his hands and asks if she must get in his life. An office boy comes to the office to inform him that lorry has arrived. He turns to leave but Ragini tries to stop him.

The school bell rings. Chaitra was still crying in a corner of school garden.

Ashok tells Kriparker that the girl they appointed as accountant is not Janki but Ragini. Ashok tells the whole story to Kriparker. He was afraid what if he gets involved with her affair, he will be insulted. He requests Kriparker to send her away. He does not want to betray Aarti anymore. Kriparker tells him to wipe his tears, he will take care of the matter.

In the school, someone follows Chaitra. It was a school guard who asks Chaitra what she is doing in the garden so late. Chaitra comes to classroom to take her bag. She peeks into Cheeru’s classroom. Suddenly, she senses someone was clicking the pen as Cheeru did. She looks inside again and calls who is inside. The classroom was empty. The guard calls Chaitra downstairs as it is late. Someone haunts Chaitra from behind. A script appears on the blackboard of class, I hate Chaitra.

Chaitra asks the guard to open the door. The guard was not ready to let her go alone. She must call his father. Chaitra requests the guard to let her go. She lives nearby and will walk towards home. Her papa must be busy in office and will scold her for missing her bus. The ghost follows Chaitra outside. On the road, Chaitra feels something was following her. She turns around but it was none. She walks briskly. Again, something was felt behind. She turns again. Something hits Chaitra this time.

In the office, Ragini asks Kriparker if she is threatening her. She will give him few options. She will go straight to the house and show Aarti the proves of Aashok’s videos spent at her place. If he does not oust her, she will not show the videos. Kriparker thinks he was using her for his benefit, and here she intends to overtake him. Ragini hugs Kriparker and with a change tone teases that she wanted to see whose side he was on. Jaysima watched this from outside the office door. He wonders what is going on in office.
Chaitra fells on the floor and then runs at full speed. She runs to Ashok and hugs him, crying. He asks why she did not give his number to security and came alone. Chaitra cries and requests to go home first. In the car, Ashok asks if she could not hear the school off bell. Chaitra tells Ashok that teacher returned Cheeru’s drawing book. He had drawn horns on elephant, and a dog wearing stun shoes. Ashok asks Chaitra if teacher did not comment about her doll house project.

It was night. Rani comes to the hall with sandwiches. Before she returns with TV remote the sandwiches were not there. She spots Bhavani eating her sandwiches. Bhavani reminds Rani when she had snatched her coffee. Bhavani says if she won’t return her takes, it will be difficult to live. Rani forbids her to be a hurdle on her way. Rani shouts, Bhavani! Chaitra comes to the table and asks Bhavani if someone who dies ever returns. Rani says they do sometimes. They return as ghosts, and teases those they dislike. Bhavani taunts that a ghost lives in this house as well and makes at least one thing wrong a day. Rani scolds if this is about her? She thinks Bhavani is the shrewdest in this house. Rani leaves the table. Bhavani stops Chaitra and says those who go to God never return. This ghost, spirit is nothing. She only wanted to terrify Chachi.

At night, Chaitra’s friend Ananya calls her. Dadi calls Chaitra from downstairs. Chaitra discusses with Ananya that she is drawing a cat. She decides to draw a dog. Chaitra tells her to send her on papa’s phone. Chaitra asks about mummy. Dadi says she wanted to distribute clothes to orphans.

Chaitra goes to the room. Someone was overwriting her drawing and even draws horns of cat. She was hit and falls on the floor.

PRECAP: In the hospital, Chaitra tells Aarti that Cheeru has come home. Chaitra’s swing moves on its own. She was terrified. Maatangi sees her own haunted image in the mirror.

Update Credit to: Sona

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