Aashiqui-A Story Of Eternal Love (Shot 8)

Arjun lifted Radhika bridal style and took her upstairs. The room was doomed in darkness and dead silence. He puts her on her feet and switched on the lights. The room brightened up with twinkling shining lights. It looked as the room was made out of gold. Her eyes grew wide in shock and surprise.

The wall behind the bed was decorated with their wall size wedding picture. Other walls proudly displayed her multiple pictures and some of them were not known to her as they were clicked without her notice.

He hugged her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder and whispered, ” So did you like it?!”

She pushed away his arms gently and turned to him and spoke,” It’s beautiful but can you really give me whatever I want?!”

He cupped her face and stared at her lovingly and stated,” You just have to ask. I can bring down the moon for you.”

She crossed armed her chest and smirked,” What will I do with the moon?! I want to work. I don’t want to sit at home and be a typical housewife.”

His expression changed in a minute. The love that swam in his eyes was now surfaced by a bit of anger. He thought that why does she need to work when he was earning billions every month.

He caught hold of her shoulder and his eyes shooting daggers at her as he ground the words angrily between his teeth,”You won’t work. I don’t want you to work.”

She battled her eyebrows angrily and furiously snarled, ” Who are you to decide that?! It’s my life.”

He caught hold of her jaw and pressed it hard making her cry out in pain and tears rolled down her cheeks. He stated angrily,” I am your husband so don’t you dare ask who am I to you. You are not working that’s it.”

Radhika tried pushing him away but couldn’t move him even an inch. She gave up and walked away from him.

She turned to him and spoke in a low clipped tone,” Let’s get divorced Arjun. I don’t want to stay married to you. You just want to control and dominate me.”

He strode towards her and caught her by her neck and growled in animalistic tone, “I’ll kill you if you ever utter that word again.”

She jerked off his hand with a lot of tiring efforts and her eyes flooded with hot angry chaotic tears trailing down her cheeks. She whispered in a weak voice,” Fine then kill me and get over this. I am tired now.”

His anger was out of the window instead guilt and regret found place in his heart. He felt a knife twisted in his heart when her tears flow out unstoppably.

He tried to reach her but she lifted her hand stopping him. She looked into his eyes and her heart ached to see his eyes reddened with tears he was holding back.

He made her sit on the bed and kneeled down in front of her. She was shocked at first and then a bit confused about what is on his mind. He took her hand in his and locked his eyes with hers and asked,” Do you remember our childhood?! how I, you and Aryamaan use to play a game and in that I always made sure you be my wife not his.”

Why was he bringing that up now?! That makes no sense. Still she nodded indicating that she remembered everything.

“I could never see you with someone else. Our fathers had decided to get us married before we were born. I always felt pressurized by that mentally. I had the freedom to date girls and live my life but at the end of the day I had to do what Dad wanted me to do. When I was away from my family, away from you in California I lived my life exactly the way I wanted. I hated being dominated by my dad. I was never such a person who obeyed others. He always took your side and he punished me when I made you cry. We were good friends but I was a bit jealous of you from the very beginning because you were my father’s favourite. He pampered you more than me and Aryamaan. I tried to take you out of my mind by dating other girls but you never left my mind free from your thoughts. When I returned you had grown up into a beautiful Aphrodite. I use to steal glances at you but never let you know it. I didn’t know what to call it. Endless Attraction or Addicting lust. But I kept away from you because hurting you wasn’t an option for me. I wanted to keep you safe from me and all other wolves too. I knew that fighting my attraction for you would be strenuous task in your presence that is why I always pushed you away and never accepted your friendship. I didn’t wanted any weaknesses in my life and you were turning into my weakness. I wanted to posses the whole world in my fist. I was so damn ambitious and didn’t wanted anything to get in my way to success. Dad’s health was deteriorating and all the business was taking a toll on his health. I couldn’t see him like that. I wanted to prove myself. I wanted to take all his tensions and worries over my shoulders. I was already handling business but he wouldn’t make me the official head without putting a condition.”

Radhika’s eyes widened as she mouthed,” And the condition was our marriage, wasn’t it?!”

He nodded and his eyes dropped as guilt gripped his heart. He knew she would be heartbroken after knowing that he only married her for his Dad. He inhaled some air in his lungs and opened his eyes and spoke,” Radhika that’s not the only reason behind our marriage. I would have never got myself blackmailed into a marriage with some other girl. I would have kicked off the business and walked away. I really liked you but wasn’t ready to accept it. You were so innocent, inexperienced, pure and kind and I was your complete opposite. I couldn’t accept the fact that I could like a virgin Mary like you. But I wasn’t ready for marriage. I didn’t wanted to marry so soon. I felt frustrated when my father forced me into this. I couldn’t turn my back to my family. Aryamaan wasn’t interested in business and as the elder son I was always expected to set an example. I couldn’t shrug off my responsibilities and walk away. Radhika, I am extremely sorry for all the pain I caused you. You deserve all the happiness of this world and I threw all the sorrow of this world in your way. I can’t explain you how guilty I am. I wish I could go back in past and change everything. But I can’t. I am so helpless. I was so blind to see your love for me. I was under so much of parental pressure that I failed to understand that you were no where at fault in this whole situation. I had a happy go Lucky life and all of sudden a mountain of responsibilities fell on my shoulders. I couldn’t handle it. Dad was ill and he was lacking in taking care of business because of his old age and health. Moreover he had taken a oath to get me married by hook or by crook. I was so frustrated by his constant pressurising and blackmailing that at last I gave in. Mom had her own share of expectations from her elder son. I couldn’t fail them. And that is why I said yes to our alliance.”

Radhika burst into tears,” I was just a business deal for you. You got your dad’s business in return of marrying me.And what I got?! A marriage which seems more like a prison cell.”

He shook his head in denial and spoke in a hard harsh despicable tone,” No you were never a deal for me. I was terribly guilty for doing this to you. You deserved a lot better than me but I was obsessed with you since the day you were born. On the top of it you had so many suitors and I didn’t wanted you to marry someone else. I was so jealous.  I thought I’ll marry you and fulfill my dad’s condition. But then my conscience was killing me because I had lied to you about all this. I tried my best to make you hate me so that you’ll leave me one day. But you were so devoted to me that you couldn’t hear a word against me. I always knew you were in love with me and dreamed of our marriage happening one day because this oldies had put all this in our minds since the very childhood. I felt you are too good for me and I just wanted to keep you safe from the real me. I didn’t thought that I was capable of loving you back. So I thought the easiest way to push you away is hurting you. Radhika baby I am so sorry. I was just to proud to admit that I liked you. You were special to me. It has always been you. I misunderstood my love to be some immense attraction or devilish sinful lust. I didn’t wanted to break your heart so I kept away from you but didn’t even let someone else have you. You have no idea how many I have ground into pulp for you. I was jealous of yours and Aryamaan’s friendship too. I had punched the hell out of him when he had taken you to the prom. But he like my true younger brother admitted that he didn’t had feelings for you and he just asked you to be his date for prom so no one else could ask you as he knew I’ll be mad if anyone did. I had mixed feelings after our marriage.”

She gasped,” Now I get it why I wasn’t wooed much in my college and no guy dared to go beyond friendship with me. It was you who had staked claim on me. Oh God I hate you so much. I never got to enjoy my college life because of you. I missed flirting and going on dates.”

His eyes turned flat, icy cold, stony as he heard her. He gripped her wrist tightly and growled, “Of all other things that I confessed you picked up just that. I said I was keeping you safe. My dad wanted me to protect you and I just didn’t wanted you to make a mistake. I always had your back because you were mine since the time you were born.”

Radhika angrily replied,” Since the time I was born?! Are you even hearing yourself?! We were children for God’s sake. You were seven when I was born. You are a sadist.”

He chuckled,”It’s all because of you. You look like a blood stirring temptress. You have a body to die for. You don’t know how popular you were in the males of your college. I had even send Aryamaan there to keep a watch over you.”

Radhika glared at him with a bit of anger,”Oh now I get it why he tagged along with me wherever I went. He always said he had a reason for watching over me but he never revealed the reason to me. So the reason was you.”

Arjun pulled her cheeks and spoke in an amused tone,” You look so cute like kitty when you are angry.”

Radhika scoffed,” Shut up I am really angry. You have hidden so many things from me and you don’t look sorry at all. You should be taught a lesson which your parents have forgotten to teach you. You should be taught to respect others wishes.”

He smiled ear to ear. A smile which he gave only few. He mischievous replied, ” Oh be my guest but before that let me teach you how to be a good wife.” He traced his finger on her neck and trailed it down until it reached the top of her br*ast.

Blush seared through her cheeks and for a minute she thought her face was on fire. She shook her head,” You are not touching me until you change yourself. And I am very serious. You have get rid of this arrogant and controlling nature of yours then only there will be us.”

Will Arjun really change for Radhika?!

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