Aashiqui-A Story Of Eternal Love (Shot 3)

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Sam shook the sleeping form of Radhika gently but she won’t wake up at all. She shook her up again applying little more pressure but all in vain. She leaned near her ear and screamed her lungs out making all the blood in Radhika’s veins freeze in deadening fear. A gasp escaped her lips as they quivered. She got up with a jerk and moved her gaze all around her. The sound of her own pulse throbbed in her ears. She remembered the bitter memory of the past when Arjun had set alarm of creepy loud ear piercing sounds in tons of alarm clocks. Her eyes welled up at that heartbreaking memory.

Sam lovingly caressed her face and tucked her loose strands behind her ears and assured,” You are not in his house. You are here with me. Safe and sound. ”

Radhika was so close to break down so she hugged Sam looping her hands around her waist and buried her face in her stomach and sobbed  rubbing her the bridge of her nose consequently.

Sam patted her head gently,” Radhika just forget him like a dream which you were dreaming last night and welcome the new sun with a new vehemence and spirit.”

Radhika pulled back and looked up. She stared at her best friend who recognized each heartbeat of hers. Her gaze was filled with no sympathy or pity which Radhika expected from all after her broken marriage will be no longer a secret. Instead it was full of liveliness, fortitude and over the top attitude to win and only win.

Radhika couldn’t help but admire Sam for her courage and the power and strength she possessed. She was a divorcee but still she believed that her divorce was the best decision of her life. She lived life on her terms and preached others to do so.

Sam and her ex husband, Neil had a kind of marriage which was anything but blissful. They loved each other to death But Neil’s mother always disliked Sam as she was ambitious and far more successful than her son. She started plotting against Sam and created a rift between the lovebirds. And at last Sam lost her cool and threw the divorce papers on his face, putting a full stop to her drifted apart marriage. There were some major misunderstandings between them and bitterness and lack of trust took them far from each other. 

Radhika looked up to Sam in many ways and that idolization pushed her to take a stand for herself and stop feeling sorry for herself. She learnt a lesson today that always keep your self respect and self-esteem above all other things.

Radhika got up and gave Sam a bone crushing hug and pecked her cheek and left to freshen up.

After taking a warm shower, she stood in front of the mirror clad in a sleeveless red stylish kurti and white leggings. She felt different today as if it was a new birth. No wedding locket, no pinch of red vermilion in her scalp, no wedding bangles, no ring on her middle finger and no husband to hurt her feelings and make her feel worthless. Life had brought her on the unknown unexplored point which she wasn’t sure about. Should she be happy or cry over all that slipped out of her hand?!

She lined a perfect stroke of a black kohl over her bushy eyelashes and applied a layer of strawberry lip gloss on her lotus petals lips and got ready for the new job. She knew life was never going to be the same and she was ready for all the challenges God will throw in her way.

Arjun lifted his eyelids leisurely and pulled off the quilt over his torso. He was so used to getting a morning green tea by Radhika that without it his day never started properly.

He got up and sat on the bed and glanced over at the side table. There was no cup of green tea he expected to see. He yelled angrily,” Radhika where the hell is my green tea?! Are you deaf?! Where the hell are you?!”

But there was no Radhika to say a ‘Haan ji’ or ‘Sorry Arjun’ which she always did. There was no fragrance of her lavender perfume or no jingles of the bangles which he was used to. There was no Radhika to make breakfast for him with all her heart and soul. There were no sounds of  footsteps running up and down the stairs like they did when he made her run errands doing all the chores. The whole house looked like a deserted mansion with no life in it. It was just a house of walls because home is made on foundation of love and trust in the family members.

He missed her innocent childish blabbering she did while he stuffed breakfast in his mouth and never found it necessary to reply her. The whole house haunted him with her memories. He had said he couldn’t breath in the same air with her But now she seemed more important than the oxygen itself.

He got ready in his formals and descended down the staircase to reach down the hall. He switched on the lights. There was no aroma of delicious food cooking in pan by her.

There was no Radhika to request and plead with him to have some food before going to office. He badly wanted to hear her chirpy voice but only dead silence greeted his ears. He thought of dialing her no but then decided against it. This was what he always wanted then why it was heart breaking now?! Why he felt so empty, lonely and homeless now?!

He left the house without having a morsel of food. He sat inside his car and instructed the driver to start the car. He lowered his window plane and peeped outside. The cool breezing hits his face and caused his dark untamed hair to fly on their on record. He felt connected to Radhika as he believed that the same breeze must be blowing her loose strands teasingly. He whispered all of sudden,”Radhika…. ”

Radhika stood before the majestic exterior of Birdsong, one of the  grossing advertising brand. Sam took her inside and introduced to all other employees. Later she dragged her to Sameer’s cabin who was smitten by Radhika in the very first meeting. He read some pain in her eyes which gave birth to new interest and curiosity to know more about her. She was beautiful but her smile didn’t reached her heart.

He got a big list of dos nd don’ts from Sam when he talked about Radhika to her. He understood that his sister was really protective about Radhika and even he felt the same emotion when he stared deep in to those brown orbs drowned in sorrow and pain. He wanted to be friends with her and wanted to know her more. He fell for her innocence, courage, strength and do or die attitude and last but not the least her kind heart. She would hid her pain for all but would spread smiles all around her. She was an amazing cook and she never got tired of cooking new recipes and treating him and Sam every alternate day. He wondered who was that jerk who let go off her. She was just perfect and he couldn’t understand what was the definition of word perfect in her husband’s dictionary. She was cute, naughty, sweet, beautiful, understanding, innocent, intelligent and hardworking and the list went on. He could write a book on her. He was head over heels for her But Radhika still had feelings for Arjun which were not vacating her heart for anyone else.

#2 months later#

Arjun stood by the window placing his strong arm on the wall adjacent to the window. He had missed Radhika like hell. Every morning seemed like dark desolate night and night was the worst when he was alone and her thoughts will never leave him alone. He had not even thought about divorce for once in this two months. She had occupied his heart, body and soul. Why he had to be so rude to her?! Why couldn’t he keep her happy like she deserved?! Will she ever forgive him?! Will she come back to him and give him a chance?! Will she even see his face after what he did?! What he feared the most was Radhika giving his place to someone else in her life. No he won’t let that happen. Once he claims something than it stays his forever.

“Shut the f**k up Arjun. Radhika is not a thing or object. She is a human made of flesh and blood.” His conscience stated.

“True that. But she is mine. She can’t move on. I won’t let her. She has to be mine or else.” He replied to his conscience.

“Or else what Arjun?! What you’ll do?! You did enough now. She is not some business deal. She is a human who has a heart which you broke beyond repair. At least now let her live her life. You don’t have any rights on her now. She is not yours.” His conscience argued.

His jaw hardened and he fisted. His anger was at its peak. He punched his fist on the wall and screamed at top of his voice,” No Never. She was mine. She is mine and will always remain mine. I didn’t learn sharing my whole life and I certainly don’t wish to start with my wife.”

Just then his friend, Parth  barged inside his cabin and shocked at the sight before him.

He stopped Arjun from punching his fist on the wall again,” Are you mad?! Dare you do it again.”

Arjun pushed him away,” Just get lost. I am in no mood to listen your lecture. ”

Parth argued, ” Oh it’s always about what you want. I am so sorry it just slipped out of my mind.”

Arjun growled,” LEAVE PARTH.”

Parth stated,” Look what you have done to yourself. God gave you everything But you just never valued anything. You have the best parents of the world yet you distanced yourself from them for 7 years because you wanted a carefree life and no one to point out your mistakes. You didn’t deserved her yet you got the perfect wife any man could have. She loved and worshipped you But what you gave her in return?! Unbearable Pain, Beyond limits Insult and Immeasurable humiliation. You have everything today. Name, Fame and Money. But you are the most unlucky man I ever met.”

Arjun silently listened without fighting back or attempting to close his friend’s mouth.

Parth lost control over his mouth in the heat of the moment, ” If Radhika was my wife. I would have never let her go.”

That’s it. Arjun saw blood. How dare he?! His anger was at its peak. His eyes reddened with a murderous rage burning in them.

He punched Parth hard in his gut,” How dare you?! Didn’t I made it clear that you all have to address her as bhabhi?! You dare to take her name once again with your f**ked up mouth and I promise will put burning coal in your mouth.”

Parth wiped the blood from corner of his lips. He lifted his hands up,” OK I won’t take her name. But do you really think punishing yourself will help you get her back?! Arjun time does not waits for anyone. If you don’t respect it Time is surely going to kick your backside hard. She can move on with time. Before that make a move or else mourn after her your whole life.”

Parth advised him with a hidden meaning behind his words which Arjun wasn’t a fool to not understand. He left Arjun alone thereafter

Arjun lived a life of dead corpse for all this two months. He had just drown himself in work and didn’t cared about a wink of sleep or food. He just worked and worked to get away from her thoughts. As whenever he would sit idle, his mind could think anything but Radhika. His heart took her name with every heartbeat. He had not dared to call his family and inform them that they were not together anymore. He had come to realize that he had found his home in Radhika and now that she was not there, He felt no less than a orphan. He would cry in the nights remembering how good she was to him and how inhuman he behaved with her. His immense guilt was killing him inside out. He couldn’t raise courage to call her or meet her though he knew every minute details about her. He had hired bodyguards to follow her wherever she went But it was a secret from her. It was for her safety so he could relax thinking that she was safe and sound though away from him. He felt he deserved this hell void of love and care and most importantly without Radhika. His Radhika. He didn’t even know that he still had the right to call her his or not.

The best punishment for a person is the cold shoulder from the person he loved most. Days passed but Arjun was stuck at one place. He was like a dry tree waiting for rain with all his heart. His rain was none other than Radhika who he loved more than his life now. He missed her with every breath he took.

He had to get ready for a stupid business party which was the talk of town. All big businessman owning vast business empires would be there. He knew he would have to answer his dad if he didn’t attend the event. And he wasn’t in the mood to fight and push away more loved ones.

He got ready in his dark black coloured tuxedo and looked as handsome as a Greek God. But little did he know that today he was going to meet his loved one.

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