Aashiqui-A Story Of Eternal Love (Shot 1)

Hello Friends. Back with new short story. My way to express the happiness I feel with the end of my exams. Lol. Do read and tell me your reviews. I’ll start updating my ffs in April.

The moonlight was flowing in through and there was ample light in the room for her to find her way in dark. Outside was nothing but moon speckled darkness, but at least it was not the kind of utter blackness that swallowed a person whole, it was instead a shadowy world painted in grey-scale.

Radhika was pacing back and forth in the room wondering why he wasn’t home yet. Though he didn’t see her as his wife which she was But still after living together under one roof for six months, She couldn’t help but feel care and concern for him. He had made it clear to her on their first night itself that their marriage was just a liability for him. He married her against his own wishes because his own father blackmailed him to do so. He was going to take over their business only when he tied a knot to some respectable righteous girl of his parent’s choice.

She still remembered how he picked up a pillow and blanket and walked out to other room. Did he ever cared about how rejected, unwanted, undesired, worthless she felt from that day to this very moment?! Why would he?! He just loved himself and No one else. He had so much power, authority and that dominating aura seethed deep in his veins. She couldn’t help but admire his achievements. In just 6 months after taking over His business was grossing worldwide. He hardly stayed home and when he showed his face, it seemed more like the sun rose from the west today. Not that he talked to her in fact he would just ask her if she needed something or not. His questions expected all singular answers. She still tried her best to make this relationship work for her and their family. What was she supposed to tell his mom who was constantly pestering her with grandson demands?! If he hadn’t touched her for once in this six months how was she going to give her a grandson?!

He didn’t sleep around and that was the only relief down her spine But he had once mentioned to her that he wasn’t willing to give up his bachelorhood and get hitched. Her first cousin, Rithwik who studied with him in Harvard university had told her that he was a hardcore Playboy first before flying back to India. He had said Arjun didn’t wanted to give his mom a heart attack exposing her to the real raw side of her only son. He had to put on a act in front of her and He did. He could actually give competition to Oscar winning actors when it came to putting on a show. No one could tell that they didn’t had a thing between them. Not that she liked fooling everyone and playing with their emotions But she had no other option. The last time she tried to tell his mom, He went berserk and lashed out on her in the most icy cold voice she ever heard. No one in her family had ever narrowed their eyes at her as she was the only girl born in their family. She was treated like a princess by everyone else other than him. He would just find loopholes in everything she did. Last time when she had made a sweet dish for the first time in her life, all were in awe of her except him. He had insulted her efforts straight on her face. He had mocked her stating she was good for nothing. Throughout the night. She had cried burying her face in her pillow and he only smirked and left her on her own. How could someone be so heartless?! How could someone hurt someone so much and feel not even an iota of guilt?! Who was she kidding?! He was the cold hearted prince who rejoiced others pain and suffering. She had always dreamed about a real prince charming like those in Cinderella, sleeping beauty and snow white’s stories. And what a irony, She got a handsome prince with no heart to love her. She tried to groom herself in someone she was not and for whom?! Her so called husband who was nothing but a complete stranger to her. She still remembered how he took her to a business party and left her alone in a corner to dance with one of his business delegate. She was asked by many there for a dance But she was too virtuous to dance with another man being wife of other. She didn’t wanted to stoop low at his level. And yesterday when she met Sam after years and poured out all her pain before her soul sister. Sam being Sam was ready to kick his backside hard for causing her so much pain. It nearly took her two hours to calm that burning hot volcano. What’s the use of fighting with him?! You can’t force someone to love and care for you, can you?! No its impossible. He just didn’t felt the way she felt for him. Her feelings were not some that developed with time after their marriage. She had fallen for him the day she had seen him for the first time when he came along with his parents to meet her parents. He had so much of classy elegant royalty in everything he did. The moment her eyes met those midnight black eyes, her heart stopped for a moment and later pounded fast as ever. But God made her learn a hard lesson in this six months which was ‘ appearances are deceptive

She twined her neck in the direction of the walk clock. It was past 1 am now. Did he met with an accident?! Did something happened to him?! Why he isn’t home yet?! He always drops message or asks his receptionist to call her and tell her that he is going to stay the night at office. Radhika get over it. He hates you and is staying away to escape seeing your moon face as he calls you. Just go to sleep. Why torture your big donut like eyes for someone who does not even acknowledge your relationship with him?! Everyone She befriended complimented that her eyes are one of the most beautiful things they ever saw But he just mocks her on her face stating her eyes look like two big donuts stuck on her face.

Just then she heard slamming sound of door behind her back. She turned towards it and saw him. He entered inside banging the door open with too much force than it was needed. But what caught her eye was the lipstick marks on his white shirt and his ironed shirt had all wrinkles all over it. His blazer was in his other hand folded over his elbow But what did this all things indicate?!

Radhika cried thinking to herself,”He probably had a good night f**k and you are torturing yourself waiting for him. No no this can’t happen. He cheated on me. How could he?! How could he do this to me?! If he had to this then why did he ruined my life by marrying me?! Why Arjun?!”

She ran towards him and blocked his way. He tried to move forward from other side but she stood in his way again. He glared at her angrily and balled his fist in fiery furnace.

He spoke gritting his teeth,” Get the f**k out of my way.”

She replied in a strong voice,” Not until you answer my questions. You are not going anywhere till you give me answers to my questions. ”

He spoke in a irritated tone,” What do I look like?! Google app to you huh?! I am in no mood for your stupid games go eat someone else’s brains.”

She stated,” You are my husband and there are some questions which only you could answer not some app. And don’t give me that shit that you don’t see this marriage as a real one. Because believe me I am really tired hearing that now. You accept or not but we are married. If you don’t answer my questions, I will find a way out to get my answers and trust me you won’t be pleased with that method of mine.”

He gawked at her from head to toe. When did the timid rabbit transformed in to a tigress?! Never had she even glared at him let alone back answering or raising her voice. He threw the blazer away and crossed his arms to his chest and towered over her,” Shoot your questions. ”

She stepped back,” Stay away Arjun.”

He cocked his eyebrow,” Why?! You said that you are my wife and we are married. So that gives me all rights on you. And this is what you yearned for all this six months. Then why not now?!”

All he saw was fury burning in those eyes with colour of brown sugar. He didn’t understood why he felt a throbbing pain in that organ heart which he thought was only necessary for pumping and purifying human blood not for these love nonsense.
She take a step back and said,” Stay where you are. Don’t come near me.”

He laughed darkly,” Really?! Nothing could happen between us even if you were the last female left on the earth, don’t you know this?! I don’t touch low standard foul. You know that, don’t you?!

She gulped her pain and tears down her throat. She didn’t let her tearful and painful vulnerability affect the courage that ignited in her.

She scoffed,” Yah right. Now guess what even I think the same. Just answer this did you cheat on me?!”

He narrowed his gaze at her,” I don’t owe you any answers and I am not going to answer that. But don’t you worry your future is secure. I won’t divorce you for my family. So get the f**k over it now.”

He tried to walk pass her but she obstructed his path again and stood rooted to the ground with a unfathomable determination in her eyes.

She warned,” Don’t you walk away today. I want an answer and I want it now.”

He shrugged his shoulders,” And I said I am not answering. Why this jealousy and possessiveness?! Are you falling in love with me?!”

She let out a sad laugh,” Love!!! Who can ever love you?! Trust me no one can. We all just put up with you for your mom. I am not jealous. Not at all. I am disgusted by you. I am regretful of being your wife. I am amazed by your limit of stooping low.”

He took a threatening step towards her staring at her murderously. He pushed her back and her back hit the wall behind her. He caged her placing his arms on either side of her and snarled,” What did you say?! Repeat it again.”

She stated,” I can repeat it as many times you want to hear it. I am no more scared of you.”

He pointed a finger,” Listen you….”

She caught his finger and lowered its altitude and said,” I had enough of you now. I am not going to take this anymore. You insulted me enough. Now I am not going to let you hurt me. I want this to end as soon as possible. I can’t live with you under one roof anymore. Can’t even breath in the same air.”

He chuckled, ” The feeling is mutual. Tell me what do you want?!”

She took a deep breath and let out in a low yet firm hard tone,” Divorce. ”

He was taken aback by her answer. He wasn’t expecting this at all. Apart from the part that he underestimated her a lot. He even took her for granted. But this is what he always wanted to happen. He was troubling and torturing her in this past few months to make her say this word. He tried her patience in every single way one could. He just wanted her to leave him so he could go back to US and his rich thrilling lifestyle. Now when she wanted the same thing then why he wasn’t feeling even a ounce of happiness. He was supposed to celebrate and throw a ravishing party to rejoice the moment then why was he feeling that nerve wrecking emptiness in the deepest of his being.

She continued staring into his eyes,” I am going to leave you and your house tomorrow. I will talk to my parents and you talk to yours. They’ll understand with time that we are just to different from each other and incompatible. I don’t want a penny from you. So if you are thinking I might take you to court and demand an alimony. Then you are terribly wrong. My parents have taught me to stand up on my own feet no matter what. And I will to make them proud.”

Both of them hit the bed thereafter. Arjun was lost in deep thoughts. He felt anything but heart breaking pain which he couldn’t understand why. This is what he always wanted to happen and now when his wish had turned into a reality he could see and confirm that its true, then why did it hurt?! What seemed so right all this days now all of sudden, seemed the most wrongful thing to him. How was he supposed to deal with this now?! He told himself that its just a phase of life which which will pass away. Maybe he was just feeling guilty about his misbehavior towards her in all this six months. He remembered how she never insulted him like he always did and left no chance to hurt her. She had always been good to him and all others even those who hate her. Did she ever felt frustrated with him?! Did she ever feel to mix poison in his food which she made by all her heart?! No she never took out her anger on him. What was she made of?! Is she even a human?! She seemed more like a divine being who have no vile thoughts about even the sinners on the earth. He tossed relentlessly on the bed but couldn’t catch even a second of sleep.

He dozed off when the first ray of sun flowed in through the glass window. He woke when he heard footsteps closer to the side table. He leisurely lifted his eyelashes only to see her in whole new form. Clad in jeans and a sleeveless red kaftan with no wedding signs on her body, She stood before him. She looked beautiful but he didn’t like the sudden change of dressing sense. He was hurt to find no wedding locket around her neck and angry to find no trace of red vermilion in her scalp. But he chose to remain quiet. This was going to happen and he only wanted this. But couldn’t she wait for the divorce procedure to start and end.

He got up and stared at her,” Are you leaving now?!”

She replied in a icy cold voice,” Yes. But I want a small help.”

He replied in a second,” Yah you are always welcome.”

She started in a low clipped tone,” I talked to Maa in the morning. They have fixed Riya’s marriage which is going to happen in December of this year. If we announce about our divorce now it might affect my sister’s marriage and I don’t want that to happen. I am not telling that we have to delay the divorce. Can we just not tell them right now?! We can get divorced and keep it a secret until she starts her married life. Please do this for me. And its a request not a obligation. You can say a no if you don’t want to do it.”

He didn’t like the way she was distrusting him and not having even a inch of belief on him. He treated Riya like his own sister though she was his sister in law. Hell she though he’ll say a no and spoil her life. No he can’t do that to Riya. He got up from the bed and took a step towards her making her step back.

He stated,” Riya  is my sister too. I can do anything for her even if it means lying to everyone. Don’t worry you have my word.”

She said in a small voice,” Thank you.”

He asked,” Are you sure about this?! I mean we could just forget last night and stay like we used to. I won’t hurt you from now on and I…”

She cuts him off in middle, ” I haven’t been so much sure about anything in my life. What is the use of a marriage with no emotions in it?! Its better to end such a sham. I can start afresh and even you can. ”

He didn’t understood when his hands balled in to tight fist hearing her words. He was staring at her without a blink. He was feeling so much of unjustified unreasonable unbounded fury inside him that he felt like punching the hell out of his punching bag.

She spoke,” I have packed my stuff and I am leaving now. I made both breakfast and dinner. Please eat that because this will the last time you will have to eat something made by me.”

He nodded,” Thanks But you didn’t had to do that. I mean I could have ordered something. ”

She smiled,” Maa says always do good to someone before saying a goodbye. You can even order now and throw the food in the bin.”

He was at lost of words. He didn’t know what to speak further. It was such a awkward moment for him. He was having a tug of war between his heart and brains. One wanted her to stay and other wanted her to go. He was concerned about her safety too. Where will she stay?! She was new here and hardly had any friends here.

He queried,” Where will you stay?! I mean with whom will you stay?! If you want I can arrange something for you.”

She couldn’t believe what fell on her ears. He was actually inquiring about her whereabouts hereafter. Why did he care?! He is getting his freedom and bachelorhood back then why was he bothered about her life now.

She stated, ” No I don’t need any help. I am going to stay with a friend. You don’t need to stress yourself anymore. ”

He couldn’t describe in words how much he hated her cold expression and that impassive tone of hers. He felt the urge to just stop her but he controlled it.

He questioned,” Which friend?!”

She replied,” You don’t know that friend. And why are you so concerned?! I am an adult and I can take care of myself.”

Arjun,” Yah right you can.” His POV, ” your innocence can beat even a two year old kid’s innocence.”

He picked up his car keys lying on the side table and spoke,” I’ll drop you.”

She shook her head,” No need.”

He argued,” Why?! It could save the money you’ll give to cab driver.”

She retorted,” But it’ll crush my self esteem which I don’t want to happen. I can’t take favours from you and I have to learn to be on my own. So please don’t make it more difficult for me.”

He threw the car keys away angrily and they bounced against the wall before lying in some corner of the room, ” Fine I won’t drop you.”

#Few Hours Later#

Radhika locked the door of her room and crashed on her knees. Her hands palmed her face hiding it. Her immense sadness flowed through her veins and deadened her mind. It was a poison to her spirit, dulling her killing off her other emotions until it was the only one that remained. She had pretended to be so strong before him But this was real her. Her broken self crying over the heart that he broke, crushed and stomped his foot on.

She knew she could never love anyone like she loved him so there was no question of how she was going to get over him. But she knew that she did right for herself and even for him. Now he could live the way he wanted to live without her being tailing behind him with that not so special tag of wife. She gave him his happiness and this was her only satisfaction that she could please her love for once in her whole lifetime.

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