Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update: Darsh helps Nandini learn

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The Episode starts with Darsh and Nandini attending the English class. Shobit comes and sees them. He gets angry. Darsh checks and says you are writing it in a way that I can just touch and know it. He corrects her. The teacher says class ends today, you have to do the homework. Nandini thanks the teacher and Darsh. Darsh says you can type the email and send it to anyone you want, you are learning fast, you will learn everything well, you handle the Goa project reviews. He goes. Rajvi comes and says oh, english classes, Darsh is trying to become a good husband. Nandini says good boss, what does review mean. Rajvi says he wants you to do MBA in a way. Nandini asks her to teach her about online marketing. Rajvi explains her about it. Nandini asks about customer review. Rajvi says suppose if any customer doesn’t like your sweets. Nandini says this never happened. Rajvi says overconfidence is bad, customer will give his reviews on the sweets, if they like it or not. Namrata comes. She insults Nandini.

Nandini answers her back. Rajvi smiles. Namrata leaves from there. Darsh and Shobit play cricket. Shobit troubles him. Darsh asks where is your focus, you told the wrong direction. Shobit says you did a mistake, I m younger and can mistakes, you were trying to get close to Nandini, she was feeling uncomfortable, she was making irritated face in the class. Darsh says I sat with her thinking she is nervous. Rajvi comes and says she wasn’t uncomfortable, she was happy. Darsh asks did she say this. Rajvi says yes. He asks what else did she say. She says she enjoyed the class, she didn’t say anything about you. He says very soon, I will convince her. Shobit thinks I will break your overconfidence. Rajvi says of course, I can see her love for you. She asks him have juice.

Darsh goes to Nandini. She asks her did she write the email. Nandini says I m doing the same. He asks do you have email id already. She says yes, I had made it to link the bank account. He asks shall I help. She says one shouldn’t give atm pin and password to anyone, this enter key is stuck like the escape key. He says once you escape, its tough to enter, whom are you going to mail. She says Namrata. He thinks I was expecting her to write a mail to me. He asks why. She says its my wish. He says fine, write soon and send it. She says I don’t know her email id. He tells her. She writes an email. He asks her to send it. He says its sent. She asks what, no, I didn’t had to send her, I was just practicing, get it back. He says no, it will reach the mailbox. Nandini says no, I have written bad things, she will feel bad. He asks what, you sent a hate mail to her, nothing can happen to her, it reached her. She says just stop this. He says okay, let me think, pray that she didn’t leave for office, we will go and check. They see the laptop inside the car. She says we will delete the email. Darsh unlocks the car. She sees Namrata coming.

She hides with Darsh. Namrata forgets her phone. She goes back. They get Namrata’s laptop. Darsh asks her to find email. They trash the email and keep the laptop back. They go back to the lawn. She thanks him. He says if Namrata read that mail, then what would happen, if my family gets upset with you, how does it matter, when you don’t want to keep a relation with me, then why are you managing these relations. Nandini thinks. He asks her to sit. He says you have to do homework again, write a mail for me this time, I will email you, you give the reply. He checks his email. Nandini says you got many emails from Goa sweets review. He says yes, I get notifications of reviews, when I m upset, I read these reviews, I feel good, when someone writes good things about Rawal sweets. She reads a bad review. He gets shocked.

Nandini gives a suggestion to the family. Darsh says we will make a video and tell the people about our sweets packaging, making etc, Nandini will be our representative. Shobit says no, we can’t get her in our video.

Update Credit to: Amena

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