Aapke Hai Kaun Hum? SamAina AvNeil SS Part 6

Aapke hai kaun hum Part 6
Avni and Neil were near the swimming pool.
Avni:Come Neil..we will swim in the pool.

Neil:Avni..the atmosphere is already cool.Now why do you want to jump into the pool?
Avni:Please Neil..you know that swimming pool is my weakness.
Neil:But it’s cold.
Avni:It’s ok Neil.Please…
Neil and Avni jumped into the pool together.
They splashed water at each other and had fun.
They swam different ways and finally they both reached each other.

They held each other close and shared a passionate eye lock.

They came closer and had passionate romance in the pool.

After the swimming session they both went to their hotel rooms and changed clothes.
Somebody rang the bell.
Avni:Who is that?
Neil:I had ordered hot soup as I saw you shiver after the swimming session.
She smiled.He opened the door and took the soup.

He went near Avni and started feeding her soup.She was lost in him.

The next day also they were roaming around the place.
It started raining.
Naina:Oh no.We have no umbrella with us.
Sameer:No problem.
He removed his over coat and kept it above themselves.

They were so close to each other that looked at each passionately.
Since they were so lost in each other that Sameer took his hands off the coat and the coat fell down.
They drenched in rain.But they did not move.

Both went to an imaginary rainy world where they danced in rain passionately.

tip-tip barsaa paani – 2 paani ne aag lagaayi

aag lagi dil mein to dil ko teri yaad aayi
teri yaad aayi to jal uthaa mera bheega badan
ab tum hi batao sajan main kya karu

naam tera mere labon per aayaa tha – 2
ha maine bahane se tumhe bulaaya tha
jhoom kar aa gayaa saavan main kya karu

tip-tip barsaa paani paani ne aag lagaayi
aag lagi dil mein to dil ko teri yaad aayi

teri yaad aayi to jal uthaa mera bheega badan
ab tum hi batao sajan main kya karu

duubaa dariyaa mein khadaa main saahil par – 2
tu bijali bankar giri mere dil par

chali aaisi yeh paagal pavan main kya karu

tip-tip barsaa paani paani ne aag lagaayi
aag lagi dil mein jo toh dil ko teri yaad aayi
teri yaad aayi to chha gaya mujhpe deewanapan

mere bas mein nahi mera mann main kya karu(Mohra).

Their dream broke.
They blushed moving away from each other.
Sameer:Where you thinking of something?
She blushed thinking of their dream rain dance.

Naina:What about you?
Sameer:May be.
Naina:What were you thinking?
Sameer:Something very romantic.
She looked at him.Seeing his romantic eyes on her she guessed that she was a part of that something romantic and smiled .He was also smiling at each other.

Harish sat near Avantika.

H:Avantika,our son and daughter have gone for honeymoon.

A:Yes.I know.Why are you saying this as if I don’t know about it.

H:Are you reminded of something?



A:Harish …tell me properly what do you mean by reminding and all?
He sits close to her with a naughty smile:Are you not reminded of our honeymoon.
Avantika stared at him:What?
H:We went to Kashmir for our honeymoon.
A:Yes I remember.
He asked romantically:What do you remember about our honeymoon?
A:You got scared of the terrorists unnecessarily when there was no terrorist around us and cancelled the trip.Then we went back home.This was our honeymoon.
H:Oh no….You don’t have any good memories?
I have sweet memories also about our honeymoon.But you…
A:Obviously you will have sweet memories also.When you hid under the blanket scared of the terrorist attack you were eating sweets.Anything related to eating would be a sweet memory for you.But your overeating is not a sweet memory for me.So don’t remind me about that flop honeymoon.

H:Ok fine.Our first honeymoon got spoiled.Why don’t we enjoy our 2nd honeymoon?
A:Second honeymoon?
H:No one is here now.We are alone.Why don’t we plan for our 2nd honeymoon?
A:Are you crazy?You are the father of 2 grown up boys.Are you not ashamed of talking like this?
H:Why should I be ashamed to talk like this?I am only talking about having honeymoon with my wife.
Avantika struggled hard to hide her smile.
H:Come on Avantika..we will have a small trip.
A:Ok.Since you insist…we will go to a near by place.
H:Wow!I am so happy.
He pulled her cheek naughtily:Thank you so much sweety for sparing time for me.
She smiled:Thank you so much for thinking of taking me out for honeymoon.
He was surprised:So you were also waiting for it?
A:Not really.But ya..
They both laughed.
Harish Avantika just hanged around the city,but they enjoyed it.

Neil-Avni and Sameer-Naina went to Goa.

Neil and Avni were sitting by the sea shore.
Avni:This sea is so beautiful Neil.
Neil:That’s why we are here watching the sea.
Avni:These waves are never ending.I wish our love story would also be never ending like this.

Neil:It will be like that Avni.Even God will not separate us from each other.We will be always together even after death.

They looked at each other emotionally.
Avni:Now let us enjoy the sea waves.
They started moving closer to the waves wetting themselves.

They romanced a lot in the sea water.

Sameer-Naina went for sight seeing.They saw coconut water being sold on the street.
Avni:Sameer…shall we drink coconut water?It’s so hot.
They went near the seller.The area was crowded,so they had to stand in a queue.
Unfortunately only one coconut was left.
Sameer:Oh no…it’s ok.You tak this coconut Naina.
Naina:You are also tired and tasty.You also need to drink coconut water.
Sameer:It’s ok Naina.You drink this.
Naina:We both are thirsty.Then why don’t we share it?
Sameer was stunned:Naina!
She smiled:We will share it Sameer.
Sameer asked in disbelief:Are you sure?
She nodded with a smile.
Naina:You have any problem with sharing?
Sameer smiled:No.
She smiled.
Naina:Brother,give 2 straws please.
The seller gave them 2 straws and they started drinking coconut water from the same coconut.
They blushed looking at each other while drinking.

In the hotel they stayed they arranged an evening dance party and all were invited.
Neil-Avni got dressed up for the party.
Avni to Sameer-Naina:You guys also come for the party.

Naina:But jeeji…we are not a couple.Then how can we?
Neil:They did’nt say that only couples are invited for the dance party.Anyone can join.
Sameer:We will surely come.
Naina:What are you saying Sameer?

He looked at Naina:To dance with each other we don’t need to be a couple.Right?
She smiled.

Neil dressed up in a red frock.Sameer was mesmerized by her beauty.
Neil:You look very pretty in this dress like a Barbie Doll.
She smiled:Thank you.
They went for the dance party.
Neil-Avni and Sameer-Naina danced together.

Zinda hain hum to tere hi love se
Nahin to mar jaata
Darling hum kab se
Dil na todo munh na modo
O maria o maria

Zinda hain hum
To tere hi love se
Nahin to mar jaata
Darling hum kab se
Dil na todo munh na modo
O maria o maria

Itna maska na to maaro humein
Aisi baaton se darr lagta humein
Tum pyaar kaise bolo karega
Darta hain kyon maria
Aila saala humpe marta hai ye
Lagta hai pyaar humko karta hai ye
Yoon na darega hum to kahega
Tumsa nahin maria

Zinda hain hum to tere hi love se
Nahin to mar jaata
Darling hum kab se
Dil na todo munh na modo
O maria o maria

O sahibaan tum bhulaana nahin
Dil mein aake door jaana nahin
Dil jo liya hai dil bhi diya hai

Bewafa hum nahin
Ho dil jo darega hum
Kuchh kar jayenge

Lagta hai hum to mar jayenge
Tum se mohabbat humko hai kitna
Kaise kahein o maria

Zinda hain hum to tere hi love se
Nahin to mar jaata
Darling hum kab se
Dil na todo munh na modo
O maria o maria.(Josh).

After honeymoon they all flew back to their home town.

After 2 months…

Sameer called Neil to his office:Bhaiyya…come home fast.It’s urgent.
NEIL:What happened Sameer?
NEIL:What happened to Avni?
Sameer cut the call.Neil became restless and rushed home.

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    Fully romantic episode. Harish and Avantika’s flopped honeymoon. They are funny. AvNeil’s romance was so nice . Sameer and Naina has cuteness in their romance. Songs were well placed.

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