Aapke Hai Kaun Hum? SamAina AvNeil SS Part 12

Aapke hai kaun hum? Part 12

Neil blasted out of anger when Harish and Avantika talked to him about marrying Avni.
Neil:How could you all think of getting me married again when Avni is alive?
Avantika:Do you know Neil?Doctor Viswanath had called me.He said that Avni’s condition is so bad that it’s better to do mercy killing.
Neil was shattered:No..
Avan:But I refused to give him the consent to do that.Because Avni is my daughter too and I love her.
Neil wept:Mom!
Harish:Think about Vivaan.Only Naina can love him.
NEIL:But Naina is like my sister.
H:But you need to change your attitude towards her for Vivaan.

NEIL:But I still love Avni and I can’t love Naina.
Av:May be you are right beta.But for Vivaan please agree for this marriage Neil.Otherwise even Avni will be upset with Vivaan’s condition.

NEIL:But why should Naina be my wife to be Vivaan’s mother?She can be Vivaan’s mother even without marrying me?
Avan:But if Naina stays here just to look after Vivaan people will gossip about her and you and it will harm her reputation and do you want that to happen?If you really respect Avni and your in laws you should’nt let that happen to Naina.
H:Avantika is right beta.Please say yes.

Neil wept silently:Ok..for Vivaan I will marry Naina.

Harish and Avantika were relieved.

Naina to her parents:How could you all even think of getting me married to Jeejaji?

Mohit:For Vivaan we have only this option beta.

Rano:Think about Neil marrying some random woman and she torturing Vivaan.Only you can give him love and happiness beta.

Naina went to her room and cried.

She ran to Sameer’s room and embraced him weeping.Sameer felt upset.
NAINA:Sameer…all are trying to get me married to Neil jeejaji.

SAMEER:I know.
Naina was stunned:You know that? Then why are you so quiet?
Sameer’s eyes were full of tears.
SAMEER:What can I do Naina?They all are right.Neil bhaiyya is in deep depression.Vivaan is alone.Only if you become his mother he will be secure.
Naina was stunned:Sameer!
SAMEER:Naina…we should not be selfish.We should think of others too…our family wants this.For them you should marry bhaiyya.
Naina cried:Sameer!
Sameer walked out hiding his tears.He locked in his room and cried bitterly.
Naina went near her parents and said:Ok,I will marry Neil jeejaji.
Mohit and Rano smiled.

Mohit:Now no need of calling him jeejaji.You can call him by his name..Neil.
Naina’s heart got pricked.

Neil came to see Naina.
Naina felt uncomfortable in front of Neil for the first time.
NEIL:I heard you said yes to marry me.
NAINA:Yes..for Vivaan.
NEIL:But it should be always only for Vivaan.Because I can never love you Naina.I can love only Avni and please don’t expect anything from me.

You will be always my sister even after marriage.
Naina became emotional:And you will be always my jeeja.I promise.
NEIL:Thanks Naina.
Naina said in her mind:I should thank you jeejaji.You removed my biggest tension.

Neil took special request and went near Avni in the hospital.
He wept:Avni…Everybody is forcing me to marry Naina for Vivaan.For our Vivaan I agreed to marry Naina.
But still I want this wedding to get stopped.Please Avni…don’t delay to get up.Wake up Avni…wake up and stop this wedding.I request you.

Neil remember their conversation during honeymoon.

Flash back…

Avni:Neil…when we were in school there were an Uncle and aunty near our house.Aunty ‘s face got disfigured.Everyone expected uncle to leave her as everyone knew that he married her seeing her beautiful face.But uncle did’nt leave her.His love for aunty had’nt decreased a bit.He said that though his love for her started due to her external beauty later it continued due to her internal beauty.The beauty of his love did’nt fade with time or her disfigure caused by the accident.
Neil: My love for you will also be beautiful like this because it’s eternal.

They looked at each other emotionally.


Neil’s tears fell on her.
NEIL:Avni,our love is eternal.No one can separate us from each other.You are my only love.I love you a lot.
Neil burst into tears.

Preeti came to Maheshwari Mansion with her parents Anand Bela.
Bela:What happened to Avni was unfortunate.But Avantika…are you doing the right thing  to Avni?

Avantika became upset:No,I am actually guilty.But we are doing this for Vivaan.

Bela-Anand were silent.

Preeti went to Sameer’s.
Sameer was surprised:Preeti..when did you come?
Preeti:Quite some time back.I had to come when my friend needs me to share his grief with.
Sameer smiled emotionally.

Preeti:How can you even smile Sameer?On the phone when you told me about Naina I expected your wedding with Naina.But…I can’t accept this.Leave this stupid sacrifice and tell the truth to everyone.
Sameer:No,I can’t Preeti.The circumstance is like that.
Preeti:Then I will tell the truth to everyone.
Sameer:No Preeti.Don’t do that ever.It’s my request.
Preeti nodded painfully.
She said in her mind:But being your loyal friend I can’t see you in pain Sameer.

Neil Naina’s engagement…
They exchanged rings.It hurt Sameer.
Naina looked at Sameer painfully.They shared an emotional eye lock.

Preeti watched it with pain.
She thought:I can’t tolerate this anymore.

After the function Naina cried bitterly in her room.
Sameer who passed by heard it and stopped there.
He saw her shedding tears.
He went near her.
NAINA:I am going to marry your brother Sameer,not you.Are you not having any pain?
Sameer wept:Naina!
They embraced each other weeping.

Suddenly Sameer came back to senses and moved away from her.She looked at him tearfully.
SAMEER:Wish you a happy married life.
Naina wept.Sameer walked away.

Naina was dressed up as a bride.Naina was gloomy.

She was brought to the mandap.
Panditji:Wedding muhurat has started.Bride and the bride should start the rituals one by one.
Neil:The bride Naina is here.
Panditji:You are the bride groom.You sit near the bride.
Neil:You have mistaken Panditji.I am not the bride groom.
All were shocked.
Neil:The bride groom is my brother Sameer.

All were shocked.
Avantika:Neil…what are you saying?
NEIL:Mom,Sameer and Naina love each other.After knowing this should I crush their love and marry Naina?
All were shocked.
NEIL:Yes mom.I am telling the truth.After the engagement Preeti told me about Sameer and Naina’s love.
All were shocked.
Sameer looked at Preeti in disbelief.
Preeti: I am sorry Sameer.But being your friend I can’t tolerate any injustice done to you.
Neil looked at Naina:Naina,you can even look after Vivaan as his chachi.Your love for him will not be reduced even a bit even if you become his chachi.
Naina wept:Jeejaji!

NEIL:You only played cupid in mine and Avni’s love life.So I had the right to stand for yours and Naina’s love.Then why did you hide it from me Sameer?
Sameer shed tears:Bhaiyya…I…
NEIL:You and Naina were doing such a big sacrifice for me and Vivaan?No.I won’t let it happen.
Neil to Mohit and Rano:Paapaji…mummiji…please give Naina’s hand to my little brother Sameer.He will look after her like a Princess.
Mohit and Rano became very emotional:Beta…
NEIL:Tell…won’t you let Sameer marry Naina?
Harish and Avantika looked at each other emotionally.

  1. Shesha485

    Its a kind of emotional episode. The Cover pic is lovely. Didn’t expect Preeti’s entry now. Thats a surprise. So sad that Neil and Naina agreed for marriage. Gladly, Preeti stopped this injustice by confessing to Neil. Preeti’s word to Sameer is impressive. Samaina reunion credit goes Preeti 😂 Last scene was extremely emotional. But will Naina and Sameer marry eachother?

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.if you remember Preeti was there in the initial episodes.since she is sameer’s close friend i felt that she needed a re entry in his difficult times.In the movie hahk Preeti’s character was not there

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