Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil brings Pankti home

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 9th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika tells Sahil he doesn’t live in the house as his landlady but his wife, she also carries his child. Sahil was disturbed at the news as Vaidika is much elder than him. He loses his balance and faints, Vaidika cries holding his head. Sahil was at once shocked to hear her scream, Vaidika had been day dreaming. He comes to make her sit on the bed as she is pregnant. He says he was talking to Pankti’s mother, her husband is a cruel man. He never wished to disturb anyone, especially Vaidika through any of his act. He notices Vaidika was sweating, then pours a glass of water to her and wipes her sweat. Sahil tells Vaidika that he is aware Bari Amma wants him to be a responsible man and would never approve of him bringing a girl into the house. He says his family doesn’t understand him but Vaidika does. He requests Vaidika to help him for one last time, he has promised Pankti’s family to protect her. Vaidika looks into Sahil’s eyes thinking about her past with him. She then holds Sahil’s hand and promises to speak to her. Sahil was happy, but Vaidika leaves the room in heavy tears.
Downstairs, Bari Amma tells Pankti to leave this house. Sahil has gone outside and they wish Pankti to leave this house before he returns. Pankti says she understands no one wish their son to bring a girl home this way. She didn’t take a step inside because they told her so, but she won’t leave without meeting Sahil. Prachi was about to push Pankti forcefully. Sahil comes there protectively, he says this girl is in trouble and her life is endangered. She didn’t step inside because she respected their consent. Everyone charge over Sahil and Pankti but Vaidika comes to stop them. Sahil says he is always inspired by Vaidika because she thinks about others before herself. He announces his decision that Pankti will stay here till he can make another arrangement for her; and the media troll about their wedding is fake. They are married only in the eyes of public, the marriage isn’t near.
Guddu bring Aarya to Mandagini and asks why she misbehaved with Aarya in front of the whole crowd. She must realize he is about to marry Aarya, who disgrace her sister in law this way. Mandagini was offensive that she only did a little shopping with her money, and won’t apologize. Guddu insists she must apologize as she stole from her purse without permission. Aarya smiles thinking herself to be lucky that she got Guddu. Mandagini was about to slap Aarya for smiling over her condition. Guddu holds her hand in mid-air. Aarya stops Guddu and says she doesn’t want Mandagini’s sorry, only a heartily apology matters. She wish Mandagini realizes how important that money was for her. Mandagini leaves curtly. Guddu apologizes Aarya from Mandagini’s side, he says they must start their live in sooner to reach a marriage decision. Aarya agrees to speak to her mother tomorrow. Mandagini thinks she must do at least something to stop this girl from controlling her brother.
Sahil asks Pankti to come inside. Vaidika watch them hold hands. Nani comes to part the grip of their hands and insults Pankti if she can’t walk by herself. Pankti clarifies she isn’t flirting Sahil, she will only stay here for a few days and that also because of her mother. Sahil interrupts that he promised her mother to take care of her, she is his responsibility now. He never listens to his family when he takes some responsibility. He asks Vaidika for an approval. Vaidika says Sahil is really a responsible man who can’t see any girl in trouble. Bari Amma warns Sahil and says she is well aware of character of such girls, after all she is the daughter of Tej Pratab. Vaidika recalls Bari Amma’s similar accusations over her and stops her. She says every relation needn’t have a name. Sahil agrees. Pankti says from elder’s point of view Bari Amma is right, why shouldn’t they give a name to their relation? Can’t they be Landlord and Tenant? Bari Amma and Vaidika were relieved. Vaidika recalls how Sahil came over to stay at her place as a tenant. She takes Bari Amma inside. Pankti notices this keenly.
In the room, Bari Amma says Vaidika must have spoken to Sahil and not her. When he will start taking responsibility? Sahil comes from behind and says he isn’t irresponsible, he only wish to do things differently. He remembers it was Vaidika who took his side earlier, she still stands beside her. Bari Amma about to speak about their relation but Vaidika interrupts and asks Bari Amma to allow Sahil do as he wish to. Sahil takes Bari Amma’s challenge and bets he will earn 10 thousand within a week.

PRECAP: Sahil tastes the food and complements it, he wished to kiss Vaidika’s hand. Vaidika says it was Pankti who cooked this food. Sahil walks towards Pankti.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    Tonight the nasty episode was with that cheeky girl. In vain Vedika hasn’t told Sahil about their relation. I’m so sorry for Vedika. It’s high time to go ahead to another track.

  2. I’ve not watched this episode as well… I’m thinking that it could be, that this landlord tenant thing announced by Pankti, she may well be a devil’s advocate in disguise!! Who knows, maybe Sahil’s memory could be rekindled after all. Pankti…and I don’t like that name…doesn’t come across as a Bhoomi, Bhoomi used to salivate about having Sahil on her bed…how else to look at it… Pankti is kinda naive in the romantic department, just my opinion…..certainly I don’t approve of this storyline but as long as she doesn’t want Sahil all over her, then I’ll tolerate her till the track ends.. I still don’t trust Guddu…he has a face that is potentially psycho, especially those eyebrows and eyes… I think I know what the writers are trying to do…if he can become a responsible man and earn a living, then he’ll become the son BA wanted him to be for so long….he took his family’s business and his inheritance for granted and never worked a day in his life, maybe now he’ll learn something of substance!! Like I’ve said, this state Sahil’s in now could very well be a blessing in disguise!

  3. Sadika fans pls gv yr comments on this unwanted puppy track. Otherwise the writers will keep on prolonging it. Who is interested in seeing sahil with the bhoomi toomis or puppy pankti. This is sadika story so be it. If u all dont gv yr opinion about this track the writers will not end it. No sooner you open you tube this puppy glares at u n starts giving interviews so enthusiastically like she is the main heroine. I pity these girls. Dont know fm where the production house gets these jobless actors in lower salary. The less said about uncle n fickle minded fellow the better. The director should ask him to watch HIS Last years all episodes in case he has forgotten natural acting. Since the last few episodes his acting looks like PUT ON. I dont know whether to continue watching the serial or stop watching.

  4. This..Epi touched my heart..what a expression of Suhasi dhami..love, pain, emotion,tears…always makes me cry..oh Friends a very emotional but very sensuous chemistry in between Sadika…Please friends see the epi..for our Sadika..when vedika hold the handle of door..and goes from there,after than Sahil hold the handle same like vedika and he feels something..what a love in between their..
    Friends now in the upcoming epi Vedika tells truth infront of pankti..Friends I already said that pankti is not bad..please the utube video and than plzz. Reply me..

    1. This is also what I’m saying Gayatri …she doesn’t give off bad vibes…as yet and I hope not…as being negative…remember they did the same thing with Bhoomi’s character, she was good until writers made her lust after her brother in law… Anyways I’m looking at the serial form a constructive point of view.. Many characters make up a story, some are not necessary up to a certain point so they leave because of no roles and some are necessarily not required at all but they are there just to give some assistance however small or to give some traction for characters to unite or make a difference in their lives… Whatever the reason, AKAJS never sticks for too long on a single track so I always try giving them the benefit of the doubt and wait for things to blow over. So, I’m going to look at the episode because you recommended it…hope I feel the same way as you while watching it. I’ll give you my feedback on today’s forum…

      1. Yes,Naj when,bhoomi enters in the serial..
        She was showing her goodness..but she was hungry for sahil..so she joined her hands with sahil..she was thinking that one day she will be succeed in her plan..sahil will forget her elder sister..because she was already married with yesh and pregnant also..but here situation is opposite pankti is in trouble..she ran away from her house..pankti say to her father that Sahil is not in her plan..so let him go..but her mother stopped him..what is this??Pankti is angry because sahil brings her home..when badi amma tells pankti go from there than she was ready..why?? friend’s pankti is not a big problem though her father means badI amma’s 1St husband tejpratap is problem..what say..Friends..
        In this epi..Sahil clears all that things..that this marries is fake..not real..

  5. Hi Gayatri… I felt the same. when Sahil touch the door handle, after Vedika left He know their connection but he can’t Work it out. The way he was drying her face from sweat was so touchy. What I don’t like is him being overprotective towards pantki. Vedika expression he when side with Pantki is of hurt and perhaps a tinge of jealousy……

    1. Pooja yes I saw Vedika in hurt..but very soon everything will be fine..I just hope..

  6. Yes pooja he ll be over protective of the puppy since she is a young Lass of 16 n may be he needs her by hook or by crook. I cant understand whether he has lost his memory or gone COMPLETELY MAD like the writers here. Naz I am still trying 2 figure out why is vedika tolerating him n the puppy. She should just leave him with the over enthusiastic puppy n go live separately with her immediate family. I am sorry to say she has lost her self respect. How i liked her determination when the serial started.

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