Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Puneesh ruins Diwali celebrations

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Bhoomi runs to peek into the house with Puneesh. Puneesh says once Bhoomi sang for Vaidika, and today she holds great enmity for her. Bhoomi replies that she only came here for her son. Puneesh tells Bhoomi he has filled gun powder in the bomb. Vaidika tries to light the bomb but the match stick goes off. Ved goes to bring candle from inside. Bhoomi runs inside to save Ved but Puneesh holds her back as it might ruin their plan. Ved insists upon standing close to Vaidika while she burns the bomb. Bhoomi runs inside shouting Ved! She throws the bomb out of the house where it blows destructively. Bhoomi fall down. Ved runs to Bhoomi hugging her tightly. Ved tells Sahil that Bhoomi’s foot was hurt. Vaidika tries to support her but she warns her to stay away. She gives her hand to Sahil, Vaidika

signals Sahil in approval which Bhoomi notices. Ved requests Bhoomi to stay here, then takes Sahil’s permission. Nani asks if Bhoomi is relieved by ruining their Diwali. Bhoomi now stands up and says she can see what’s happening behind her back. They romance with each other and no one cares for Ved today. Vaidika says she didn’t know this bomb will blast with such intensity, how did Bhoomi know it would blow like this? Some women right activists come there and points that people like them have ruined the environment of whole neighborhood. Outside, Puneesh enjoys the drama and leaves. Sahil tells them to leave, it’s their house and their personal matter. The ladies question who his real wife is. They blame Sahil and Vaidika for illegitimate relations. One of the lady try to snatch Vaidika’s mangal sooter. Sahil tries to save Vaidika. Vaidika holds courage and pushes them away, shouting at them with conviction to stay away. It’s her personal life and no one has a right to interfere in her matters. It’s because of them that a number of women spend their lives in miseries only because of narrow minded people like them. She says they are women right activists, they should give courage to other women instead of pointing fingers at them. Aarya claps and hugs Vaidika for her thoughts. Sahil says there is nothing illegitimate, he and Sahil are divorcing each other and he married Vaidika. The police inspector comes there to arrest them, he was indifferent and not ready to give them any compensations. Sahil and Vaidika were taken along.
It was night, Sahil and Vaidika had been kept into a single lock up. Sahil happily greets everyone outside the bars. Vaidika was upset but Sahil smiled cheerfully. Vaidika looks quizzical. Sahil says he is happy to be here with her in jail. He hugs her from behind and says what’s more important is to spend Diwali together. When she is with him, he can be happy anywhere and this seems to be the best Diwali. Vaidika felt bad for kids, but Sahil says their kids are really courageous. Aarya and Nani will take care of Ved. He holds Vaidika’s hands and says he wish to spend the whole life in jail if only with her. He points to something on floor, Vaidika runs to hug him. The jailer then brings food plate for them. Vaidika and Sahil sit together. Sahil dodge giving bite into Vaidika’s mouth, then eats it by himself. Vaidika gives a bite into Sahil’s mouth while he makes her eat.
The next morning, Nani and Aarya had come to jail. Nani says no lawyer in the city is ready to take their case. Sahil was relaxed and tells them to go home, they are happy here. Sahil says he can call Karan, he may help them. Aarya was tensed. The inspector comes to open the jail and says someone took their bail. Vaidika wonders who got their bail.
In the car, the lawyer asks Puneesh why he first got them in jail, then their bail. Puneesh warns him to mind his own business. After the lawyer has left, Puneesh makes a call and tells his man not to lose this time, and hit them as soon as they leave the jail. Outside, Vaidika was still thinking about the possibility of the one behind their bail.
Puneesh thinks Vaidika can’t be saved this time, the child she bears may prove a devil for his intentions.

PRECAP: Bhoomi calls Ved and says she wish to give him so many gifts for Diwali, but how she may give them. Ved leaves the house to reach Bhoomi. There, Sahil asks Bhoomi to sign the divorce papers. Bhoomi agrees on a condition.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Puneesh is the most annoying looking character on indian television…and why do these serial always make women out to be such weak species and or desperate….this bhoomi is too much now he don’t love u never did get over it and move on….i could understand she so for ved because she nurtured him but come on sahil and you never shared that relationship….greatttttt episode

    1. I feel the same way like you where Puneesh is concerned, he’s obnoxious looking I wish it was another actor in his place. Even though Deepak was so bad, I still didn’t dislike him the way I dislike this weird looking Puneesh..gosh, I didn’t mean to sound so bias but this is how I feel. Maybe I should take a page out of Raji’s book, she uses adjectives with humor but it hits hard while being funny at the same time… And yes, Bhoomi should get out of Sadika’s life now , she’s become so pathetic, Sahil doesn’t want her, he never did but she is so hard headed and won’t take no for an answer… She’s so dumb to be begging for a man who clearly doesn’t want to be around her…

  2. Nina

    Now Vedika passionately speaks in support of her private life but before she had kept humbly silent. The scene celebrating Diwali at the police station was just cool it made a lasting impression on me.

  3. Leisa s morris

    So bhoomi is going to try to turn ved against sahil and vedika…not surprised at all,but in d process she will b hurting ved. So different from vedikas stance but then again we always knew bhoomi was selfish..ooh and who said dat vedika is pregnant as I havent heard any confirmation on dat as yet.

    1. Leisa, that exact thought crossed my mind. In the few days Ved would be spending Agarwal’s mansion, Bhoomi’s going to poison his mind against his parents. When I thought about this, a chill overtook me for I know that Bhoomi had already said to Ved in the corridor that Vedika is a bad lady… This is the stark difference between the two women.. Bhoomi’s selfish and self centered while Vedika is compassionate and embracing… I don’t know why Sahil made such a decision, I don’t agree with it… Truly, I don’t like where this is going and I wish that Bhoomi’s character be bumped off… One other person we have to worry about and that’s BA…but I’ve been thinking, Leisa, do you think that this was a wake up call for her and that it’s possible BA can have a change of heart and realize her mistakes? Just suppose this is the case, would it be impossible to think that BA could turn out to be guardian to Ved ,after all, Puneesh could try killing him as Ved is the heir apparent because he fancies himself being the one to inherit all properties belonging to Sahil? We all know that BA loves both Sahil and Ved endlessly, it’s her blind love which has caused her to become estranged from Sahil, it’s a bitter pill to swallow you know? So, it could be a scenario where she could try to redeem herself, what do you think?

  4. Thank you SONA…. We never realize how important you are until the daily update is posted rather late or not posted at all. I saw the episode way before but since I don’t understand full Hindi, I had to wait till I read the update. Your work is highly appreciated…

  5. I think that not much focus was spent on how Bhoomi reacted to the fire bomb, clearly she knew something more than what she said to Vedika, even her presence there at that moment is suspicious… Anyways, I imagine that BA had no Divali in her home, after all the apples of her eyes have left her…poor wretched woman, she has a huge bungalow, lots of material wealth but no happiness and that’s because of her, what she had sown, she’s now reaping.

  6. The worst part of today’s episode was seeing Puneesh’s face, he makes me wanna puke. Writers better not let any of his plans succeed. I really wish that writers bring in Bhoomi’s groom whom she ran away from… I think he would spice up Bhoomi’s life, after all she’s starved of being with a man who really wants her and in this way she’ll be occupied and not be a thorn in Sadika’s life.. BA and Puneesh is enough evil to handle. …anyways, I’m waiting patiently for Vedika to say ” I love you Sahil “…and friends, I’m so in awe of Sahil for always reassuring his biwi that he would be there for her till he dies, his words always touch me deeply 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍..and I adore his deep voice when he comes close to Vedika, my God…he’s so romantic and especially when he pins Vedika to walls 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍…

  7. Friends when will that lustdul, physically hungry for sahil n horse faced bhoomi understandvthat sadika r made for each other. Now this blo*dy woman with another most ugly n horsed faced puneesh is plsnmin to separate sadika. Hope she is punished by the Almighty. Where has tjis idiot womans self respect gone. I wish the writers ll bump off her character very soon. Fed up of seeing her ugly face. When she fell down in vedikas house n sahil still didnt pick her up even after vedika gave sahil a signal 2 pick her up by now she should hv understoodbthat sahil doesnt care 4 her. But HATS OFF to the blo*dy woman still having HIGH HOPES.

  8. Hi guys puneesh and bhumi are spoling the series. Puneesh with his always suprised look
    And bhumis face happy or sad the same.
    Sadika romance lovely but these two bhoohoo and puuuoo are spoling it get rid of them quick writers. 👌😂

  9. Punesh is by far the most sickening individual, all he cares about is the usual PROPERTY as seen in all the other serials; my gosh what is it that drives them so crazy about property and wealth that they will do any thing to accomplish their goal even Murder; anyway like i said bhoomi needs to leave sahil and vedica and let them be; she is fighting a battle that we all know she cannot win and so she is turning out to be just like that aunt of sahil and she is getting good coaxing from her as we see, what i want to know is this why dont they go for a second and third opinion before jumping to conclusions about vedus illness any way it looks like its working out for vedica because it is bring both she and sahil together again man i cannot wait for him to put that Vermillion on vedicas forehead for both bhoomi and the aunt to see let them be thrown out of the house when they attack vedica for marrying him lol this storyline is improving a lot and things are being revealed in the early except for that witch and bhoomi who took the disc drive and hide it so sahil would not know the truth about who killed his mother and who witched the babies in the hospital; Naz did vedica and sahil ever sleep together because in the preview bhoomi trying a blackmailing laying a condition so that sahil will sleep with him my gosh why the he she dont go with gauris husband he is so obsessed with having a son and she bhoomi hot for a man to romance her and she so damn bold faced claiming another womans son as if she carried him for nine months and bear the pain to make him if you ask me she want lash in her ass from vedica and thown out of the house baggage and all and end her pathetic drama about wanting sahil and vedu for herself; vedica maybe holding some age on her but she is a far better match for sahil those two are love to possess forever and as for punesh it is time he visited Ferreirs Optical or Look Optical and get a Glasses to suit that Strange Long Face and Square he has like Sponge Bobb LOL

    1. What is this Sapphire, you missed out!! Here’s what to do, google Desitvflix.com, follow your instincts till you see sources 1 and 2 and APAC… Both sources will give you the episodes without subtitles and APAC gives you subtitles but you have to wait till the next day around lunch time to see it with, however, when you scroll down, watch the last entry of any serial episode you want as there are lots of repeated ones at the beginning. I use one of both sources and APAC as well because sometimes few deleted scenes can be found in either of.. Yes the serial moves quickly and that’s what we love, it started January 15th but because of it’s fast paced script, this is where we are now.. I feel like its been years with so much material covered and no loose ends.. We all are happy here, Sahil makes it worth our time and now Sadika is giving us more reason to stay with them till the end. So, BA got a severe tongue lashing from Sahil after the pen drive was found and the beast was exposed along with Bhoomi, you should have seen BA pathetic plight, it’s only a few episodes back, check it out. Sapphire, Vedika and Sahil consummated their relationship after their marriage at the temple, they did it in a hotel suite and lol…im sure every night they do too!! The scene was sanitized because of respect for Suhasi Dhami marital status but the feelings were there, the hidden connotations were there too that they slept together… Gosh, it was soooooooo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍…with just my imagination!! Anyways, don’t worry about Bhoomi’s condition, she could never get Sahil to even smell her much less throw her on her back!! I could imagine her frustration of wanting a man so badly and unable to get him in the sack! One more thing, I also wanted to mention Puneesh specs but it always slipped my mind, no one wears humongous specs like that anymore.. Jeez, he looks so weird…obnoxious looking villian I tell you!!! You’ve said it all about Puneesh, I needn’t add more… Don’t forget to watch the past episodes OK!!!

  10. square head like Sponge Bobb lol

  11. How low can this Bhoomi get??? She is s disgrace to woman. As for Puneesh he gives me the creep. I am a little disappointed that Sadika accepted Bhoomi story about the bomb so easily.
    So Vetika is pregnant.. I wish writers would have create a beautiful scene between Sadika when they learn about the pregnancy. Prison scene was great. Once again Sahil was outstanding. I am glad that Vetika is coming out of her shell and fighting for her happiness👍

  12. Friends yes vedika is pregnant since in one of her interviews which i saw a few days back she has told that she is pregnant. I thimk she ll leak out this good news to sahil on arya’s birthday n sahil ll be overwhelmed with this news. I am just dying to see sahil taKing care of vedika very lovingly during her pregnancy phase. But didnt you all see in yesterdays episode when sahil is feeding vedika for the second round of morsel before that he takes the morsel n touches vedikas stomach so lovingly like as though he is feeding the unborn child. It was so romantic. What to do with this lustful female horse like face bhoomis character. Why arn’t the writers BUMPING OFF her character. It should be shown that she is murdered very brutally. Fed up of hearing her Harping all the time MERE PATI AND MERA BETA. DRAMMAR QUEEN. Now a days i am gettimg little annoyed with Ved also. All the time he keeps on running to that drammar queen blo*dy bhoomi. Hope he wontbleVe sadika n go n live with those 3 monkeys brands ie MURDERER BA, Horse face puneesh n female horse face bhoomi toomi.

    1. Raji, these days the scenes are simply overwhelming, I can’t remember any serial except Jodha Akbar where the leads in romantic moments ever touched me this way…. I’m sure that ALL of us go into our own private world when Sahil is with Vedika!! We all think that it could be us on the receiving end of affection like this from the one we love!! Touching Vedika’s stomach with food is symbolic of the possibility that their baby is already there, how romantic is that!! However, I also want to see Vedika give him the news of her pregnancy because we were denied the joy of seeing him take care of her for Ved’s pregnancy, all of us here were mad about not seeing it but you know what would have been nice, is if he was present for this birth although I know that’s too much for TV.. Nevertheless, we are getting what we want this time around.. I can’t wait to see his joy…

  13. Finally vedhika is fighting to be with Sahil..acknowledging their relationship..finally..
    And sahil never leaves a moment to romance her wherever they are…the previous day episode too where he caught her saree and said that he’s romancing like a hubby does, was so cute .. He is taking rights on vedhika some way or the other right from the beginning and she cant get away from him..
    And wow, this serial gives a hope that women can conceive at any age naturally.. 🙂
    And how come vedhika is still not able to say those 3 little words to sahil???

    1. Yes, thank goodness she started fighting for herself. When she was giving her lecture to the women, Sahil was looking at her indulgently because it was only just recently when he told her to start fighting for herself and stop worrying about what society thinks… Thank goodness she listened to him, that’s a very supportive husband I say…

  14. Muniya

    Nice epi… Only bcz of Sadika scene…. Disgusting puneesh nd bhoomi…

  15. Friends didnt i mention long back that whther happy or sad, etc drammar queen bhoomi has the same expression on her face. No acting talent at all. Today on this forum somebody else has also mentioned the same thing. Her hair is like a horse’s tail n her face is like a horses face. I think physically she needs a man very badly that is why she is going crazy for sahil who doesnt even spit on her. She wants him physically by HOOK OR BY CROOK. blo*dy BASTARD WOMAN. Her PIMP BA can supply one to her to satisfy her physical needs. Since QUEEN OF CRUELTY BA is good in supplying men. She can find one hot man for lustful bhoomi. What say friends.

    1. You are just what the doctor ordered….a good dose a laughter!! Yes, you’ve said it many times Raji and Mcs said it too.. I took a good look this time around, maybe I needed a pair like the one Puneesh wears and my goodness, I think the scenes are getting the better of Bhoomi because her nose is swollen and her face doesn’t look like the Barbie like before, could be she was radiant a while ago because she thought she was going to be laid…hmmmm, what a good actress to portray such visible emotions that makes us pity her every passing day.. As it is Raji, BA is licking her wounds in her palatial home, hugging her pillows cursing Vedika that she was able to get herself a younger husband while she couldn’t get Yash’s father …. I think that writers should find a man for BA too, as Puneesh doesn’t want Prachi anymore because she’s old, Bhoomi really is the best woman for him because he likes young thing…plus Bhoomi’s in heat these days so it won’t be hard for him to get her… Nice comment Raji… LMAO

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