Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jackie saves Ved; Puneesh sent to jail

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Jackie signals behind the window, and says he didn’t hold her hand to leave it. Vaidika notices Puneesh stood behind the door. Jackie whispers to Vaidika of being careful, their enemy keep a close eye. Puneesh curtly leaves the room while Jackie poses to kiss Vaidika.
Puneesh drags Aarya into the room, furious that he can never be defeated. He was determined not to spare Aarya today and will make them both suffer with her condition. Aarya slaps Puneesh but he pushes her towards the bed. Vaidika couldn’t connect to Aarya’s cell phone and finds her earring in the corridor. She and Bari Amma breaks into the room, as Aarya screams being attempted of molestation from Puneesh. She runs to hugs Vaidika. Vaidika grabs Puneesh’s collar, and says she can’t believe that men like him exist

even in this century. She warns him of dire consequences; Bari Amma holds a broomstick, and shoes to beat Puneesh. Puneesh tortures Vaidika emotionally by showing a video of Ved. He had kept him in a godown, tied to the chair and warns Vaidika to stay away from him, keeping in mind what he is capable of doing to Ved. He leaves the room. Aarya and Bari Amma assure Vaidika that they will find Ved and get him freed.
Ved shouted for help in the godown. All of a sudden the door behind him break and Jackie comes to save Ved. Ved hugs him tightly saying I love you Papa. Jackie wonders how he must tell this innocent child that he isn’t his father but only a look alike. All of a sudden, a number of guns were pointing towards Jackie’s head.
Puneesh had tied the ladies at Agarwal house with poles and bullied them for being shouting fruitlessly. He was ready to show to them what villain looks like.
Jackie provokes the goons to kill them. He says they have to work so hard, and there Puneesh does corruption of millions and doesn’t give them any share. If they really have to kill them, they must proceed. The goons look towards themselves and gives up on their arms. Jackie promised to give them one lac, gets a chance meanwhile to attack on the goons and beat them. They turn to leave when they were still confronted by a goon pointing a gun at them.
Puneesh brought a hunter to beat Vaidika. Bari Amma, Aarya and Prachi continue to forbid Puneesh but he holds the lash to hit Vaidika. The lash didn’t hit Vaidika as was stopped by Sahil in the midst in air. He warns Puneesh to try and touch Vaidika, else he can beat his limbs. Why fight a pregnant lady, he must dare and fight him if at all. Puneesh punches Jackie who fell on the floor. Puneesh boasts that his goons are enough for Sahil. He confesses that once before as well, he pushed him into death. Vaidika and everyone turned to him in astonishment of this confession. He demands Vaidika to ask Sahil sign the property papers, else he won’t survive this time. He stops his goons, pulls him up and demands him to sign the papers. Sahil instead punches Puneesh and says he spilt his truth by himself today, and there are some special guests for Puneesh today. The police come inside and says since Puneesh Tiwari confessed his crime. Jackie says he got a gift for Vaidika. A lady inspector comes with Ved. Ved runs to Vaidika while she cries hugging him tightly. Bari Amma kiss Ved, Vaidika severely emotional. Ved tells Vaidika that Papa is a superman, he beat every goon and saved him. Ved asks Vaidika and Jackie if they will live in this house together in this house, forever. Jackie promises Ved. He cheers and demands them to kiss him together, then jumps from in between. Jackie’s kiss fell over Vaidika’s cheek.

PRECAP: Vaidika tells Jackie that he has helped her enough, she doesn’t need him around anymore to remind her of Sahil. Jackie leaves. Ved was asleep with Vaidika when in the midst of night he wakes up calling Papa, Papa and runs out of the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    I get caught up in conjecture. I thought the authors are going to bring Sahil back, but they persist and pull in Jacky in the story step by step. What has become of Sahil?

  2. What’s happening now friends? When we think that we’ve put things into perspective and look forward to seeing our Sahil soon, writers are subtly trying to bring Jacky closer to Vedika….this isn’t going down well with me. If writers manage to merge Jacky into Sahil, then what is the purpose of allegedly killing off Sahil’s character in the first place? Why kill the character and then try to reinvent him all over again? This doesn’t make sense to me… I’ve seen new videos popping up on YouTube and Jacky is seen in some intense scenes with Vedika.. WTH.. I’m saying this again, if Jacky is Sahil through memory loss /brainwash thing, I’ll be ok with something like that but if Jacky is Sahil’s twin, he’s got no place being in such uncompromising positions with his bhabhi…

    1. Leisa s morris

      Exactly naz but as ive been saying ive seen dis before in sasural with vihann, in devi, WAS with jhanvi and others like it where dey kill off d main character and couple d surviving spouse with another. D sole purpose of dis serial was to show how sahil and vedika overcame d obstacles created because of an older woman,younger man relationship and dat couple was sahil and vedika.But weve seen writers go completely off script and do their own ting so I wouldnt b surprised one bit. Dey left us with d hope dat sahil will return, threw in jacky and hope we accept him and forget bout sahil. But noone can forget sahil , yes its d same actor but we know its a lookalike and not our beloved sahil so none of us r ever going to b happy with dis. Y kill of d main character if ur only goin to replace him with a lookalike I will never understand.Im highly disappointed with d writers if dis is truly d road dey r taking.

  3. I couldn’t help it, I had a good dose of laughter watching Puneesh behave like a little village bully.. He rolled his eyes, flounced and twirled around and shout out like a little drama queen!! For sure his confession came like a thief in the night, I didn’t expect it and his subsequent arrest caused my jaw to drop.. Writers pulled a fast one on us here … I didn’t enjoy the kicks and cuffs Sahil got on the hall floor, didn’t seem quite real, it was funny in its depiction even I rolled my eyes with the unnecessary drama.. However, the kiss had me floored, writers better know what they are doing with Jacky…

  4. Naz pooja leslie w r u all. No proper comments fm anyone. Dont worry yaar jacky is only ur lover boy SAHIL. Only he can get so close to vedika. By the way vedika is looling more n more beautiful now a days. W is the shabby doll BHOOMI. Hope she is bumped OFF by the writers. So happy not seeing her since the last so many days

  5. Sapphire, Sahil is presumed dead at this time. The woman who’s name is Usha who came to live next to Vedika’s old house has a motive and she’s no ordinary neighbor, she came there with an agenda to loot the Agarwal’s fortune. Details of life before her appearance in Kanpur isn’t known, what we do know is that she has 3 children, two sons and a daughter. By sheer coincidence, her son Jacky bears strong resemblance to Sahil….we didn’t even see him until his appearance at the mela… Usha did admit initially that she wanted to know much about Sadika’s love story…obviously she was gathering much to put her plans into action…but when Sahil went missing, things got easier for her.. I’d like to think that maybe she would have kidnapped Sahil and send her son to take his place, who knows!! Then Nani stumbled upon an old picture which showed Usha and her 3 children but they were too young to recognize as the adults they are now. So, Vedika in her search for Sahil and finding him doing his dance routine at the mela, believed that Jacky was Sahil, of course their meeting was cleverly orchestrated by Usha…and of course Jacky had to be on in the scheme too, right?? That’s why he went with her back to the Agarwal family. Some days have passed, could be weeks and after noticing subtle changes and differences in this fake Sahil, even Aarya had doubts…Vedika was privy to Jacky’s confession while he was drunk from alcohol, poor guy shot his mother’s plan down the toilet bowl…and enlisted him, at this point in the story..to become Sahil in every way possible as she is determined to restore her husband’s inheritance and save his family and her children from the hyena Puneesh. This is where we’ve reached… What we’ve all been doing over a week now, is try to cope with Sahil’s alleged loss, we believe that he’s alive and want him back with Vedika and their children but Jacky is making things here a bit difficult, he’s growing too close to comfort with Vedika no one likes it. The few of us here have a few theories on what may happen, what could happen and what we would like to happen.. So, we came up with :
    1. Sahil could have a twin, who got separated by birth, maybe Usha was a nurse? Usha silently has admitted to herself that thank goodness someone placed Jacky on her lap as an infant and disappeared.
    2. Sahil could well be Jacky, maybe due to the fall he had memory loss. Don’t think of the height he fell from ok!!
    3. Maybe through memory loss, Usha has brainwashed him to take the place of her lookalike son who’s either dead or handicapped in some way..
    If you go back several days, on one of the days, you’ll come across a comment by MK who outlined a few options for us to think about.. Option 2 sounds a lot believable but you know these writers, they do crazy things when we don’t expect them to. As of now, I don’t like the growing closeness between these two, if this is Sahil, I don’t mind the tension but if Jacky isn’t our Sahil, then I’m super pissed off!! I’m hoping that Sahil returns, I miss him so much.. Hope I’ve explained it for your understanding.. Let’s see how it goes from here…

  6. Puneesh is finally arrested. Let’s hope he stay there this time and they throw the key away. In the past he bribe the police and came out. Now was going with Jacky and Vedika??? Naz ils like being back to square one. Only Usha can clear our confusion.. jacky does not seem to be interested in the money now.. he is or shall I say has fallen for Vedika.
    Vedika’s reaction after the kiss in precap has surprise the rest of the Agarwal. Jacky came out with some stupid excuse. Is she is not careful, the truth will come out sooner that we expect.

    1. This is the only thing I didn’t say, that we are back to square one…running around in circles!!! Uh huh, you are right, we know nothing drags on for long here, with Jacky’s enthusiasm, he himself can give himself away… Also, you saw how Puneesh was glaring and peeping in the room when Vedika was about to wipe off her sindoor and Jacky stopped her, so Puneesh himself can’t believe what he’s seeing as he knows that Jacky is allegedly not Sahil…

  7. Looks like Bhoomi has disappear in thin air as Ved was shown on his own with the goons. Agr

  8. Really pooja May god bless u for telling that the lustful woman has disappeared in thin air. Hope her part is over. Dont even want to see her dirty face. She is the main cause of our beloved sahil going missing.

  9. Friends.. just seen some disturbing news that Puneesh has kidnapped our Sahil and that he is the who sent Jacky.. He an Usha’s plan.. it’s on you tube. Uploaded this morning.. what are writter trying rondo to us ??? I hope this is fake news

    1. I saw the videos as well… Now we know why Puneesh’s eyes almost popped out when Jacky put the sindoor on Vedika’s maang… He’s in cahoots with Usha..

  10. Anyways im happy that the lizard is behind bars for sometime atleast now..
    Now this entire crooks team is in prison.. Nidhi, deepak, lizard.. what will they conspire there?
    or will that idiot goutham enter the show soon? i think for sometime now, the goon here is usha..
    for our sake, writers are showing some romance..but this is sadhika’s story and i believe its is our sahil.. im going to stick to that view itself..whats say guys..
    That scene where jacky gets prachis signature and thinks that its his first gift of smile to vedhika, was so cute..property dint matter to him then..only Sahil will think of making vedhika happy or make her smile…

  11. Muniya

    Good epi… Full of drama, action and emotion😀
    But ehere is our darling Sahil… Though its kj only… Still can’t think the story without our charming lover boy Sahil… Love him so much😊

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