Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhoomi suspicious of Vaidika-Yash relation

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Vaidika comes in with proofs and says Shruti was actually trying to kill Nidhi but burnt herself. Bari Amma curses Vaidika to accuse her family. Vaidika says she always speaks truth. Sahil also blames Vaidika for accusing her daughter. Vaidika says she is tired of proving herself right, she won’t give any explanations. She hands the inspector some love letters Shruti wrote for Puneesh after marriage. They can even test the letters. She requests the police to leave Karan until the investigation is complete. Sahil and family leave. Vaidika comes to Karan and assures him that he will get a bail. Karan was upset that he lost his best friend, may be forever.
In the room, Prachi searches around Puneesh’s luggage and asks for other letters. Puneesh says there is nothing, Vaidika is only lying. Prachi says she doesn’t trust Puneesh, he has already covered his mistakes many times. She knows one thing about Vaidika that she never lies, and if she has to choose today she will take Vaidika’s side. She can’t trust Puneesh again. Vaidika returns to Agarwal house. Anjana curses Vaidika for ruining her child’s life. Vaidika asks Anjana to continue cursing her, but she also knows she isn’t wrong and loves Shruti dearly. Soon everyone will realize what the truth is. She walks inside. Sahil decides to find out what’s going on in Vaidika’s mind.
Karan brings Nidhi to Vaidika’s old home. He says the day she went to jail he finally told Vaidika about the whole truth, he loves her dearly and wants to live with her only. He offers her to go to America with him. Nidhi cheers up ready to leave at once. Karan makes Nidhi sit on the chair and ties her hands behind the chair. He then goes to get a can of kerosene. Nidhi resists asking if he would really kill her. Karan says everyone considers him a murderer because of her only. He can’t let her live and lights a matchstick. Nidhi confesses that she fall in love with Karan and planned to burn Shruti to death. She got nothing from Agarwals, where she should have gone otherwise. Vaidika and Sahil break in the house with police force. The police announce an arrest of Nidhi. Nidhi questions if they have a proof, she grabs a bottle filled with acid to throw on Vaidika. Sahil comes in front of Vaidika. Nidhi blames Vaidika responsible for all her sufferings, what damaged was caused to her if Shruti died or Karan went to jail. She even did fake signatures of Vaidika on her bail papers to ignite hatred for her among Agarwals. Sahil was shocked to hear this. She charges over Vaidika but Sahil grabs the bottle. A little acid fell over Sahil but Nidhi slips and the rest spills over Nidhi’s face. She screams while Vaidika sends her to hospital. Karan tells Sahil Vaidika still cares for him. Vaidika at once feels pain in her stomach and cries for her child. Bhoomi hurries to bring water while Sahil holds Vaidika.
In the hospital, Bari Amma cursed Vaidika for ruining Shruti’s life by marrying her to Karan. Karan walks towards Shruti into her ICU cabin. Shruti smiles towards him. Bari Amma advances towards Karan but Anjana holds her hand as she watch Shruti smiling towards Karan. Karan promises Shruti that her happiness matters the most to him, he will take her far away from this place now.
The next morning, Vaidika wakes up in her bed and thinks about Sahil. She thinks she is married to Yash now and though through artificial donor but she is pregnant with a child for Yash. Then why Sahil’s memories continue haunting her. She comes out of her bed. Yash comes there and forbids Vaidika to leave the house again. The servants and he will take care of her and can’t put his child’s life in danger. Vaidika explains she also cares for the child and isn’t a child herself; she can’t stay at home all day long and be his slave. Yash was rude and says he didn’t at all liked how Sahil carried her in his arms yesterday. Bhoomi overhear the conversation. Yash warns Vaidika he only cares for his child, he will do anything to keep his safe no matter Vaidika likes it or not. He doesn’t care. Yash gets a cough and leaves. Vaidika was concerned for him but Bhoomi stops Vaidika there and asks who speaks to a pregnant wife like this? Vaidika calls it her over reaction. Bhoomi says there is surely something Vaidika is hiding. Vaidika assures there is nothing, she goes to see Yash. Bhoomi thinks there is something surely wrong between them.

PRECAP: In the car, Bhoomi shares with Sahil that there surely is something wrong between Yash and Vaidika, she heard them speak to each other quite strangely. At home, Sahil and Bhoomi announce their engagement. Bari Amma accepts Bhoomi happily as their son’s choice.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Omg???? finally vedhika is being helpful to Sahil in some way..??
    Today I won’t call her by name’s..??
    So cute of Sahil to instinctively protect vedhika (from acid attack?
    Y they didn’t show Sahil carrying vedhika home??
    I read that puneesh will try to kill vedhika at Sahil bhoomi’s engagement party.. Yash will try to save vedhika and get killed himself..
    When will everyone come to know about Sahil’s baby inside vedhika???

  2. Again, Nidhi had been trapped with the help of vedika!!! Sahil feels guilty to deny the truth which vedika says last time. Anyway, Nidhi should be gone for jail after treatment of acid attack herself amazingly!!! To hear the notice of engagement of Sahil & Bhoomi that can feel much jealousy in the heart of Vedika.

  3. Hi Dolly… I doubt if it will be any time soon. There’s probably going to be more twist and turn before Sahil find out. That will shut Nani up specially after the way she been with Sahil lately. I wonder why they did not show Shahil carry Vedika? Yash expression would have been picture perfect ?

    I am not sure what Vedika game is ??. Yash behaviour is disgusting. He is so insecure. Hate him….

    The engagement I guess is just to make Vedika jealous. Who knows??? Anything is possible in these serial ….

  4. Hello friends… I’m back from a hectic weekend . Vedika has unusual ways to unearth schemes, I think it’s a kind of reverse psychology. It’s satisfying to see karma catching up with Nidhi, I wonder if she’ll be back in the future with a changed face and toting her child along to make trouble for Karan and Shruti!!! You never know!!! It’s comforting to see that feelings and concern still exist and is simmering between Sadika…and of course Pooja, this engagement is to make Vedika jealous…we’ve been hoping that writers would do that since a while ago!!!

  5. Vadika kbi jealus feel nhi kre ge by the way ager kre gi toh wo kisi ko nhi bole ge kyuki wo vadika ji hai mahanta ki murt. Mujeh lagta ab sahil bhoomi ki shadi hoge kyuki yash ka chapter ab close ho jye ga . J story hi j hai kabi sahil ki shadi kbi vadika ki shadi ager dono milgye toh story khatm . Vadika khud kr vae ge dono ki shadi jaise nidhi k sath so sadhika kbi nhi mile ge ???

  6. Muniya

    Can anyone send me any link for today’s episode??…Couldn’t watch it yet.

  7. Manmohan tum Jo bol rahe ho vo sach Nahi hona Chahiye..

  8. Maine v news mein dekha hai punesh kill yash woh marna toh vadhika ko chahta hai lakin aage yash a jata hai . Nidhi ka chapter v close yash ka chapter v close . Next villan kon BHOOMI sahil k pyar mein pagl ho jaye ge khaternak . Uska sirf ek maksad hoga sahil ko pana …

  9. Hi Manmohan
    Your comment reminded me of the serial Ganga. Where Sagar and Ganga never united. They come very close on many occasions but always twist and turn and in the end Sagar died.
    Hope this is not the case with Sadika as this serial was trying to bring a message to the society.

  10. Muniya

    Finally Nidhi is revealed once again…
    Wish tehy showed the scene Sahil carrying Vedika to house…
    Don’t like the precap!!!…It will result very bad.

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