Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika gets Bari Amma’s confessions

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bari Amma runs from her cell into the hospital and comes across crazy patients. The hospital staff come to take her into the room.
The doctor sat in her office with Vaidika and Maya. The doctor was ready to help Vaidika for what she had suffered. The doctor says she will give her some medicine through which she might get some hallucinations. Vaidika was concerned about Bari Amma’s health. The doctor assures it’s not harmful.
Bari Amma was asleep. Vaidika plays a projector in her room. The screen showed a shadow as of Anjana. Bari Amma was fearful. Vaidika spoke from behind while a software turned her sound to Anjana’s. She says she has come to take Bari Amma, she loved her like an elder sister, abided by her orders and wishes and even gave her son. But she only considered her

own wishes, she wasn’t ready to lend him his desire. When she stepped in, she killed her in return. She won’t leave until she takes Bari Amma along this time.
Bari Amma confesses each of her sin, from killing Anjana through poisoning till putting all its blame over Vaidika, exchanging Vaidika’s child in the hospital with a dead one, till buying each of Vaidika’s witness from the court. After the recording was complete, Vaidika thinks she got the proofs and now she will get her rights. They turn the lights off. Bari Amma scream in no!.
The next morning, Vaidika and Maya stood in the hospital with the doctor. Maya claims Vaidika and the doctor to be super women. Vaidika was hopeful to get her child back, and the truth will win now. Bhoomi overheard their conversation from out of the room door, she runs to the benches crying. She thinks she can never let Devki win in this matter. Vaidika and Maya come out of the doctor’s room. Maya leaves. Vaidika slips in the corridor, Sahil supports her. He turns to walk the opposite side, her dress was tucked in his watch. Vaidika requests only 10 minutes of his life.
At Agarwal house, Deepak sat with Sadika. Sadika wished to go and play in snow. Gauri comes with food for Sadika. Deepak was excited while he shows Gauri the hotel he booked for them. Gauri thinks about Manish. Deepak sits beside her, he promises to continue their lives peacefully now. Gauri wasn’t ready to go on vacation. Sadika says she will only go with Vaidika and run away from the room. Deepak was ready to give Gauri all the time she needs, but return him his wife and daughter. He kiss the back of Gauri’s hand.
Vaidika requests Sahil to give her ten minutes of that old Sahil. Sahil replies she killed that Sahil. Vaidika requests him a single chance to clarify all the accusations over her. Bhoomi hears their conversation and recalls Vaidika’s intentions. Sahil sets 5pm in the evening as time for Vaidika. Bhoomi leaves with Sahil for hold.

PRECAP: Vaidika plays the recording of Bari Amma’s confessions in front of everyone from the family.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I love this series but adding witchcraft to it wasn’t needed. I now watch it on fast Forward. It’s depressingly affecting my heart.

    1. I too it is affecting me emotionaly. I want vetika and sahil to come together and sahil to see bhoomi and bariama for who they are. I thought bhoomi wanted to help sahil and vetika get together now she has claws in sahil and ved bad girl.

  2. I hope this stupid bhoomi doesn’t switch the confession. 😐

    1. Leisa s morris

      She did

  3. Nina

    Vedika is almost crying when he unhooks saree. Disgusting Bhoomi is rushing to Sahil if she sees his near Vedika.

  4. GM all of u. Leisa is it true that younger witch Bhoomi will change the confession n is it true that the fickle minded sahil will is marrying witch Bhoomi. In which case I will stop watching this serial. This is a love story between sadika. From where did this cranky bhoomi come in it. Naz waiting for yr encouragng comments on yesterdays episode

  5. I read your last comment yesterday Leisa… I believe that Vedika is using reverse psychology to be back with Sahil. Look at how writers could make or break a character huh…. Oh, I don’t want to break Bhoomi’s marriage, my foot… Vedika believes that the secret of Sahil being Ved’s father would never surface and that the secret is safe so she’ll get custody of Ved and go away with him but we for sure gonna see Ved being sick and the blood thing come into play, she doesn’t know what’s coming to her as yet, when she realizes what is happening, she would wish she really had Yash’s child instead… I certainly don’t like how she’s deliberately keeping this secret, hell…just speak the truth and let the chips fall where they ought to, you wanna bet that she’s going to use the argument that because she didn’t want to break Bhoomi’s marriage, that’s why she didn’t reveal the obvious…

  6. Muniya

    Bhoomi is disgusting…
    Precap…i think Bhoomi wil swipe the recordings.

  7. Really Naz i think i ll stop watching this serial. It is soooooo depressing. Where has all the love vanished between sadika. Today morning i saw on you tube sahil and bhoomis engagement ceremony. I felt why did i watch it. And the worst thing is that fickle minded sahil has invited n her family for the marriage. Now a days he speaks all ill n uses loose language whilst talking to vedika. Is this his ethereal love . If you love someone so deeply u ll never use such language with the person. Sahil has completely fallen in my eyes. He keeps on criticising her n telling her that how many men she is having in hher life n then how come suddenly this Maharathi chap goes n gets engagedvto the witch seducer bhoomi. Is it because she is young n vedika middle aged. If it is so then he should hv thought about it earlier. As i told u he wanted vedika because she was hard to get. Now a days i think he is getting attracted to that young seducer bhoomi. Now i only hope that vedika nevet accepts that sahil even if he is dying. Pardon me girls but i really cannot see vedikas condition. I saw in u tube she was crying bitterly when that fickle minded fellow removes her fm his house. How much i used to like sahil when the serial started. But not any more. Had he got engaged to some other girl i would hv pardoned him but not this cranky woman bhomi. It is she who has changed the tape due to which sahil has lost complete faith in vedika.

  8. When i seevthis actress face ie bhoomi i feel like throwing her out of the serial. Cannot act for nuts. Same expression in all scenes. And all the time spying sahil whenever he is with vedika. I hv a feeling now that even sahil likes that so why shower his love for vedika. She is readily available for him at his beck n call. Keeping ved to herself she is thinking that sahil will accept her in the end. My foot that creepy bhoomi. Hope she n that cruel BA die as early as possible.

  9. Naz just now i saw on you tube that the younger witch n sahil got engaged after that there was mehendi ceremony n finally the younger witch n the fickle minded maharathi r shown taking pheres. After 2 the sample couple takes about 3 or 4 pheras ved faints n our maharathi hero leaves his younger witch on the dias n runs towards ved. So as someone told now there is a possibility that the maharathi sahil might come to know that ved is his son n might leave the pheras n then again start speaking all loose language with vedika. Useless character that he has become. First all writers pls ask him to cut his hair n to wear some good clothes. In his this avtaar he suits to be bhoomis husband. Irritating that he has become now a days. Also he should have a thin beard. He looks like a goonda n also behaves like a goonda.

    1. Lol..I wwonder where were u during yashika track..dint u get angry on vedika that time?..she did a so called sacrifice and married yash..that guy forced her for marriage and she was praising him to be a gud guy and assuring arya that he wud keep them happy…dint u get angry..?..the guy pushed sahil..And he wont to coma..And she supported her pati dev..dint vu get angry?…she was ready to give a chance to ther relation after all what he did?..dint u get angry?…shamelessly went for hm with yash and she was telling.. that she has to make her marriage successful..apne liye nahi toh sahil me liye…now what was that lol..dint by get angry..And then the worst getting pregnant..even when yash wasnt convinced with artificial insemination..this mahanta ki devi wanted to hurt sahil so that he moves on..And she got pregnant for yash..And then when sahil actually was going to move on (supposedly)with bhumi…this madam was restless..And trying all possible way to convince bhumi to not do marriage.. now thats called fickle minded..lol..she herself dint know what she wanted yash her patidev or sahil her ashique..that track it looked like she wanted to keep hash as her pati to show to world but wabted sahil to come behind her like a dog.. now that’s all sacrifice for sahils hapiness..lol was the biggest joke.. after all this..she was sad when sadika cudnt be with her father..But when she came to know ved is her son…sahil became a DONOR….not father..now thts FICKLE MINDED…lol… I dont understand from which angle does sahil look happy to this mahanta kinda devi..u r getting angry for sami marriage..but look at your vedika ji..shes happily doing the gatbandan..So why worry..?..it was never a lobestory of sadika..it was just sahils one sided love….when sahil hurts vedika does he look happy from any angle..? And vedika thinks hes a happy..the truth is that like u guys say like sahil.never understood vedika..same way vedika also never understood sahil… And I really dont understand u guys.. u guys want sahil to know truth and go to vedika.. now my question…will your vedika accept sahil if that happens?..its a big no…nothing we can expect from this mahanta ki devi.. after all what vedikas did..I now also feel she doesn’t deserve sahil..u guys are angry at sahil for hiding veds truth from vedika…but has no problem in vedikas hiding the matter..argh…how much marriages she did..u guys have now problem..when sahil doing that…have any ideas hpw much time she was ready to marry hum umars.. first qith gautam then with hash..you dint get angry..if vedika can marry hum umars then why get angry at sahil for marrying bhumi..lol.. for samaaj and others..she never thot of sahils hapiness..true love is when that persons hapiness matters to u..but I never so any instant where vedika thot of sahils hapiness..ofc she thot of sahils well being always..I agree..but not happiness..his feelings mattered nothing to her..thats why was hurting him one after the other… she has a lot of priorities..And sahil comes last in the list..wait..I don’t even feel he is there in the list.. her first priority was yash her darling pati..then arya nani bhu and now ved..then samaaj..sahil is no where in the list….And thats why I’m happy with sahil hurting vedikas the ways he does now… another example of fickle minded vedika..lol..one side she says..I will bring back smile on sahil face next day.And challenges ba tgat she wont let him get destroyed..next day decides to leave him..so who is fickle minded…. omg… I hate Mrs Yash Agarwal like hell… sucha double standard woman..who has one set rules for her and samaaj and other set for sahil.. now shamelessly sheel reveal the truth to sahiand when ved falls ill… oppurtunist..she is really..she had a lot of chances to tell truth..but decided to keep mum..dint even let maya tell the truth.. And tagged sahil as DONOR …argh… my hate for her increased more with this dialogue of hers..now again that’s fickle mind.. kabhi kabhi sahils is veds papa..And then hes donor..

      1. bravo …yet again amazing one ….i feel the same ..they all want no matter how many marriages vedika does with hum umar or gets pregnant for them ..they want sahil to go behind her …
        back then i always thought that vedika treats sahil as somebody unlike his family but not anymore she is the same as his family ..she is no different from ba and bhoomi….they all wants to control his life according to their own selfish wants …..
        and yes i feel too sahil deserves better …its was her lose not to realize it …what she lost ..now i really hope in the upcoming episode it happens …
        but i really dont like kasauti concept here they should realize if we have to see that ..we would rather be watching KZK reboot ..not AAJS…

  10. Sahil does all this to hurt bhoomi..juz like he filled her hairline in the jail sequence.. atleast in serial it’s possible that such a fake marriage can stop midway, but in reality, under these circumstances, nothing can be done..
    Sadhika are meant to be together in this serial and we all know that is how it will be..
    But I juz wanna see how Sahil will react to know about his actual relationship with ved..
    Haircut or rugged, he looks yumm… I like him like this too.. he’s a chweeto always..😍😍😍

  11. Dolly thks for making my day by saying that sadika r meant to be together. But yesterday when i saw that wicked bhoomi n sahils engagement then mehendi m wdding ceremony i started hating sahil. Now we dont know how sahil agreed to marry that bhoomi. But some midway whilst taking pheras ved faints n sahil leabes the mandap n rushes towards ved. So i dont know if the marriage ll be treated as complete or know. Pls watch u tube today n check

  12. I have a feeling that they are copying kasauti zindagi track..this show had a lot of simlarities with kasauti..there also leads were getting married to every new entry…but not to others..there also heroine married villain to save hero’s wealth..but difference was that heroine dint acceot the marriage like vedika did..argh….so I feel its kasauti..n I know its something big to expect from this worst cvs of akajs and zee tv.. but why do I feel sadika migh, get married..cos as it is going in kasauti way…same like vedu had cancer there also the kid had cancer..And doctor said bone marrow is needed and both fathers and mothers dint match so doctor suggested for a new baby drone same mother and father..And the babys bm will.match..so the couples unite again..so here too If this happens I think..sadika might get married..but ofc knowing cvs..how their allergic to sadika union and marriage.. I’m sure they won’t give us sadika marriage..hate this show..like hell.. but I dont want sahil to go behind vedika after knowing beds truth..he a bud instead again remain angry at vedika for hiding this truth

  13. Hey guys one question when bhoomi character entered this didnt she say she had studied psychology can read peoples faces etc?this doesnt add up. Look at her now demented. Find it odd there. I saw that clip too all 3 leave that house. No ved with them. Yes as usual not surprising bhoomi chatacter had to change sumthing..how can she change so fast the recording when they said 5pm meet at house. Anyway all i say…watch it as entertainment hi entertainment hain..oh looks in clips bhoomi told someting to sahil n he goes running to vedika (behind the scene clip)at least vedika tried her best to get ved…

  14. Dreamer even i saw that clip. But i think bhoomi is dreaming that if she tells sahil the truth about Wicked BA n if sahil comes to know that he is veds real father he ll go running behind vedika in which case he ll not marry this younger witch bhoomi. And all her plans ll flop. She ll not only loose sahil but even his vast health where he is the heir. Pity bhoomi nothing is working for her no matter how much she separates sadika. I hope in the end they show BA n bhoomi suffering in a very bad way.

  15. Thks Divya for yr comments. I can understand u r a big sahil fan but u still mentioned that the CVS r allergic to sadikas marriage n you r doubtful if they ll still gv us sadika marriage. Thks once again for supporting sadika.

  16. Nina

    I agree with you,Dolly. I want to see her reaction to the news about his paternity, no doubt it will be as a drop bomb.

  17. This serial has almost become a part of our lives now.. keeps us all connected too..
    How long are Sahil and vedhika gonna struggle in this world? Fighting against odds?
    Juz fa once I wish vedhika is really true to her heart and juz tells Sahil that she loves him immensely.. everything Sahil will change fa her.. he will simplify her life.. one day even the writer’s will want it like that..

  18. Sorry to say this but WHAT YOU SOW U REAP
    The older witch BA n younger n smary witch bhoomi n maharathi sahil r responsible for ved’s condition. Behaving badly n harrassing twice turned widow vedika GOD has taught them a lesson. Instead of all 3 being punished by the ALMIGHTY the child is now suffering with such a big sickness. How i wish that the cruel BA or the younge wicked should hv benn diagonised with this sickness that ved has got. Never take anybodys curse in life. This is what u get in the end. Nothing happens 2 u but yr near n dear people r punishef because of yr ill doing

    1. Ved is also vedikas son… so what if i say that ved is also punished for vedikas mistake of hurtingvsahil a no. Of times..and leaving her daughter and mother and neber looking back..and if your blaming sahil also for veds condition..this is so cheap thinking of u.. then what abt vedikas first husbands death ?..also second husbands death?..if acc to you death and diseasses are cos of loved ones mistake..then maybe thats the reason why vedika is a widow two times..lol.. your dialogue was told by cheap thankelss nani too to ba.. but see the difference atleast ba was actually worried for ved ..not like nani who dint miss the chance to taunt agarwals who took care of her when her dear rich daughter left her like trash and went…if ba wanted she cud have told na..it was cos vedikas badluck …she killed both her husbands and ved dint have any problem till vedika came….she i m a sahil fan..but i see his misteakes also..and its not as much as vedikas..the only mistaje he did was hiding veds matter from vedika.. but vedika is also doing the same..if she wud have got ved custody she wud have taken him and ran away like always ..and give him so much love tgat woh apne papa ke pyar ke bina rehna seek jayenge..her dialogue…now thats not a problem for u guys..u only see sahils mistake..whatever vedika does..u dont even comment on that..if ur saying that its cos of sahiks mistake ved fell ill… i dont believe in all these disbeliefs but since u believ ill say ..its cos of vedikas mistake of hurting a guy nemerous no. Of times for societys hapiness… lol.. and see if she wud have taken ved with her then also he wud have fallen ill..and this lady shamelessly wud have come to sahil and told him abt his paternity..for blood or whatsoever…its also the punishment for vedika..for tagging sahil as a donor..and fr going to take away ved away from his dad… she was also abt commit a mistake..but since she dint get custodu she cudnt do that..

      1. Leisa s morris

        U all keep saying vefika left arya and never looked back yet we saw where she tried to call arya and she disconnected d call and it wasnt d first time. Vefika ranshe ran to protect her child yes arya is her child also but at d time she knew arya was safe whereas her lil one was in immense danger and she had to find d truthbout wat happen. During d 5 yrs she didnt just ran and lived a peacefull life no she kept behind mayas husband to help find d truth bout wst happened dat faithful.day and kept meeting roadblocks. We even sawher reminesing bout sahil on her bday and since four other bdays had pass in sure each one pass d same way with her wishing sahil was there. U all keep bringing up her marriage to yash didnt sahil dod same but off course u all will say heno married bhoomi because he was angry at vedika. But answer my which is d worst.marrying someone to save ur loved one from someone.who hasshown he can or marrying someone because ur angry at ur loved one. And here we have sahil pretending dat he is happy with bhoomi but of course it was so wrong of vedika to pretend happi

  19. And fyi ved falling ill is a punishment for sami and ba.. u think vedika is all fine abt ved falling ill…lol ur talking as if ved is just sahils son..lol…n yeah even i wish sahil had cancer instead of ved.. atleast he can get freedom from these witches around him including vedika… who cares abt all the things in the world except sahil…like sahil said sabko apne hisaab se sahil chahiya..sahil ko kya chahiye this doesnt matter… and vedika is also no different.. she just wants ved.. for that she want sahil to believe her… and she is doing maska to bhumi bwfore marriage ..and recoinciling with her.. so that after sami marriage she can take ved away and go… shebmeber cared for sahil..never..when hes a dead soul..she feels he is happy…that means she never understood him.. thats why its better for sahil to die..cos theres nothing keft for him to live for..the only reason was ved…but vedika is gonna snatch that also from him.. and your vedika will get her kid and get chutkara from sahil …shebcan live hapilly ever after..

  20. Raji dear…. Don’t be so hard on Sahil. According to the script, Vedika didn’t accept Sahil’s love and subsequent proposal and what followed are a series of unfortunate events. Who really matters, are being hurt in its process… As it is, Vedika has always been aware of how society treats women who would dare to be in a relationship like hers and Sahil’s, so she thought it best to not be a recipient of his love, that decision was better for her but not for Sahil who has truly stood by her since the beginning. This is the price of loving a woman older than him and from my observation, he’s slowly dying inside, he said this much to Maya, he didn’t deny still loving Vedika , he stated unequivocally that he is in pain whenever she is in pain and that he’s dying inside from his pain of rejection by Vedika. When I look at him, his body language speaks volumes, he’s so lost and beaten, it breaks my heart. If only Vedika could stop pandering to other people’s taunts..but this stage has passed her, she’s made foolish decisions and this is the end result. At the moment, I really can’t bear to see Bhoomi, she’s become selfish in her love. For all Vedika’s faults, she still possesses a heart of gold where it matters. Since she found out that Gauri is Sadika’s mother, she willingly is sharing Sadika with Gauri, not because she brought Sadika up that she has selfishly kept the little girl to herself, she’s trying to bridge the gap between biological mother and daughter without having to confuse Sadika at this tender age, which is commendable. Women like Vedika does exist, they worry what the public would think and they aren’t wrong because society shapes our lives, the rules we have to live by are so, so that lawlessness won’t prevail but in this process, a lot is lost. As with the characters like BA, Puneesh, Nidhi / Nisha, Prachi (who really isn’t evil, just plain stupid), they don’t change, how someone is by nature, is how they were meant to be, they balance life and makes it interesting, no matter how much we don’t like them, if things are all good, we never know it’s value unless we have negativity in the mix. Anyways… Cut Sahil some slack, he’s a victim of poor judgement by the players in his life, just as is Vedika’s.. BA never liked her from the start and played with the lives of her loved ones, her main victim is Sahil, who loves her unconditionally, it’s just that he doesn’t know her reality and if she is exposed, what else would be there for the writers to write about??? So, let’s see what happens next.. I did say that in the wedding ceremony, Ved would get sick again and throw things in turmoil, I did see something similar to this on a YouTube video..

  21. Thks Naz. Yr thinking is exactly like mine. But the only thing i dont like about sahil is the way he uses cheap words for vedika who is a lady in the first place n also eldervto him in age. Yousai correct shevis hesitant to accept his love because of the age difference n societym but some people here on the forum will not agree with us. But naz pls tell me one thing. Didnt you see wtich bhoomi n sahil taking pheras. Didbthey complete the.pheras or in midway did our hero run towards ved. Pls pls clarify this part. I would really be happy if he is married to young madam bhoomi n gv back ved to vedika so that she can be free of this cruel, heartless n matlabi aggarwals including sahil.

  22. Stupidest show ever..u guys are trying to portray that evil always triumphs..I hope this show gets pulled off soon just for writing such stupid plot

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